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The best Side by Side Refrigerator to Buy with Inverter Compressor

Samsung Side-by-Side Refrigerator with Inverter Compressor

A side-by-side refrigerator is the most recommended for a big family. Side-By-Side refrigerator advantages are many. Such refrigerators are capacious, have better cooling and cooling distribution system. In a comparison, triple door and double door refrigerators have limited features and are ideal for the family with few members.

In this piece, I present a detailed review of the best side-by-side refrigerators with inverter compressor under 70000 Rupees. The suggested side-by-side refrigerators with inverter technology are the products of the top brand Samsung, LG, and Hitachi. Read also High Capacity Best Double Door Refrigerator in India This Year.

Side-by-side refrigerator lowest price in the Indian market is 51000 Rupees. Side-by-side refrigerators with inverter technology are far more costly than that of with the regular compressor. A regular side-by-side refrigerator with a regular compressor costs some fifty to ninety thousand Rupees. On the other hand, side-by-side refrigerators with the digital inverter technology are on sale in the price range 65,000 to 1.25 Lakhs Rupees. In spite of the high price, a high capacity appliance like a side-by-side refrigerator could be fruitful only if it consists of an inverter compressor.

Read our refrigerator buying-guide to know why you should buy a high capacity refrigerator with the inverter technology. The article educates on how inverter compressor resets its operation according to cooling requirement. All the cooling appliances burn a massive amount of electricity to achieve the humanly impossible task –bring down the inside temperature to16-degree when outside temperature is 45-degrees. Therefore, it is strongly advisable that buy appliance like a refrigerator and an air conditioner with inverter technology wherein compressor runs as per cooling requirement. A digital inverter compressor saves energy and makes less operational noise.

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Besides, inverter technology effectively reduces the use of components thereby minimizes the risk of operational malfunction in the unit. Even if you need to pay some twenty to thirty thousand more for a side-by-side refrigerator with inverter technology, you should strongly consider buying it.

Selection of the best side-by-side refrigerator with inverter compressor has been a lot easier for us. The reason is that the number of models is only a few. From them selecting the best one was not a hectic task.

► 545-Liter Samsung Frost-Free Side-by-Side Refrigerator with Digital Inverter Compressor

The Samsung refrigerator has a futuristic design. It is roomy. Most importantly, it operates with a digital inverter compressor. So it makes less noise, consumes less energy compared to other refrigerators with the same capacity but with a regular compressor. It is an excellent choice for a larger family with more than five adults.

Next, the critical technical features of this Samsung refrigerator is frost-free deforest technology, digital inverter technology, built-in stabilizer, and cooling protection up to 10 hours in case of power cut. Samsung twists the Frost-free technology and develops a highly effective all-round cooling system that evenly distributes cooling on this side-by-side refrigerator from top to bottom. Convenience features are many, but the main highlights are adjustable racks and easily slide-out drawers.

The best side by side refrigerator to buy Samsung 545-Liter Frost-free

Samsung offers customer favoring warranty terms on this side-by-side refrigerator. The first term is a one-year warranty for the overall product, excluding the non-technical parts of the unit. And, the second term is 10-years of warranty on the digital inverter compressor.

The Samsung side-by-side refrigerator with 545-liter capacity weighs 110 kg. Its net height is 1789 mm. It is available in only one color option, metal graphite, withal.

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→ Smart Features of this Samsung Side-by-Side Refrigerator

All the refrigerator variants from a segment have a set of standard features. However, their smart features, which eventually are operational conveniences to the end user, make an actual visible difference. In this part, I present an overview of some of the key features of the Samsung side-by-side refrigerator, giving it a clear superiority in the small crowd of top selling refrigerators of the similar type.

5 Smart Sensors: To maintain appropriate cooling inside, inbuilt sensors on this refrigerator continually measure the temperature inside, outside. The sensors also consider various other factors to decide the required cooling level.

Vacation Mode: An exciting feature is vacation mode. Activate it when you want to leave for an extended holiday. Here is how to active vacation model on Samsung refrigerators.

