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Very Stylish Powerful Philips Curler Below 10000 Rupees

PHILIPS Pro Care Auto Curler HPS940 Price Online in India

Philips ProCare Auto Curler HPS940 Review

Philips has, without a doubt, conquered the hair electronics domain. If you want to find a reliable hair styling device or dryer, it’s got to be from Philips. This is probably because other big electronic corporations are doing very little in as much as this line is concerned. I must admit that this is still a new field of electronics and it demands a lot of creativity. You would know this if you were to use any of Philips’ hair stylers or curlers. These are not just hair gadgets; in fact, they are masterpieces that put into consideration some of the most sophisticated hair facts. The kind of research that Philips must have undertaken to create these devices is overwhelming.

Philips’s Pro Care Auto Curler HPS940 is a good case in point and a rare find. I bet no other company has built such a handy tool. Unlike, general hair stylers which have attachable barrels to perform multiple functions, the HPS940 is solely dedicated to creating hair curls.

This Auto curler is Super Ease in use

This gadget is superbly easy to use. To begin with, it has a long swivel cord about 2 meters long for easy maneuverability. Its rotating curling barrel is made of a titanium-ceramic combination that is friendly to hair. The barrel glides smoothly over the hair with very little strain. You can also adjust the curl direction accordingly using this gadget. Essentially you have three curling directions to choose from, right, left or alternate (2-way) directions. The HPS940 also heats up instantly within a span of 30 seconds, so you won’t be wasting any time with this gadget. The device is ergonomically designed for easy handling and to provide a firm grip.


This gadget is a performer. Its three temperature adjustments allow you to create natural curls effortlessly. You can also adjust the curling speed and its brushless motor allows you to curl the hair from, practically any direction. The reason why Philips uses the titanium ceramic coating on the curling barrel is to ensure maximum heat conductivity. Basically, what this does it to heat the hair evenly for a precise curl. In addition, the device comes with an isolating chamber that prevents the heat from searing your fingers.

The maximum curling temperature is 210 degrees but you have the option to adjust the device using three heat settings namely; mild (170 degrees), medium (190 degrees) and maximum (210 degrees). The device works within the universal voltage range, between (110V to 240 V). So you won’t be needing any external voltage regulator with this device.

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Additional functionalities

Philips HPS940 hair curler has a hanging loop that you can use to hang the device on a wall. After heating up, the device notifies you through a beep sound to tell you that the device is ready to for curling. I liked the safety feature that Philips included in this gadget, an auto shut off feature. After every one hour of use, the device automatically shuts down in order to cool.

Pricing and warranty

The device is priced between 8700 to 9400 Rupees on most online outlets like Flipkart. Nonetheless, for that price you get two years of warranty from the manufacturer.

PHILIPS Pro Care Auto Curler HPS940 Review and Specifications


Since I didn’t find any better hair curling tool that would beat the HPS940, I would like to recommend it to you. However, if you want something that can do more styles than just curls, you can get a Philips hair styler. It will simply do more and is priced at almost the same range as this hair curler.

Rotating Barrel material Titanium-ceramic
Heat up time 30 secs
Heat settings 3 (210°C – 190°C – 170°C)
Swivel cord yes (2 Meters)
Curl directions 3 (left right and 2-way)
Voltage  range 110-240V
Auto shut-off yes (after 1hr)
Hanging loop Yes
Ideal for women
Motor type Brushless
Price 9500 Rupees

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