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Stylish Lava Smartphone with Massive battery Below 6500 Rupees

Stylish Lava Smartphone with Massive battery Below 6500 Rupees

Lava X38 with 4000 mAh Battery

Lava is yet to find a respectable place in the Indian smartphone Bazaar. Based on recent success in the feature phone segment though my gut feeling says finally it has got the mantra that will get this innovative desi brand some share in one of the heavily crowded mobile phone markets.

After getting good success with successive feature phones with 4000 mAh battery, recently Lava introduced an excellent device X38 – has the same mammoth battery size.

In this article, I will discuss unique features of Lava X38. And, my focus is going to be at the pertinent question – can the X38, which is a smartphone will get the same success as Lava Jumbo – a feature phone series with 4000 mAh battery has been getting currently.

One good thing about Lava phones is they are officially available at popular online shopping websites. If you decided to buy this phone, it will directly come to you from the manufacturer’s warehouse. Thus, chances of any mishap or duplicate product are almost none.

Design and Android Marshmallow Operating system

Marshmallow 6.0, which is the officially latest version of Android, is the operating system on this with just a basic customization. The overall design of this phone looks impressive and adding to that is some unique textured pattern on its rear. On the sides is having a metallic rim design adds to the beauty of the device.

The phone is just 162 gram in weight, and only 8.9mm thick despite having a heavy 4000 mAh battery on back. At present, only blue color variant of Lava X38 is available on sale.

When premium smartphones with many luxury features can deliver up to 73% of screen-to-body ratio then Lava fails cross even 70% mark – is raising some concern. With just 61.78% screen-to-screen as coated officially is disappointing in terms of better utilization of the overall shape size. Lava X38 is measured as 155mm in height, 71.8mm in weight, and as I already mentioned above 8.9 mm in thickness.

5inch IPS Display

The 6500 rupees price does allow room to add a quality screen protection on the phone display. However, Lava disregards this aspect. Although the quality of this 5-inch screen is good and has the right optimization that further helps the huge battery to ensure longer backup.

As far as quality and touch response from the display is concerned, it has been pleasing in our test. Touch reorganization is quicker and viewing angles, too, are brilliant because of a balanced optimization there.

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Neither X38 is an extraordinary not Lava claims for that. Therefore, when I evaluate it from the regular use point of view, I find this Lava champ a recommended device at this point.

 64-bit MediaTek Processor

One GB DDR3 RAM coupled with MediaTek MT 6735P quad-core processor unleashes its true performance potential because of a proper sync between hardware and software. Almost no customization at software side has helped this device to run smoothly even when some hard resource demanding applications are active.

For basic gaming and multitasking, I find this device very qualified. If Lava could have managed to set free at least 800 MB RAM for ends users, this device rated then as one best choice with heavy battery life in 6500 rupees budget.

Full HD Recording Camera  

Without using any branded hardware, only Lava has the potential to pump up camera performance among Indian smartphone manufacturers. The 8MP primary and 2MP front facing camera come with LED flash for better click even in low light. Full HD recording by the main camera is another decent feature. 4X digital zoom can also be useful if the user knows how to make it working.

4000 mAh Battery with Smart management features

The smartphone technology is not only about having so many multitasking features in one device rather the smart management of resources onboard according to the situation the user is in – is also significant. Yes, I am referring to the super power saver mode feature that works really handy with the 4000 mAh battery.

I like the idea that Lava has not stopped just at 4000 mAh battery rather added two power saver modes for better use of the battery juice. “Smart power saver mode” and “Super power saver mode” are relevant profile at critical stages of the battery – is brilliant power management feature here.

As far as battery backup is concerned, be sure to more than one day of talk time on 2G network and close to one day of talk time on 3G network. Impressive 14 days of standby is very much possible besides four days of music playback and video playback for eight to nine hours.

The above battery backup data is just official version. Although we have not tested but very sure that on the regular use, Lava X38 will easily run for three to four days.

Lava X38 Review and Specifications

Other exciting features

As this Lava phone supports 12 Indian languages, using it in your language is easily possible. Either you change the default language at the time of first setup or by going into the setting section.

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In one of my article published last year, when I reported – Reliance Jio would be offering 4G data pack at a very reasonable price ([email protected] to 20 rupees) when launched, no one believed then. But this is very true now. Lava X38 is fully optimized for Reliance Jio 4G network support and 4G Video calling.

Lava X38 is the right device in the changing trend currently. In coming years, video call will dominate over voice call and more video contents will be optimized for smartphone use. Thus, it is important if you are buying a smartphone now then try to look for impressive front camera, 4G LTE support, and strong battery life. Lava’s X38 is a perfect choice at present with those qualities.


  • 4000 mAh Battery
  • Dual SIM 4G
  • Stock Android experience – Latest operating system
  • HD IPS Display with Full Lamination
  • Front Camera with Flash
  • Primary Camera with Full HD Recording


  • Poor screen-to-body ratio
  • CPU is not powerful enough
  • Only 1GB RAM

Final Thoughts

If I need a smartphone in 5000 to 7000 rupees budget now, I will surely look for strong battery, good RAM size, dual 4G, and optimized front camera. Lava X38 disappoints with just 1GB RAM, though. However, its front camera is a decent choice for selfie in low lights. Moreover, 4000 mAh battery with two smart super saver modes is exceeding my expectation.

Price 6500 Rupees
Features Android Marshmallow OS, Dual 4G LTE, FM, Loudspeaker, 161 grams weight, 8.9mm Thickness
Display 5inch, HD, 294PPI, IPS LCD, 61.78% Screen-to-Body ratio
CPU MediaTek, Quad Core, 1GHz, 64bit, Mali-T720 MP2, 1GB RAM, 8GB RAM, 32GB Memory
Camera 8MP Camera, CMOS Image sensor, LED Flash, Full HD Recording; 2MP Front Camera, LED Flash
Battery 4000 mAH battery, Li-Po
Connectivity 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, BT 4.0, GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth V4.0, Mobile Hotspot

Users Review and Opinion


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