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Super Easy Desi Brand Juicer below 3500 Rupees

Preethi Essence Plus CJ 102 600Watt Juicer Review and Specifications

Preethi Essence Plus CJ-102 600-Watt Juicer (Mixer Grinder)

Preethi Home Appliances is one of the rare brands, spends less on the product and brand awareness advertisement, and depends more & less on customer’s loyalty & recommendation to attract new customers in order to boost sales. In a way, this is good as the brand remains more committed towards product quality and customer support & satisfaction.

I have been using a Preethi induction stove for around four years now. It still works fine that too when I hardly bother for the safety and a proper care that every electronics equipment needs. I had bought the stove in a combo pack. The sales box had one Kadai, rice-cooking pot, and few cooking accessories. Interesting all of them are still in good working condition. Because of this kind of product quality, I have become a fan of this Bharatiya brand, which by the way offers much better and longer customer support than Philips, the ultimate Indian trust.

Preethi is the Best Kitchen Appliances brand

I have been adding such great words for it in all such Kitchen appliances review article, where Preethi’s products are listed. No readers have ever pointed out, we are wrong in the assessment, though. Therefore, if you find my assessment for the brand Preethi is not true – please correct me with your true experience, good or bad anything. Share your thoughts here because I really want to understand the pulse of the regular customers and promote only those brands, which believes in quality and customer satisfaction as the top priority.

One better thing about the brand Preethi is – it rarely launches new products in the market. Without changing much on the price, it has been quite successful in pushing for better quality, more power efficiency, and acute user-friendliness across its product range. The new CJ-102 juicer mixer grinder is an example of that. With this product, the brand has started a new range called as Health Juicers.

Built and Design: The Juicer is made using the best quality materials. Tough plastic or more accurately ABS material has been used in the body; transparent top plate is of poly-carbonate, and Sieve, which is a filter separates juice from pulp, is metal made.

This is a four-foot setup has a wide and stable base, and piano size push-in power & speed control buttons. The product is available only in white color currently.

The motor is powerful enough for crushing all types of veggies and fruits. To protect it from overload, a protection is also built-in in the motor unit. To manipulate speed, four buttons are given at the front control panel; the first is play/pause, then Low, followed by buttons for medium and high speed. As advised by the brand, start with low speed because the speed level works fine in sucking 100% juice from all types of fruits and vegetables.

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Preethi Essence Plus CJ 102 600Watt Built and Design

JMG products are not eligible for BEE energy star ratings. Thus, as a smart customer, understand your need and then decide on the motor capacity. Although 600W motor is more than sufficient for preparing juice glass for six to eight members in 20 to 25 minutes.

Cleaning Dismantle and Assembly

For cleaning, the setup can be dismantled easily and assembled back in the same way. Separate pusher, top lid, sieve, juicer chamber, and finally pulp chamber from the main motor unit. Never be so smart to wash an electric motor with water. The rest of the unit although can be washed under running water. Inside of the sieve are sharp, handle with care. After washing Sieve, wipe it using a brush or leave it in open or under ceiling fan for some time.

Assembling is also easy. Start with the juicer chamber. Fix sieve to the juicer chamber. Add pulp chamber on the left side. Now cover it with top lid and lock it. Have a review of the machine to check whether everything has been set in precision or not. Now uplift the lock handle and insert pusher from top. To prepare a juice glass, the setup is now ready to melt any type of fruit and veggie in any count.

How to Prepare Juice: Carrot Juice

  • Take some nicely cleaned carrot in a bowl; no need to cut them in pieces.
  • Place a Glass under the spout outlet on the right side to collect juice
  • On the machine, take out pusher from holder
  • Start the machine at the low speed
  • Take a whole carrot and put it in juicer chamber, push it in using the pusher. Maintain a soft force, neither too hard nor too light.
  • As the carrot gets crush under juicer chamber, juice gets collected in the glass and pulps, seeds and unwanted things are moved to the pulp chamber.
  • The juice glass is ready to touch your lips.

