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Best Speaker under 1000 Rupees

Best Speaker under 1000 Rupees in India Market

Does speaker magnet size matter? Yes, it matters. But that is just a small part of a long story of how a speaker produces rich sound with deep Bass. A big and heavier magnet does not mean a speaker will generate better sound than the one has a smaller and lighter magnet. Speaker magnet used to be heavier. However, nowadays you will find speakers with a Neodymium magnet, which is light in weight and smaller in size comparatively.

Are you looking for a portable Bluetooth speaker with MIC built-in? In this piece, we cover the best speakers under 1000 Rupees for laptop, smartphone, Android, and Apple devices. Here you read about top-rated speakers from 500 to 1000 Rupees price range.

► Philips Soundbar Speaker for Laptop {SPA1100}

Soundbars have become really popular these days. One of the most popular soundbars currently available in the market is the Philips SPA1100. This soundbar has a 2.0 speaker configuration and also comes with Class ‘D’ Digital Amplifier. Since the satellite units always face towards the listener, the generated audio feels much louder. Philips also ships a pouch in the sales box that looks really cool, withal.

Philips Soundbar Speaker for Laptop SPA1100

The Philips portable soundbar is designed to work with laptop and desktop mainly. It is a wired speaker and requires a USB port as the power source. It is an ideal choice to address a small group of listeners during a meeting presentation. You can also attach this speaker on top of a laptop display. Consider this Philips mini soundbar, if you are looking for an affordable speaker for the weak speaker system in your laptop.

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This mini soundbar will impress to technology nerds, office executives, and salespeople. It is perfect for static audio. However, traditional music listeners will find its audio quality is much below than expected.

Price 800 Rupees
Ideal for Laptop | Desktop
Features 2.0 Channel Speaker System | Class D Amplifier
Sound Bass Reflex Drivers
Connectivity 3.5 mm Audio Jack | USB Port


► Leaf Pop Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Mic

Are you not satisfied with the speaker on your smartphone? You should consider buying a pocket Bluetooth speaker. Currently, one of the best wireless mobile speakers under 1000 Rupees is Leaf Pop. It produces HD sound. This cute speaker also has a MIC for hands-free calling. It is also an FM tuner, withal.

The build and design of this mobile speaker are outstanding.  Especially the rubber finish gives it a premium look. Grippy base pad built-in on the speaker makes it a handy personal speaker to listen to songs, FM radio programs, and speeches. Such a smart design makes it stand out in the crowd of best-selling mobile speakers under 1000 Rupees currently.

Leaf Pop Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Mic

Leaf Pop through its Bluetooth connectivity can pair with any device, which has Bluetooth connectivity or male Audio Jack. It is a perfect alternative of dummy speaker in your smartphone, laptop, or any such gadget.

Leaf Pop portable wireless speaker comes with 400-mAh battery. According to the brand, one full charging can last for 1000 hours of standby and 6 hours of music play at 60% of its volume.

Most of the mobile speakers in 1000 Rupees price generate 1.5W to 2.5W Audio. Leaf Pop speaker, however, can generate maximum 3W audio. I am more impressed with its audio quality. Even at full volume, its sound quality does not distort. Therefore, it wouldn't be wrong to say that it is one of the best mobile speakers under 1000 Rupees.

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Price 1000 Rupees
Sound 3W | HD Sound
Functions Speaker | FM Radio | Media Player | MIC for Hands-Free Calling
Connectivity Bluetooth | AUX | MicroSD Card Reader
Battery 400-mAh (1000 Hours Standby or 6 Hours Music Play)
Warranty 12 Months


► Sound One Rock Bluetooth Speaker for Smartphone

Portable Bluetooth speakers come in handy whenever you want to amplify the sound from your Laptop or smartphone. Apart from delivering a better sound output than your smart device, a portable Bluetooth speaker can help preserve your device’s inbuilt speakers. The Sound One Rock is an excellent choice as a wireless speaker for smartphones. It includes an inbuilt mic for hands-free call answering. During calls, the play button acts as both the receiving and hanging up switch.

Sound One Rock Smartphone Speaker in 980 rs

One of the reasons why the Sound One Rock has remained a top-rated Bluetooth speaker in the market is its impressive and futuristic design. One glimpse at this device and you will mistake it with something from out of space.

This mobile speaker does not limit you in any way when it comes to playing music. Since it has multiple connection ports, you can use it to play music even from non-Bluetooth devices. It includes a Micro SD port, a 3.5-mm Aux-in input port and a USB dock for reading thumb drives. Additionally, the manufacturer included TWS functioning in this device. The TWS feature allows you to connect two wireless speakers at the same time, to play music concurrently.

Price 980 Rupees
Speaker 1.5-mm Driver | Frequency Response: 40-20K Hz | Sensitivity 70 dB | Power: 3.2-Watt
Connectivity MicroSD Card Reader | Bluetooth 3.1 | Aux-in
Features Easy Pair | Hands-free Calling | 3D Surround Sound Effect | Compatible with Laptop, Tablet, Apple Devices, Smartphone, and any device which has Bluetooth Option
Battery 600-mAh | Music playing time: 5 hours | Charging time: about 2-3 hours
Body 358 Grams | 6 x 7 x 6 cm
Warranty 12 Months