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Stylish and Smart Water Purifier below 22000 Rupees

Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Geneus RO UV 7Litre Water Purifier Price Online

Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Geneus RO+UV 7-Litre Water Purifier

Back in the 90s, water purifiers were not as famous as they are today. I still remember my childhood days when other children of my age did not care about the quality of water before drinking it.

The main credit of popularizing water purifiers should go to media. In the first half of the 2000s, television media was flooded with water purifier adverts. Moreover, the first product to become famous during this era was Aquaguard. The word “Aquaguard” had become a synonym to water purifier at the time. The irony is most people did not even know the company behind this brand.

Eureka Forbes (the company that owns Aquaguard) was one of the first manufacturers to launch a water purifier in the Indian market. Since then the water purifier market has greatly evolved. Rising competition of present day scenario has forced manufacturers to launch new and amazing products. One of its products that has gained great popularity in the premium segment of the market is the Aquaguard Geneus, a RO UV Water purifier with 7-Litre capacity. Purchase this fully loaded water purifier for around 22,000 rupees. Let us discuss this RO machine in more detail.

Mind Blowing Form Factor

This Eureka Forbes Aquaguard comes in an appealing and durable outer shell. Eureka Forbes’ designers have really impressed me. Its sleek look will certainly blow your mind on the very first look. Its body offers a slightly curved profile on both x-axis and y-axis.

Truly speaking, this product looks more like a futuristic smart gadget and less like a water purifier. The black and white finish of the outer shell will give your eyes an appealing feel. This beautiful water filter will enhance the beauty of your kitchen.

Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Geneus RO UV 7Litre Water Purifier Review

RO, UV, and UF Filtration: The manufacturer has equipped this purifier with all the latest technologies like RO, UV, and UF. According to the online documentation by the brand, this machine is capable purifying both high TDS and low TDS water. It is smart enough to decide whether to use RO + UV or UF+UV for processing the water. The RO+UV combination is best suited when the water coming to your house has TDS level, essentially more than 500 PPM. If it is not, then the UF+UV combination will suffice all needs.

An inbuilt activated carbon unit (also called as taste enhancer) makes the water clean and enhances its taste. The machine also boils every single drop of water in an e-boiling chamber.

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Smart Control Panel: Just above the tap, you will find an informative and user-friendly control panel. From the panel, you can even set the needed mineral level in the water. It also shows how much water is left in the storage tank. The storage tank has a capacity of storing seven liters of water at once. The purifier’s smart brain notifies the customer about a filter change before 30 days.

What Eureka Forbes Promise

As per the online documentation, this Eureka Forbes purifier will deliver superb service. However, this claim of the manufacturer fails when it comes to real life scenario. We interviewed about a dozen customers before writing this review. Some customers have complained to us that the RO system of this purifier fails to bring down the TDS level if it is already too high. A number of customers reported the problem of plastic-like smell from the purified water. The manufacturer has placed the UV chamber of this filter in vertical position, which lowers the efficiency.

Worst Customer Service: I find it quite unfortunate that even a well-established brand like Eureka Forbes is offering pathetic support to its customers. In many cases, the customer service executives prove to be not equipped enough to help the customers. Most of the time, these executives try to lower their burden by fooling customers. Therefore, you need to be careful when registering a complaint. Eureka Forbes helpline number- 3988 3333

Maintenance Cost: You will have to spend a lot of money in the maintenance of this machine. It consumes 45 Watts of power and will increase your electricity bill for sure, (as it will stay ‘powered on’ most of the time). Moreover, customers cannot change the cartridges on their own.

If the maintenance LED is blinking on the control panel, you will have to call the customer care department. Then an engineer will visit your house and change the cartridges. Therefore, in total you will have to pay for the cartridges as well as for the labor of engineer.

Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Geneus RO UV 7Litre Water Purifier Specifications

Free Installation Service

Eureka Forbes is offering a free installation service with this product. Upon delivery, you will have to dial this number- 18602661177 and get an appointment fixed. In a couple of days, a service engineer will come to your house and install the machine.

This purifier supports both wall mount and table top installations. I would advise you to go with the latter one to see the machine in its full glory.

At the time of installation makes sure that everything is working fine. Check the taste as well as the smell of water. Moreover, ask the service engineer to show the TDS level of purified water. Only accept if the TDS level is below 500 PPM.

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Pros Features:

  • Uses UF, UV, and RO technology
  • Built-in taste enhancer
  • G Flush technology
  • Features an electronic membrane life enhancer
  • Nice looking control panel
  • Inbuilt storage tank
  • Customers get both wall mount and table top installation option
  • Fully automatic operation


  • Bad customer service
  • Does not work properly with high TDS water

Verdict: According to Eureka Forbes, the water purifier is capable of purifying hard water, but I do not believe this. In my opinion, only purchase this product if you are already using low TDS water. Moreover, the UV chamber of this machine is not that efficient, as the manufacturer has placed it in the standing position.

Design wise, there is no alternative to this RO water purifier. It will look great in your kitchen and its build quality is decent. The only problem you may have to face will be of unsupportive customer service.

Price 22000 Rupees
Total Storage Capacity 7 Liter
Filtration Method RO, UF, and UV
Purification Capacity 15 L/H
Electricity Required Yes
Weight 11.8 KG
Dimensions 367 x 314 x 567 mm
Installation Type Wall Mount And Table Top
Warranty 1 Year

Users Review and Opinion


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