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Stylish Multifunction Philips Hi-Fi System with DivX DVD Player

Philips MCD388 DVD Player, Micro Hi-Fi System, and Remote Controller

As we all know, Philips’ MCD Micro Hi-Fi systems begun as an ambitious line of electronics, one that people were really curious about. Very few people thought that these inimitable devices would be in production for more than a year or two. But guess what, Philips’ MCD Micro Hi-Fi systems are still being manufactured even today. What makes these devices likable, is the fact that they can do pretty much everything that a full Home theatre system can do, in just one take.  One unique thing about a Micro Hi-Fi system is that it’s an all-in-one subwoofer, DVD player, and FM Radio.

Despite having this added versatility, Philips has ensured that all components in their Micro Hi-Fi systems deliver without any hold ups. So if you are using the DVD player on the system to watch your movies, you won’t have a problem using the same system’s subwoofer unit to amplify the videos. Philips’ earliest models of these devices include the MCD 110 and MCD 263. However, their latest entry the MCD 388 is a conqueror. This gadget features a whole new design that is matchless to anything that other competitors have done before. Here are some of its amiable features.

Features of the Philips MCD388 DVD Player

Excellent wall mountable design: This micro-theatre comes with an out of the box wall mountable design. The entire unit weighs only 8 kilograms and thus can be mounted securely on any standard mount. The primary device interface is made of buttons that are lighted and could fool you to assume it was touch screen enabled. The main unit hosts the DVD player as well as some ingrained satellite speakers, while the subwoofer unit has the powerful bass driver. The entire combined system measures 56.5 by 35 by 25 centimeters. Despite the relatively trifling size, it can produce a good audio surround just like your home theatre would. The glossy plastic veneer makes this system look modern, not to mention the attractive bezels on the edges for added magnificence.

Loud Bass and Digital sound outputs for optimum clarity: Having a 100W RMS total Output power potential, this device is a haven of noise. When switched to its maximum volume, you can easily mistake the house for your local nightclub. All the same, the Philips MCD 388 micro Hi-Fi system fits best as an average domestic sound system. Its Digital sound output gives you a wide range of presets with the equalizer, meaning you can switch from soft RNB tunes to heavy rock/metal music easily. The system also comes with a Dolby virtual speaker enhancement that helps with theatre sound simulation.  The dynamic bass boosts help with deep rich bass sounds on the subwoofer unit.

A versatile DVD player

The DVD player on this device is an adaptable one. To begin with, it supports a wide range of file formats and even has a composite video port from which you can connect to a screen to view what’s being played on the DVD Player. Among the supported file formats are DVD, VCD, MP3-CD, CD-RW, DivX, and WMA. The player also has an HDMI output that supports HDMI 1080p upscaling and is further enhanced with the system’s own Dolby Digital sound output. It is this combination that helps this system delivers quality in both sound and visuals.

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Connectivity: This device has a variety of connectivity options. The subwoofer’s connection to the main unit is wireless and this gives the subwoofer unlimited mobility. The audio output/input modes include a digital audio coaxial out port, an RCA port and a 3.5mm stereo line in port. For the DVD’s video output, you get a composite video port which you can connect to your TV’s screen. I also like the fact that this device has am HDMI port for projections. If you are an FM radio fanatic, this device also comes with an inbuilt FM radio which you can use to listen to your favorite FM stations. Other added utilities are a 40-key remote control for both the DVD and Subwoofer unit and an MP3 link cable.

Philips MCD388 Micro Hi-Fi System DVD Player Review and Specifications

Warranty, Pricing and Verdict: This device comes with a one-year warranty and is priced at 17000 Rupees. This is a reasonable price for such a gadget, now that you won’t need an additional DVD player in your home with this device. My advice, buy it if you can afford it, it’s a practical item in the house.

Price 17000 Rupees
Brand Philips
Model MCD388
Device type Micro Hi-Fi System DVD Player
Wattage 240W
Supported file formats DVD, VCD, MP3-CD, CD-RW, DivX, WMA
Connectivity Wireless (Radio frequency)
Bluetooth No
Dimensions 56.5 x 35 x 25 centimeters
Weight 8Kgs
Remote control Yes
Audio Output 100W RMS

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