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Sony Earphone with Powerful Bass under 2500 Rupees

Sony MDR-XB50AP Wired Headset Review and Specifications

Sony MDR-XB50AP Wired Headset

Selling mid-Priced headphones seem to be a lucrative business for electronic manufacturers. Of late, mainstream electronic manufacturers, have embarked in developing headphones that are both performing and reasonably priced. I guess this shift in demand has occurred due to the simple fact that consumers no longer want the cheap low-quality earphones anymore. This trend is understandable – since it beats logic to buy earphones priced at 300 Rupees, only for them to get spoilt next month.

Do the Math, within a year you will have spent 3600 Rupees on buying headphones only. Instead of spending such an amount of money every year, why not buy some high quality and durable headphones at around 2000 Rupees and they will last for ages. Now that consumers have discovered this trick, headphone manufacturers have shifted from producing the cheaper earphone models, to producing mid-priced headsets.

What’s even more, cheap headphones deliver inferior sound quality, which is no match for the crystal clear output in the mid-priced headphones. In a bid to woo more customers, Sony has released a new earphone series the Sony MDR-XB50AP wired headset. This product is fairly priced and at the same time will give customers an enjoyable listening experience. Here are its some features requires your attention.

Features of the Sony Earphones: Strong bass output

These earphones are all about that base. The 12-millimeter neodymium drivers deliver a powerful bass with rich Mids. The sound is extremely clear and no distortion even at high volumes. The dome shape of the drivers helps maintain a sound balance between the two earphones and also helps in conserving sound by preventing leakage.

The drivers are also large, nothing bigger than that has been fitted on in-ear headphones. 12mm is, in fact, the maximum size limit of in-ear, headset drivers and this is exactly what Sony fitted in their product. With such big drivers, you have to be very careful with high volumes, when using this product. In order to get the best experience when using this device, tweak the equalizer accordingly, especially if you are not a bass fan.

Out of the box design

These earphones are uniquely designed and come with a Sony logo at the rims of the earphones. The ear tips too are very comfortable and are made of foam for an effective sound isolation effect. The cords are serrated to prevent them from tangling up and getting damaged. In addition, Sony has included a carrying pouch for these earphones and has given users a wide range of colors to choose from. Also included in the box is a set of earbuds, all in different sizes, as well as a cord adjuster. The major color choices for this product are blue, black and white.

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In line Microphone

The product can be used to answer calls too, through the in-line microphone on the cord. This microphone is compatible with all smartphones, so you don’t have to worry whether it will be active on your smart device. The microphone is housed beneath a remote which has a number of buttons. Among this buttons are a call button, a play/pause button and volume toggles too. The cord is long enough, as it measures 3.94 feet, to make it easy for hands-free communication.

Pricing and verdict

These earphones are priced at 2400 Rupees, although in some outlets the price has been discounted to 2000 Rupees. I have no issue with the price versus quality factor in this product. However, if you like on-ear headphones more than in-ear headphones, then the same amount can be used to buy some impressive on-ear headphones. I like what Philips is doing with their on-ear headphone series. Their SHB4000 is a good option that is directly comparable to these Sony headsets. The choice is yours!

Price 2500 Rupees
Brand Sony
Model MDR-XB50AP
Type In-ear
Weight 9 grams
In-line microphone Yes
Cord type Serrated
Cord length 1.2 meter
Connector 3.5 mm
Colors Blue, White, and Black
Driver size 12mm
Driver type Domed
Capacity 100mW

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