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Stylish Preethi Mixer Grinder Juicer with Stainless Steel Jars

Preethi Silver Star MG215 750Watt Mixer Grinder

750-Watt Mixer Grinder Preethi Silver Star MG-215

No doubt desi brands rule the Indian Kitchen appliances market, and Preethi is certainly one of the top desi brands that get credit for this success. I being a customer and fan of Preethi brand have been consistently following its new launches. Though the fact about Preethi is it takes good amount of time in launching new products. And, as a result, every new launch of Preethi brand bears a unique design, sturdy built, and lots of convenience features.

In this article, I am going to evaluate Preethi’s this year’s mixer grinder model the Silver Star MG 215. This set has been promoted with three uniquely designed jars for mixing, grinding, and juicing.

The Mixer grinder has a great design and solid performance. But there are some cons, too, which should be known before you decide to purchase it. Here, we cover every aspect of this elegant, powerful Preethi mixer grinder.

Excellent Design and Durable Built: Much like any other mixer grinder in market, this Preethi mixer grinder is also made using ABS material. However, built quality of this is A-grade, very durable indeed. If used this elite yet affordable mixer grinder set with a care, it might easily last many years. Actually, I am able to say this because I have a Preethi induction stove, which has been up and working without going to service center once in last five years. Thus, I am sure this Preethi mixer grinder can also last five years or more if used with a care.

Talking about design, MG 215 in light gray color has a splendid look. If someone does not have knowledge of its actual price, then might consider it an elite, costly kitchen set. I have to agree though in the price of 3200 rupees Preethi is offering much better design on MG-215.

This Preeti Mixer has a Powerful 750W Motor

Because of this very size motor, I will not recommend it for a small family with members count four or less. Its use with less quality of ingredients will waste more electricity for lesser output. The massive 750W motor of Preethi MG-215 mixer grinder can generate 20,000 run per minute. My god! This is huge. Even toughest ingredients will turn into fine power in just a few seconds. Read also Why we recommend this Maharaja mixer grinder for large families.

Comes with 2 Years of Exclusive Warranty: If there is some mechanical problem in the internal setup of the motor unit, customers can get that repaired free of cost for two years from the date of purchase. When two years of warranty ends, then also customers will be eligible for basic warranty wherein life time free service but pay for components if any needed.

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Yes Durable Three Stainless Steel Jars with Strong steel blades

Steel jars are highly recommended in mixer grinders because of durability factor. Preethi offers original premium quality stainless steel jars with tough blades in the MG-215 MG set. The first Jar is in 1.5-liter capacity is good mixing or blending large quantity of liquid items. The second jar as having one liter of capacity is well-suited for all kinds of wet & dry grinding. The 0.4-liter chutney jar is for making all kinds of wet spice mix and spicy, delicious Chatani.

All in all, all the three jars are well-made and designed for best outputs in much lesser time. This is a good deal indeed. A stylish mixer grinder with three stainless steel jars with high-quality stainless steel blades and powered by a high-qualified advanced motor unit is well-recommended.


  • Premium look, suitable for standard decorated kitchen
  • Powerful 750W motor with 20000 RPM
  • Three stainless steel jars with lock and steel blades
  • Long warranty period


  • A big Noisy
  • Small jar is without holder

Final Thoughts: I am more impressed with the looks of this Preethi mixer grinder unit than its build quality. However, three jars of it are really a big highlight if ignored no handle on the 0.4-liter Chutney Jar even.

If I am not wrong Preethi MG 215 has to be most stylish mixer grinder under 3000 rupees. As a whole, it really looks a good package.

Excellent performance, durable built, Preethi trust, stainless steel jars, and long warranty commitment by the manufacturer are some features make it is one highly recommended product at present. But remember, it being a bit noisy might force some buyers to look for an alternative.

Price 3400 Rupees
Jars 3; 1.5L, 1.0L, 0.4L; Pure Stainless Steel, Steel Blades
Motor 750W, 20000 RPM
Locking System Yes
Warranty Two Years, and Lifelong limited warranty

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