I believe in smart gadgets that do not force users to do so many things in order to get the desired result. In fact, simplicity in the operational process was one big why I decided to introduce you this elegant and efficient juicer.

How to make the Juice Taste better

To add flavor, sugar, and some other stuff into the juice, you need a blender. In fact, on the Amazon India, the juicer comes in a combo with Chutney and blender Jar. As it looks, after removing juicer chamber from the motor unit, you can fix the blender jar there. I have not used a blender with this Juicer motor, though.

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Dos & Don’ts: It is always a better idea to have a look at product’s user manual for knowing what is feasible or what is not. When my new Dell laptop was in the final setup stage, the installation engineer advised me for never to use VLC player. If that happens, no warranty will be provided for the inbuilt sound system. But I ignored the advice and dared with the player installation. As a result, both side speakers of the laptop gone in few days. I had to spend a couple of hundreds to get the sound system repaired. Since then, I have been very careful with dos & don’ts as well as user manual details. Reading user manual is one-time work. You should not avoid that.

Preethi Essence Plus CJ 102 600Watt Juicer Make Juice in Minutes

The following list is according to the manufacture's instruction:-

  • Ensure the top lid is tightly fitted and locked before using the juicer
  • Never use the juicer without fixing the pulp chamber
  • Do not start juicing without switching on the speed control button
  • For juicer operation, use only the low speed
  • Do not over-load juicing chamber
  • Do not tilt the juicer while it is running
  • Do not wash the motor unit with water, only wipe it
  • Clean other units under running water
  • Inside the sieve are sharp, handle with care
  • Do not use the juicer to make Cheeku and Mango Juice
My Experience

What I love about this 600W juicer is that it makes juicing, which believed to be a complicated process, a lot easier. I mean I never thought preparing a glass of carrot juice could be this much easier. In fact, this juicer model could be a good choice if you are a bachelor. I have seen so many such products, they make things so complicated that one thinks two times whether to have a glass of juice or toast is sufficient for today’s breakfast.

As far as mango Juice/shake is concerned, included to the don’ts list, has actually no meaning. No one usages a juicer to make mango shake. To ready a mango shake, collect some mango pulp in a blender, mix some milk, dry fruits, ice cubes, sugar, and blend them nicely for two to three minute. So, you are clear now that a juice like Preethi Essence Plus is not required in the whole process.

As I said earlier, at Amazon India, the juice comes in a combo pack alongside a blender and a bonus Chutnay jar. Thus, you have a complete setup in your kitchen. I do not think you wish to have more than this.

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Service Warranty: Preethi offers unbelievable warranty and service support for the Essence Plus juicer. One year of warranty and life-long free service commitment, you are getting along with the product. Here, warranty means the product will get repaired and any component with issue will be replaced free of cost. Life-long free service means the labor and service cost will be zero but the customer will have to pay for parts, wires, and dead component, which is replaced with a working one.

Another most trusted brand Philips offers only one to two years of service support. Preethi’s commitment for life-long free service is, therefore, much more than what customers might be expecting.

By the way, I would like to add here, although I have been using Preethi’s product for four years now but never went to its service center. Obliviously, I cannot take a working appliance to service center for repairing.


  • Excellent Built and User-friendly design
  • Unbelievable life-long free service
  • The motor unit can be used with blender and Chutney Jar (I have not tasted, though. In fact, the juice is available at Amazon with two additional daily use jars. As we could see, the shape, size, and design of the additional Jar base is the same as the base of the juicer chamber base. )
  • 600W motor is noiseless and does not vibrate
  • It hardly takes two to three minute in readying a juice glass.
  • The setup and the steps associated in juicing, cleaning, assembly are very simple

Preethi Essence Plus CJ 102 600Watt Juicer Review and Specifications

Price 2500 to 3500 Rupees
Motor Capacity 600W
Mess Stainless Steel
Built Materials ABS, Stainless Steel, Polycarbonate
Speed Control Four buttons, Piano Style
Essential Functions Juicer
Additional Function Use the motor unit for Mixer, Blender, and Chutney Jar as well

Users Review and Opinion

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