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Swipe Konnect ME with 2450 mAh Battery below 4000

Swipe Konnect ME Review and Specifications

Indian Smartphone brand Swipe Technology has launched an innovative engineering marble at a throw away price of just 3899 rupees. After going through all features and functionalities, I am really impressed with the design concept, features, processing ability and certainly the long list of specifications. Yes, there are a few unwanted and noticeable concerns, but that can be easily ignored considering addendum at mouth watering price.

The brand Swipe has been in the market of smartphone and tablet, targets budget segment with innovative gadgets. So far, I have come across many devices launched by the brand, but none of them impressed so I could approve review on this website. However, finally we are introducing Swipe Technologies to our readers with the review of Konnect Me 3G smartphone.

Built and Design

This is a unique gadget with exciting features and brilliant built quality. The material used to make the outer shell, which measures in 134.6 mm long, 66.7 mm wide and 10.6 mm thick, is of poor quality. Instead of polycarbonate, cheap plastic use reminds compulsion to ensure profitability on per unit sale. It won’t be fair to demand for high built quality when specs are top-notch that too at its fair online price.

Swipe has released an exclusive video showcasing touchiness of the display. The video shows, user can try tempering the screen with all types of tools available in home. Hammer, scissor, screw driver, nail or any other rough iron tool could be tested over the screen.

This is indeed fantastic about a smartphone that is affordable for most of us. Besides the prime objective of making quality calls, this phone is usable in tough conditions that come in common Indian life. I am truly impressed with this screen resistance technology in use on the Swipe Konnect Me. At a price of 3900 rupees, this is the best one can wish for.

I am overwhelmed with features in terms of screen protection since we receive greater number of complains for a brand when gadget screen is broken due to some unholy incident. With the Konnect Me, user will be worried-free for any damage of screen that might occur due to fall from good height.Swipe Konnect ME Display Review

The brand has followed a familiar design concept dominates most of Android smartphones today. All buttons and ports are on identical location starting from volume and power keys at the right edge, network antenna, micro USB port 2.0 and audio Jack 3.5 on the top of the device. Primary camera sits right in the center of single tone LED flash and main speaker on the rear.

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Back panel is removable that exposes dual SIM port and one micro slot to support SD card insertion. All three ports placed in line alongside the battery. To insert SIM card and microSD card, battery needs to be expelled from the rectangle space.

Operating system

Trust me, I want to sit with discuss with chief engineers of those smartphone brands narrate the notion of custom user interface without proper knowledge of software insulation over the neatly coded Android user interface.

A user interface is worthy if the brand wants to inject lots of custom features. The Konnect Me runs on Android Kitkat 4.4.2 has a custom user interface running on the top. What is benefit, I am failed to understand. However, what is a loss, I can certainly list out here.

Swipe installs lots of unwanted software that crushes CPU for frequent resource allotment in order to remain active in the background. Since processor is running continuously, battery drains really fast. Understand this in terms of a laptop. In standby mode a laptop can manage to remain active for 7 to 10 hours, but in active mode battery backup is not more than 2 to 3 hours. In active mode user initiates instruction that gets executed by CPU, which requires power to function thereby battery looses steam.

Swipe has done great job in the overall concept of the Konnect Me smartphone. However, some stupid notion in terms of custom user interface overtakes many goods in this phone. In fact, I was believed that the phone is a good runner since battery mAh value is high, but that is not the case here.


The first reason to buy this smartphone is long lasting 2450mAh lithium-ion battery. You can make almost two full working days on moderate usages. Users alike me have more time for chit chat and web browsing will end up using the smartphone for 36 to 40 hours.

This website has been forefront in reviewing some of the best budget smartphone. The Swipe Konnect Me scores the best in terms of battery backup. We are giving big thumbs up for extra ordinary battery life in this gadget, which only costs approx 4000 rupees. If Swipe could have given stock Android, I am sure battery life would have extended to minimum two days on smart usages. Use battery doctor android app to improve battery life.

IPS LCD Display

The second best reason to buy this magnet is robust yet exquisite orientation of 4.5 inches screen has an IPS LCD panel. The resolution can be measured in 480 by 854 pixels called as FWVGA in popular term.

