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Stylish Asus Mini Laptop with 16GB RAM and QHD Screen

Asus Zen Book 3 Laptop in India

As designers continue to push for slimmer and slenderer laptops, the consumers continue demanding for better performing processors. As a result of this trend, a lot of borrowing and mimicking is happening in the laptops domain, with no particular company claiming to be a monopoly of ideas. While a lot of design works is being borrowed from Apple, — Apple, too, is borrowing some of its technologies from high-end computer manufacturers such as HP and Asus. One very vivid instance of this mutual borrowing is in Asus’s latest laptop model, the Zen Book 3.

This laptop is arguably the thinnest laptop from Asus. Its910 grams weight means that there is some noticeable correspondence to Apple’s MacBook series. Funny enough, even the body finish and colors are also analogous to what you would find on a Mac. Here I am talking about colors such as Silver Grey, Blue, and Rose Gold. In this piece, I will unearth every little detail you need to know about the Asus Zen Book 3.

Asus ZenBook 3 Laptop Review and Likeable design

Of late Asus has been focusing on producing pricey computers to compete with the likes of HP Spectre and Apple Macs. To keep pace, massive design modifications had to be done on the Zen Book. To start with, this product has an ultra-thin chassis. The Aluminum body means that everything is tightly packed together in this device. It has a 0.52-inch thickness on the hinge end, which narrows to 0.14 inches at the very front end.

Compared to the Mac, this laptop is broader as it has an extensive screen measuring 11.65 by 7.5 inches. The designers also did a good job keeping the weight off this gadget as it weighs only 910 grams. It is lighter compared to its competitors, the MacBook which weighs 922 grams and the Spectre X360 which weighing approximately 1.4 Kilograms. The entire laptop dimensions are 11.65 by 7.52 by 0.47 inches.

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Excellent keyboard and highly responsive Keyboard: With only a few millimeters to spare, Asus wouldn’t have gone any deeper with their keyboard on this product. The keys are only 0.8 millimeters deep and are spaced within a range of 0.5-mm. The glass trackpad is sufficient, even for people with thick fingers. With its functional haptic feedback technology, I wouldn’t complain much. It measures about 4.4 by 2.1 inches and has a fingerprint sensor.

Asus Zen Book 3 laptop Review and Specifications

Numerous Connectivity options on this Mini Laptop

To maintain the slim size, Asus could not risk fitting a lot of USB ports. Therefore they made this laptop working on a rather new type of port, the USB Type-C port. This new technology supports transfer of data, output of display, and power input, all through one USB-c 3.1 port. Users are provided for with an external adapter through which all these other ports are fitted. The exclusively designed adapter for the Zen Book includes a set of other ports like USB 3.0, HDMI, VGA, SD Reader and LAN ports. In fact, this adapter is incredibly light and fits seamlessly in your bag together with the laptop.

This laptop also features a Bluetooth 4.1 radio, which means that it is extremely efficient when it comes to power consumption. The Wi-Fi chip is a standard dual-band 802.11ac radio which scales up to speeds of 800 Mbps on average.

High Quality sound output: Despite its slim size, this laptop can play music at incredibly loud volumes. The designers fitted four high-quality audio drivers. Each of this drivers derives its power from a four channel inbuilt amplifier for an active surround effect. The speakers are housed beneath the grill at the top side of the keyboard.

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Performance and Productivity of this Asus Portable Laptop

While compared to all other laptops in this price range, the Zen Book 3 still remains to be the pick of the day. The designers of this product have given consumers three main choices of this computer. You can pick either an Intel Core i5-6200U Zen Book or a Core i7-6500U. However, the core i7’s are further split into two. You can choose between a core i7 with a 512 SSD hard disk or that with a 1 Terabyte SSD drive. To get the one with a 1TB drive, you will have to top up about 33500 Rupees over the 100500 Rupees price tag.

This computer comes with an astounding 16 gigs worth of RAM. Even though this laptop has a powerful processor than the Mac’s Core M processor, the i5/i7 chip means that the computer has a shorter battery life. Nevertheless, it’s a good price to pay for a super fast laptop. I mean, there’s no way you expect a racing muscle car to consume the same amount of fuel as a posh family sedan.

A workable battery life: Although this computer has a shorter battery life than most of its competitors, I think the power is enough for standard usage. Asus has rated the battery on this product as nine hours battery, but after using it in my normal office work, I realized that it falls just about 20 minutes below the 9-hour mark. The Bluetooth 4.1 chip has helped tone down the power consumption on this computer. That’s why it has more than an hour in battery life than most computers in its price range.

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Is just 12-Inch QHD Display of this Asus Mini Laptop Enough?

I hate to say that Apple’s MacBook totally beat the Zen Book in this area. this shortcoming still disappoints. The Mac has a shorter but powerful screen. It measures 12-Inch and has a resolution of 2304 by 1440 pixel. The Zen, on the other hand, has a 12.5-inch screen with a slightly low resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels. This tells you that images are less sharp on the Zeb Book than on the Mac. Nevertheless, the larger display covers up for this shortcoming and probably most people won’t notice it until they have bought the Zen Book.

Pricing and Verdict: To buy this laptop, you’ve got to have money, lots of it. It is priced at 100500 Rupees for the i5 and 134000 Rupees for the i7. My advice is that you can buy it if you need a computer that will perform faster but at a cost. Nevertheless, if asked to choose between this laptop and a MacBook, I would call it a draw. Pick the one that pleases you, they are all equal in my opinion. Read also 29 Best Windows 10 Laptops under 35000 Rupees.

Price 135000 Rupees
Laptop type Ultra Book
OS Windows 10/8.1
Display 12.5 inch
Resolution 1920 x 1080
Connectivity Wi-Fi and Bluetooth v4.1
CPU Core i7 or Core i5
SSD (Hard Disk) 512 MB or 1 TB
Webcam Yes
Size 11.65 x 7.52 x 0.47 inches
weight 910 grams

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