Compare Smart: Steamer or Dry Iron For the Win? We all know how much ironing is required but not many of us know which iron is more suitable for them. Dry irons have been rocking our clothes longer than the steam irons and have fitted in well. Nonetheless, steam irons are the ones turning up in trend. Usually people like going in for dry irons as the majority is familiar with them. Nobody likes wearing all the wrinkles the un ironed clothes have. Different people have conflicting views for both the iron types and the rest don’t have any views at all because they do not understand what is better for their clothes or probably don’t iron. Read also Latest Top 8 Philips Dry Steam Iron Below 3000 Rupees.

While buying an iron you get a lot many brands and even more product followed by the different types. So if you are someone who is keen to have value for the money you pay and are ready to make yourself dig deep into the information, your work is just going to get easier. Also keep in mind that the brand you choose matters. The price might be a little higher but if you want a product that is durable you ought to go in for a branded product.

Always keep in mind when you look up to reviews choose the sites that are not biased. So without further ado, we will now get to know about two completely different irons and one of them might simply suit your criteria.

► Havells Era 1000-Watt Dry Iron

When you think about the trusted brands that do not put you down, Havells easily makes it to the list. Founded thirty three years back Havells has been excelling in LED’s, fans, home appliances, induction motors and what not. If you are new into the world of home appliances and LED’s, you are allowed to not worry about Havells right here as it is an Indian brand and Indians are pretty famous for giving sheer good quality products to their clients. Most of the people who have ever put money into any Havells product have been satisfied with its performance.

This dry iron by Havells has some fine features you will now get to know below.

Fabric Settings: The common or not branded irons do not really have various settings for almost every different fabric. Some people might not know but there is a specified heat limit for various different fabrics and if you do not take care of them with the required amount of ironing, your most loved clothes will probably not last their longest. This iron here has a temperature dial control for almost every specific fabric type which surely increases the durability of your clothes and gives them the best ironed look too.

Havells Era 1000 Watt Dry Iron Review and Specifications

Swift Design: The shape of this particular iron is sort of common. It is for the best as it allows you to reach corners easily and move it all over the garment. It is not available in different colours but the major one you can see is white and grey which make a pretty fine combination for a descent looking iron. It is overall a triangle and gives you much more ease than the fancy shaped irons in trend.

→ Budget Friendly Iron

The price is utterly low. That is one of the many things Havells is becoming a major favourite. There is honestly a very rare count of companies that are now active and have turned into a popular brand and still keep low with their prices. It is easily affordable and being a branded product, it will give you all the advantages you need in a regular day to day use iron.

Wattage: The amount of watts an iron is using is an important part. If you want a real quick but next to perfection type of pressing on your clothes, do not settle for anything less than 1000 watts. That is also the exact amount of wattage this product offers you. It saves you from all the forceful pressing you need to do and also a lot of your precious time.

Pro Features:-

  • Sole Plate Type: DuPont registered American heritage non stick coating which is considered to be one of the best ones.
  • Light Weight: Near about 1kg which complements its design as well.
  • Satisfied customers: All the people who bought this product are majorly happy with it.
  • Instant heating: For you to not let your time get wasted, this iron heats up in no time. This is a positive but can turn into a negative too if you do not stay alert while pressing.
  • Final Thoughts!!There are a lot better irons in the market right now which are lighter and can get your clothes done up even faster as well as in a better manner.
Buy 626 INR
Brand Havells
Type Dry Iron
Colour Grey and White
Sole Plate DuPont Registered American Heritage Non Stick Coating
Warranty Two Years
Power 1000 Watts


► Inalsa Titanium 2000W Steam Iron

Inalsa is another powerful brand which has its impact past 50 years now. Headquartered in Spain, there is nil compromise with the quality and material they put into their products. This brand here too has been one of the preferred companies, especially when it comes to Indians as resulted in a survey. Inalsa being an international brand is pretty wide spread all over the world. Known from a different name in almost every second country, they have localised Inalsa in fourteen different names added up in their portfolio to reach the people more efficiently.

A steam iron has its own advantages a dry iron can never have. Now further you will be able to contemplate its features.

Compact Design: The designing of the iron has been done in a way that it won’t just be reachable to every corner of the garment but can also be carried while travelling. It is not just compact but also manufactured in a way that makes it look attractive. The design not only adds up to your ease but it also gives it the trendy look many of the irons are missing.

Thermostatic Control: Ever heard of something that has authority over things? Thermostat is one such device that regulates temperatures on its own and maintains the desired set point. This adds up to the safety measures and also helps you to give various fabrics the required temperature while ironing.

Two in One: This iron, unlike the others in market gives you the advantage of two completely different iron usages in one. As you already are aware of the fact that this product is steam iron but you can also use it as a regular dry iron by turning off the steam.

Inalsa Titanium 2000 Watts Steam Iron Review and Specifications

→ Titanium Coated Soleplate

Some of us have faced the problem of the hot iron soleplate sticking to the clothes over and over again. This also imprints the colour stain of that particular fabric on the soleplate of the iron. To avoid such issues, this product has titanium coated soleplate which ensures smooth gliding of the iron on the clothes.

Pro Features:-

  • 360 Degree Swivel Cord Movement: Another major problem faced by people who iron is the short cord length although this iron eases it up for you.
  • ISI Approved: The Indian Standards Institute mark approves the fact that it’s a quality product and can be used.
  • Comfortable Grip: Better grip helps you to move the iron with continuation.
  • Anti Calc Function: It increases the lifetime of your iron, majorly the sole plate as it collects the calc and does not let it do any damage.
  • Thermal Fuse: This feature increases the overall safety.
  • Conclusion!!This iron is heavier than the major irons available in the market.

→ Conclusion: Havells Dry Iron vs. Inalsa Steam Iron

Both the irons have positives on the major side making it harder for the clients to decide. Only if you are more than sure with what you want, you won’t have to waste time pondering much. The Havells dry iron is not a bad buy but it is not a good buy either when compared to the Inalsa model. As Havells Dry Iron will not be able to give you the instant finesse Inalsa’s Steam iron will.

The reason steam irons were invented was for the better care of your fabrics leaving silk as an exception. This makes it pretty obvious that the working of a steam iron is going to be better and the better the quality is, the more you have to pay! So for the people who do not have lesser budget, Inalsa Titanium 2000 watts is ought to be a good buy. As it is better in every way and it does the work of a dry iron too.

Buy 2011 INR
Brand Inalsa
Type Steam (works as a dry iron too)
Color White and Grey
Sole Plate Titanium Coated Soleplate
Warranty 2 Years
Power 2000 Watts