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For the given price, the display quality is magnificent. Play song video, slideshow, movies or pretty much anything possible on a smartphone in decent quality. The pixel density of 218 on this 480P panel is according to the notion of saving battery. I would like to use Battery doctor, which kills unwanted apps cures noise of preinstalled bloatwares. I am very pleased with the display at this price.Swipe Konnect ME Price Online in India


The third best reason to make your decision in its favour is exceptional CPU power that works like fluid whether you are trying action games or harsh smart usages. The biggest support comes from 1GB RAM helps dual core MediaTek processor for lag-free performance. Of course you can play temple run and other mediocre action games, but prior to that make sure you disable Swipe bloatware installed as add-ons with the Freedom OS UI over Android Kitkat.

The phone tends to heat up after hours of high usages. Actually, the CPU architecture is quite capable to sustain resource demand, but poor coding or missing co-ordination between the OS and the UI results in heating sometimes lag or hang. In my opinion, Swipe made mistakes at software front. Current specs with stock Android Kitkat could have been cherry on cake.

In spite of all odds from the Freedom OS user interface, the Konnect ME gets good score due to 1GB RAM hardly seen in a super budget phone. AnTuTU gives score of 11534 that should be considered excellent.


The smartphone comes with preinstalled 8GB internal storage that can be expended up to 32GB. A smartphone runs on stock Android shares at least 4 to 5GB for 8GB of media storage installation. However, once again Swipe’s custom interface swallows approx 6GB flash memory leaving only 1.75GB to 2GB for the end users.

5MP Camera

I hesitated repeating the same story that Indian smartphone fails to get act together to deliver a perfect camera module. The camera story is no different from other Indian smartphones.

However, I would really like to appreciate the camera UI. That makes taking snaps and video super easy. I applause the simplicity of camera application, which makes photography experience much better compare to Android camera UI.

The camera application welcomes user with live feed and two buttons in bold size to take image or video. Simple option makes camera usages enjoyable.

We will be naive to expect Sony or Samsung camera quality from this budget device. Images quality is good if taken in sufficient light especially day -time. Single LED placed at the back is totally dull does not light up the object in low-lighted conditions.

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Because of simplicity in camera module and good photography in day-time, I am recommending this smartphone for good and fast camera at the current price.

The front shooter begs 1.3MP sensor that is good for nothing. The selfie shooter is just paper specifications.Swipe Konnect ME Camera Review

Calling Connectivity and network

This is 3G enabled device supports 2G, 1G, Wi-Fi, GPS and USB 2.0. There are some preloaded features such as SuperSecure ensure better data safety on this device. User can take benefit of superTech, which allows data sharing much faster than traditional content sharing technology. SuperSocial makes sharing content on social media platform much easier.

I do not endorse these custom cures, which ultimately harms usability and hampers device productivity for the end user.


  1. Gross weight of just 91 gram, despite a heavy duty battery makes it one lightweight craft in the market
  2. Super battery life
  3. Fast focus and quick photography
  4. Good call quality


  1. Poor assembly of custom user interface hurts usability factor
  2. Heating during web browsing, gaming and harsh multitasking

Swipe Konnect ME Review and Specifications


Since I have already spelled out verdict in aforesaid section, I am only left to say, the Swipe Konnect Me is a Paisa Vasool smartphone below 4000 rupees.

Price 3999 Rupees
OS Android Kitkat 4.4.2
SIM Dual, GSM, 3G+2G/1G
Processor Dual core, 1.3 GHz, MediaTek
Memory 1GB RAM, 8GB Memory, 32GB SD Card Support
Screen 4.5 inch, 480 x 854 Pixels, IPS LCD, 218 PPI
Camera 5MP[P], 1.3MP[F], Digital Zoom, LED Flash
Battery 2450 mAh, Li-ion
Connectivity BT 4.0, USB 2.0, FM, 1G, 2G, 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS
Sensors Accelerometer, Gyroscope
Body 91 gram [W], 10.6 mm [Th]

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