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Stylish Headphones and Bluetooth Earphone

FD Discovery H30 Review and Specifications

Skullcandy Uprock 2.0 On-Ear Headphones

Skullcandy has become quite popular among the young music fans of the country. This brand has successfully secured itself as a manufacturer that makes most fashionable products. Last year the Skullcandy Uprock 2.0 On-Ear Headphones was launched in the Indian market. It comes in a variety of colors and looks cool on people. You can purchase this device for as low as 2400 rupees.

Fancy Looks of this SkullCandy Headphone

The manufacturer has designed this product keeping in mind the needs of modern users. Even though plastic as a material dominate the entire built, but that has not affected its sturdiness and overall build quality is quite appreciable. Its cable is quite long and comes in a flat design for easy management.

Painful Experience: Skullcandy has tried the best to make the headband flexible and comfortable. Still, it fails to give a good experience. The reason behind uncomfortable in use could be related to the on-ear design of the headphone.

The earpieces do not offer swivel of even a single degree, which can be quite painful during long sessions.

Skullcandy Uprock 2 On Ear Headphones Review and Specifications

Loud but Distorted Audio: This Skullcandy headphone comes with powerful drivers that are capable of generating loud audio even at low power. Skullcandy is known for deep bass levels and this device tries to cope up with the reputation but to a certain extent only. Do not get me wrong here. It does generate deep bass frequencies, but the quality of the audio is not bearable. You will only hear muffled and distorted sound at low, mid, and high levels.


  • Attractive looks
  • Low impedance
  • Generates loud audio
  • Long and flat cable


  • Inaccurate sound frequencies
  • Uncomfortable

Verdict: In my opinion, this device is not a good option to go with. A headphone should be able to offer comfortable and high-quality music listening experience to the users. I suggest consider this headphone in your wish list, choose only if you do not find one good alternative. Even you can explore this website to meet a number of great earphones and headphones. Read also Skullcandy Bluetooth Headphones with 12 Hours of Battery Life.

Color Multiple Variants
Connectivity 3.5mm Audio Plug
Design On-Ear
Inbuilt Microphone Yes
Dimensions 8 x 18.5 x 22 cm
Weight 268 grams
Buy 2400 Rupees


QCY QY8 Bluetooth Wireless In-Ear Headset

Some of the regular readers of this website recently asked me to give an honest opinion about the QCY QY8 Bluetooth Headphones. This device was launched last year and it has attracted many customers since then.

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This BT headphone is popular in India as well as in the western nations including China. At Ali Express, it has been one best-selling product. You can purchase it for just 2202 rupees, which is, in my opinion, a good deal.

Great Build: The QCY QY8 is earbud type headphones, so they offer great portability to the users. Its build quality is impressive and I can say for sure that the device will last for years. Moreover, the manufacturer has designed it according to the needs of people. All the controls have been placed on the right earpiece, which helps in keeping the cables in balance. Also, you will find some extra buds of different sizes in the box.

QCY QY8 Bluetooth Headphones in India

Good for Outdoor Use: QCY has equipped the earpieces with canal buds in order to secure them in place. The looped hooks further fix the buds in place by creating a tension. These headphones will never pop out of users’ ears no matter what kind of exercise they are performing.

Superb Audio: The QCY QY8 has improved a lot when compared to its predecessor i.e. the QY7. It generates immersive bass and strong vocals. Even the treble levels give a soothing experience to the users.

You might have heard about the CVC Noise Cancellation technology that this device features. However, do not get too excited because this technology does not actively cancel the noise. Instead, it blocks the outside noise through isolation.

Powerful Connectivity

This pair of headphones connects with audio source via Bluetooth 4.1 technology. It is power efficient and offers about 7 hours of backup on a single charge. The intensity of the signals that this device generates is also quite impressive. You will not suffer from disconnection problem even if the smartphone is stored in the alternate pocket.

Pro Features:-

  • Bluetooth connection does not easily break
  • Generates impressive audio
  • Offers long power backup
  • Gets strongly attached to ears

Verdict: I am sure that the pair of headphones is going to give a tough competition to all other manufacturers. My team did not find any cons that will stop music listener like you to ignore it. If your budget for an earphone allows spending around 2000 rupees, then go for it.

It generates good quality audio, offers comfortable experience, and is available at an attractive price. What else would a budget customer need? Read also Top 5 Earphones Priced under Rupees 1000.

QCY QY8 Bluetooth Headphones Review and Specifications

Color Black
Connectivity Bluetooth 4.1
Range 10 meters
Design Canalbud
Inbuilt Microphone Yes
Dimensions 4 x 3.2 x 2.4 cm
Weight 18 grams
Buy 2100 Rupees
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F&D Discovery H30 Headphones

Compared with a full-size headphone, you need to spend less to buy an earphone, which in fact offers easy portability, but in a long run, you lose excitement in using them. I am not saying you should not have an earphone, but my argument is you should also have a powerful headphone.

At some point, you want to listen to loud music with clear bass and fine tunes all for high doses of music that takes you to out of the world music experience.

Today’s online electronics market is full of affordable yet quality headphones. The F&D Discovery H30 Headphones are one of the best-selling budget headphones that I can think about now.

If you are a true music lover, then you must be knowing the brand F&D reputation in the world music market. The Discovery H30 offers superior audio quality and great comfort at just 1358 rupees.

Highly Comfortable: The manufacturer has done a lot of hard work in order to make this device comfortable in use. Its padded headband provides a nice cushioning to the users. The most interesting is the pure leather designing that gives a premium appeal to the whole setup.

The pads on the ear cups are much soft and do not generate any kind of discomfort. These headphones will fit on the head of any size and shape.

Great Audio Quality

You will not need any type of amplifier in order to enjoy music on this device. It features two neodymium drivers that generate an impedance of only 32 Ohm. This means users will hear loud audio even if they are using a smartphone as the audio source.

Its frequency response range of 20 – 20,000 Hz was another thing that struck my mind. The bass levels that these headphones generate are deep and give a soothing experience. The Semi-Open-Back design of the earcups helps in increasing the sound stage.

This device is good for music listening as well as playing games on PCs.

FD Discovery H30 Review and Specifications

Gold Plated Connector: The manufacturer has secured the 3.5mm aux-in connector of this headphone with a thin layer of gold, which increases its durability. Even the cable that comes out of left earpiece is quite long.

Noted Pro Features:-

  • Good build quality
  • Wide soundstage
  • Generates decent bass levels
  • Comfortable to use
  • Eye-catching looks

Cons: Earcup pads should have been replaceable

Verdict: The F&D H30 Headphones is a bang for the buck. Just go ahead and purchase this solid product. It will give you a nice music listening experience both indoors and outdoors. Read also Top Earphones for Smartphone Below 1500 Rupees.

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Color Black
Connectivity 3.5mm Audio Plug
Frequency Response Range 20-20000 Hz
Design Semi-Open-Back
Inbuilt Microphone No
Dimensions 24.1 x 21.1 x 9.1 cm
Weight 340 grams
Buy 1400 Rupees

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