LED Display and Touch Control Panel: The LED display in ice-blue color reveals vital stats from the inside of the unit. Thus, without even opening the door the user gets an idea about the inside details. Moreover, the LED panel of the Samsung refrigerator model shows what the user has set and what is a live update from the inside now.

Door Alarm: The alarm feature is excellent, alerts the user when the refrigerator door is not closed correctly. I often make this mistake.

Power Cool and Power Freeze: Both the features are handy especially during a function, festival, and when guests are at home. Using them, you can boost cooling and freezing capacity of the unit by 31%.

The rest of the features of this Samsung side-by-side refrigerator are added advantage due to its high capacity. Essentially, above highlighted vital technical features give it the upper hand in operational efficiency than its alternatives in the market.

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→ Conclusion and the Samsung Refrigerator Specs

The Samsung side-by-side refrigerator has up to 10 years of warranty. It is the best side-by-side refrigerator to buy under 70000 Rupees. It has almost all the necessary essential features for its good daily use.

Samsung 545-Liter Frost-free Side-by-Side Refrigerator with Inverter Compressor

However, the fundamental feature of the refrigerator is that user is king with it. The design of this side-by-side refrigerator is such it is for the user to decide how the unit should be operational. When the user does not set its preference, the unit has the required smartness to operate automatically using its smart sensors. In fact, the end user also gets to decide on space management inside this Samsung refrigerator model.

Further, the Samsung side-by-side refrigerator model with 545-Liter capacity has energy-rating 3-star (2018). Therefore, it is a certified refrigerator to operate by consuming a lot less energy. The digital inverter compressor onboard ensures almost no operational noise. Components of this Samsung side-by-side refrigerator model would last longer because of operational efficacy, withal.

Price 70000 Rupees
Refrigerator Type Top Freezer Refrigerator
Convertible Refrigerator YES
No of Shelves 5
Capacity 545-Liters
Energy Star 5-Star(2017), now 3-Star (2018)
Compressor Digital Invertor Compressor
Deforest Frost-Free
Turbo Modes YES
Temperature Control YES
Stabilizer In-Built
Refrigerant Eco-Friendly
Freezer Location Top
Ice-Tray YES
Ice Cube Box YES
Freezer Shelf YES
Ice-Maker Type Double Twisted
Express Freezing YES
Freezer Lamp YES
Gasket Type Removable, Anti-Bacterial
Egg/Ice Try YES
Chiller YES
Egg Tray YES
Shelves Toughened
Door Bins YES
Door Shelf YES
Interior Lamp YES
Exterior Display YES
Door Alarm YES
Water & Ice Dispenser NO
Shelf Bottle YES
Door Lock YES
Child Lock YES
Humidity Control YES
Moisture Balance Crisper YES
Deodorizer YES
Dairy Bin YES
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→ Alternatives of the Samsung Side-By-Side Refrigerator with Inverter Compressor

The standard set by the Samsung refrigerator looks impossible to match by other brands. Japanese brand Hitachi has one side-by-side refrigerator model with inverter compressor under 70000 Rupees. Thus, by default, it is an alternative to this Samsung master refrigerator model. You should consider it only if the Samsung refrigerator is out of stock.

The Samsung side-by-side refrigerator comes with 3-star (2018) energy rating whereas the Hitachi side-by-side refrigerator has zero energy rating. The Hitachi refrigerator, therefore, would consume more electricity.

The Price of the Hitachi side-by-side refrigerator is 68000 Rupees. You need to pay only 2000 Rupees more to get the best side-by-side refrigerator by Samsung. Next, The Hitachi refrigerator’s capacity is 510 Liters whereas the Samsung side-by-side refrigerator has 545 liters capacity. This, it is apparent that the Samsung refrigerator is the best option under 70000 Rupees.

If you can increase your budget for an excellent side-by-side refrigerator, then there is an LG side-by-side refrigerator also. It has the required features to compete with the Samsung 545-Liters refrigerator. The LG refrigerator is on sale for a price of 75000 Rupees currently. It combines an eye-catching design and innovative convenience features. Although it fails to satisfy in energy saving, LG’s signature technology, and other convenience features defend its current price.

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