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Best Surface Water Pumps under 5000 Rupees

Best Surface Water Pumps under 5000 Rupees in India market

Are you looking for a water pump for home use? You must know the types of home use water pumps to select the right one for your requirement.

→ Surface Water Pump: This type of water pump sucks water from a borewell and delivers it into an overhead tank of a building.

→ Submersible Borewell Water Pump: This type of water pump is dropped in a borewell. While remaining submerged in the borewell water, a borewell submersible pump delivers into an over-head tank of a high-rise building

→ Submersible openwell Water Pump: This type of water pump remains submersed inside sump water and delivers water into an overhead tank of a high-rise building.

→ Pressure Water Pump: This type of water pump is used for increasing water pressure at the water existing points in a flat.

Which is the best water pump under 5000 Rupees? In this water pump review article, we cover the best-selling Monoblock, submersible, and pressure water pumps from 1000 to 5000 Rupees range from top water pump brands in India market.

☼ 750W Havells SHOWER 1 Water Pump

The HP water pump can deliver water up to 110-ft height. Hence, it is the water pump if you are looking to fill the overhead water tank of your 5-story building in less time. At the 20-ft height, this Havells water pump will deliver approx. 2700 liters of water in one hour. At the 30-ft height, it will deliver 2300 liters of water in one hour. 1800 liters at 40-ft height, and 1100 liters at 60-ft height in one hour. Havells SHOWER 1 is a self-priming water pump and it can suck water from 25-ft deep without any external help. With NRV or check valve, it will suck water from 50-ft deep, however.

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The build and design of the Havells water pump are excellent. So is the build quality of the motor. The 750W motor has a 100% copper coil with an F-Class insulation rating. That means the motor coil will withstand up to 155°C heat.

Price ₹4200 | Amazon
Features Capacity: 1HP | 100% Copper Coil with F-Class Insulation | Voltage-Support: 180V – 240V | Max Water-Delivery: 110-ft | Sucking with NRV: Up to 50-ft | Warranty: 1-Year | Made in India


► 120W Crompton CIL120 Pressure Pump

The Crompton water pressure pump is fully automatic. Tap open → Low Water Pressure Detected → Pump ON automatically. Water Tap closed → Pressure Not Required → Pump OFF automatically. Yes, this is how it works. It is designed to work with a single water line. If high water pressure has to be maintained in more than one bathroom or flat then a more powerful (0.5HP) water booster pump is required. It won’t suffice the need.

Crompton CIL 120 Surface Domestic Pressure Pump

A 0.16HP motor, whose insulation class is F, powers this Crompton water pressure pump. F-Class insulation means the motor coil, which is made of copper, will not burn until the temperature of the motor body crosses 135°C. That happens once in a blue moon.

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The pipe size of this Crompton booster pump is 13-mm and its head-range is 3.5-meter to 8-meter. When ON it will discharge up to 22 liters of water every minute. The water temperature, however, shouldn’t be more than 40°C.

Price ₹3800 | Amazon
Features 0.16HP Copper Motor (F-Class) | Body: Aluminum | Max Water-Pressure: 10 Bar | High Water Pressure for Up to 4 Water Exit Points | Hot & Cold Water Circulation | Warranty: 1-Year


► 375W Kirloskar Jalraaj Pressure Pump

The Kirloskar booster pump consists of a regular monobloc surface water pump and an automatic pressure kit. Together they work as a fully functional booster pump. The pressure kit controls the water pump operation and switches it ON and OFF based on turning ON and OFF of the tap. Kirloskar brand provides a complete warranty for the water pump, but no warranty for the pressure kit since it is not a Kirloskar product.

Kirloskar Jalraaj Water Booster Pump

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The water pump in this booster pump is a very famous, best-selling Kirloskar Jalraaj monobloc pump. Its head range is up to 30-meter (137 ft). Without a foot valve, it can lift water from 7.5-meter (24 ft) depth. in this booster pump setup, it is used for boosting water pressure, so its head range and 0.5-HP capacity will count more. Kirloskar Jalraaj 0.5-HP Water Booster Pump is perfect for ensuring high water pressure in up to 4 houses with one bathroom and one kitchen.

Price ₹4500 | Amazon
Features Max Pressure: 10 Bar | High Water Pressure for up to 4 Houses {Each house with one bathroom and one Kitchen} | Suitable Booster-Pump for Luxury Bathrooms {Jaquar}
Capacity Head-Range: 6-meter to 30-meter | Water-Delivery: {2120 LPH (at 6-meter height) | 1260 LPH (at 18-meter height) | 360 LPH (at 30-meter height)}
Motor 0.5-HP (370W) | Single-Phase | B-Class Insulation | Built-in Cooling System for Motor | Supported Voltage-Range: 180V – 240V | Thermal Overload Protection
Build Impeller: Brass | Pump-Shaft: Carbon steel | Delivery-Casing: Cast Iron | Mounting-Casing: Cast Iron | Motor-Body: Extruded-Aluminum | Cover-NDE: Aluminum | Mechanical-Seal: Carbon Ceramic