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TATA Non Electric Water Purifier Below 3000 Rupees

Tata Swach Non Electric Silver Boost 27 Litre Gravity Based Water Purifier

Tata Swach Non-Electric Silver Boost 27-Litre Gravity Based Water Purifier

Tata is the brand on which Indian customers believe a lot. Most of the money that the company makes in profits is given back to society in the form of public research and subsidized medical services. In an earlier review, I also mentioned that Tata was one of the few companies to enter in the water purifier market just to offer affordable products to the poor. Over time, it has launched a number of great purifiers.

In this particular review, I am going to discuss the pros and cons of the Tata Swach Silver Boost Water Purifier that can be purchased for just 2624 rupees. This machine is not only affordable but also demands much less maintenance.

Non-Electric Operation

This purifier does not depend on technologies like RO and UV that require electricity to work. It will not affect your power bill. This is why this purifier can be a great solution for people living in rural areas without any reliable electricity connection. I am sure its ability to work without electricity will attract many budget customers.

Elegant Design: This is a budget purifier, but Kudos to the brand Tata for using the best quality material in the built. If the Price tag is removed, I am sure no one will believe that you have purchased this premium machine below 3000 rupees. According to the kitchen décor, you can choose the purifier from two color variants i.e. green and blue.

Tata Swach Non Electric Silver Boost 27 Litre Gravity Based Water Purifier

The manufacturer has made sure that the whole setup does not occupy a lot of space. As it supports table-top installation, there will be no problem in moving it from one place to another. Its storage tank is fully transparent, which is a good thing because you will be able to see the quality of water before fetching it into your glass.

It was much prudent thinking of Tata to attach a label printed with the customer care number on the outer shell of the product itself. In case, of any problem, you will not have to look up the official website for contact info.

Efficient and Effective Purification: Before ending up in the storage tank, the water passes through three purification stages. First, the advanced pre-filter removes all the visible particles like dust and other suspended elements from the water. Now the water looks clean. To kill the bacteria and viruses, this purifier depends on a sophisticated Technology Silver Nano.

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In general, silver ions are used in air conditioning systems, but Tata engineers used clever mind turning that technology into a purification system. The greatest benefit of using silver ions is that they do not cause any kind of health hazards. This technique is a lot better than using harmful chemicals like chlorine that other budget purifiers in the market use to clean water. In case the Silver Bulb fails, the auto shutoff feature kicks in and automatically stops the filtration process.

In the last stage, the MF membrane acts as an extra layer of protection and filters out disease-causing cyst.

High Capacity Storage Tank

At once, the storage tank of this purifier is capable of holding up to 14 liters of purified water. In my opinion, this much water will be enough for a family consisting of 5-6 members. This proves how serious Tata has been maintaining highest standard while designing this product for average Indian consumers. Moreover, the storage tank has been carved out of food grade materials that do not let water contaminated.

Not Good For Water with High TDS Levels: I would strongly recommend that you must check the TDS level of the water coming to your house before making the purchase. This purifier is not capable of removing dissolved solids from water like lead, arsenic, etc. It is only good for houses with corporation water connection. Do remember that the TDS level of the water should not exceed 500 mg per liter.


  • Attractive and durable build
  • Total input capacity of 27 liters out of which 14 liters of water is stored in the tank
  • Uses Silver Nano technology to filter water
  • No harmful chemicals are used in the purification process
  • Does not require electricity to work
  • Table top installation is supported
  • Transparent storage tank
  • Auto shutoff feature
  • Features a two-way dispenser tap
  • Multiple color variants are available


  • Cannot lower TDS levels from water

Verdict: The hard work of Tata reflects clearly on this water purifier device. It is an ideal solution for households that have access to water with low TDS levels. However, this purifier fails to improve the taste of water, as it cannot remove dissolved solids. The addition of an activated carbon filter unit could have attracted more customers to it. Still, this product is a viable option for budget people.

Price 2600 Rupees
Total Storage Capacity 27 Liter
Filtration Method Silver Nano Technology
Purification Capacity 3000 liters
Electricity Required No
Weight 3.8 KG
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Tata Swach Non-Electric Cristella Plus Water Purifier

Developing nation like India where a large chunk of the population lives below poverty line, costly water purifiers are not the right solution for the society. However, that does not mean we should lose hope. There are a number of great products available in the market that a budget customer can easily choose from. One such product is the Tata Swach Non-Electric Cristella Plus water purifier. It is available for an amount of 1499 rupees only. The great thing about this machine is that it is much compact and supports tabletop installation. Budget customers will certainly love it.

Attractive Body: The outer shell of this purifier looks pretty. The blue color paint of the body along with white strips moving all across will certainly enhance the beauty of your kitchen. Even the quality of the product is quite appreciable considering the price point. It is made of tough quality materials that do not catch scratches easily.

Tata has also mentioned the toll-free number of its customer care department on this purifier. You can also find an indicator on the front that tells the users when it is required to change filter bulb.

You will not get the brand support for the wall mount installation. This is not an issue since a water purifier like this should be installed on a table for the kitchen convenience. Moreover, this purifier weighs in at 2.1 KG only.

Decent Storage Capacity: Inside this purifier, about 18 liters of water can be filled at once. But that does not mean it will serve you that much water at once. Its storage tank is much small and capable holding only 9 liters of water. However, this much water is enough for a medium size family.

Unfortunately, you cannot connect this purifier directly to a water pipeline. The only option users have is to fill the water manually by removing the rotating cap at the top.

The storage tank is transparent, which is indeed a great relief to the end users. Also, it is made up of materials that are not toxic in nature. This means that the water stored inside will not be contaminated for longer periods.

Tata Swach Non Electric Cristella Plus 18 Litre Gravity Based Water Purifier

Does Not Use Harmful Chemicals

The one thing that separates this TATA purifier from all the other alternatives is it does not use chemicals like chlorine to filter the water. Although Chlorine is not harmful, yet it is not suitable for everyone or in every condition.

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Tata has equipped the low-cost purifier machine with a bulb that releases silver ions to kill all the bacteria and viruses present in water. In addition, a sediment filter filters out all the suspended particles like dust and other impurities.

In its lifetime, the Silver Nano Technology based bulb can purify about 3000 liters of water, which is more than what membranes of alternative technologies are capable of offering. But there is a downside of using this purifier. It cannot remove dissolved chemicals from the water. Moreover, lack of an activated carbon filter stops this purifier from improving the taste and odor of water.

No Electricity Is Needed: This amazing purifier will not put any extra pressure on your pocket. It uses earth’s gravity to push the water downwards. You do not have to supply electricity to it.


  • Transparent storage tank
  • Auto shut-off feature stops purification process when the bulb fails
  • Storage tank can hold 9 liters of purified water
  • Looks good on a table
  • Cleaning can be done easily
  • Comes with a durable and scratch-resistant outer shell
  • Features Silver Nano technology


  • Fails to remove cyst from water
  • No activated carbon unit
  • Not good for high TDS water

Verdict: I would recommend this purifier only to those people who are really tight on budget. If you are capable of spending more money, then be sure to check out the alternatives that feature an activated carbon unit. Also, consumers of hard and high TDS water are strictly advised to not purchase this purifier.

Price 1900 Rupees
Total Storage Capacity 18 Liter
Filtration Method Silver Nano Technology
Purification Capacity 3000 liters
Electricity Required No
Weight 2.1 KG

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