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Sony Boombox with Bluetooth NFC CD and Pendrive Support

Sony Boombox ZS RS60BT with CD Player Function

Sony Boombox ZS-RS60BT with CD USB Bluetooth and NFC support

This has been more than a year, but we have not reviewed a new Boombox. In fact, this is not our ignorance rather there are no new models coming to the market. After almost one year of wait, finally, we got a new Boombox from my favorite brand Sony. Also read Best 7 Boom Box Under 5000 Rupees in India.

This new Sony Boombox, which I am about to discuss here comes with all regular features and advanced connectivity options. After reading details of this device, you would surely want to have it as one permanent source of audio entertainment.

Some key features of this Boombox:

  • Plays only audio files from CD and USB drive
  • Supports music playback through Bluetooth and NFC
  • It is a fully working AM-FM radio

As I just said, it comes with a wide range of connectivity options, so it is all-in-one gadget that connects with all existing entertainment system. Connect this Boombox with a smartphone, TV, home theater, or a computer speaker. It will entertain for surely that too in much better quality than some branded devices around you.

When I am saying Sony’s quality, you will agree with me, no company in the world can compete with this Japanese brand in terms of display, sound, and camera technology. I agree, the same thing cannot be said about its customer support, but this is proven that Sony makes premium electronics product.

Sony Boombox ZS RS60BT in India

With CD player Feature

Can it replace a CD player? The answer is no, it cannot. See, there are many advantages in a dedicated CD/DVD/Blu-ray player. That player even costs high, around 4000 to 7000 rupees. We have published review of some Blu-ray players that come with inbuilt technology to enhance the picture & sound quality of CD films. Have a look at them, it will be a great help in search of a decent DVD/Blu-ray player.

This Sony Boombox works as a remedy for all entertainment requirements. It is not specialized in one specific task rather it runs into multiple entertainment modes. It has a CD player that runs only audio CD, not Video, or DVD. It does great in CD reading, as there is auto scan feature.

Recording Feature: This feature has not much worth. Through this, an audio file or entire CD can be copied to a thumb drive in MP3 format at 2X speed. This is a concept feature but has no relevance in today’s era when free music is everywhere.

Radio options: The Boombox is also a good quality AM FM radio. One powerful antenna helps it to cache short and medium wave signals to deliver clear audio without distortion. This works even if you are staying on the ground floor. This becomes important most of the time because radio & mobile signal do face some disturbance in a locked ambiance.

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Save up to 20 FM and 10 SW/MW stations using the preset feature onboard. Saving AM stations is a great feature to have.

I remember those days when my father used to ask me to tune BBC radio news every evening. It was a big headache to find this short wave channel. However, with the preset features for AM radio stations, you can easily switch between all state and national AIR radio channels on this Boombox.

10 presets for AM radio is more than sufficient since there are not many AIR radio channels in India. We do not have much choice except Vivid Bharati, FM Gold, local AIR Stations, BBC Hindi news, and DW. In FM preset, save up to 20 FM radio stations. Without a doubt, Sony delivered on this front and made it a brilliant device for listening to shortwave, medium wave, and FM radio stations.Sony Boombox ZS RS60BT Review

Speaker Power of this Sony Boombox

There are two stereo speakers in bass-reflex design; each one has the capability to produce 2W sound. Both the speakers can generate loud & clear audio with good bass. This is a personal use gadget and easily movable from one place to another. Thus, 4W sound output that too in Sony quality is more than sufficient. Moreover, it generates clear audio even at low volume.

The 4W (2W×2) audio output serves all-purpose. Yes, I agree it is not suitable for a home party. But no worries, Just connect it with a powerful speaker system to celebrate a musical party.

For such huge MRP, should not it have at least 10W audio output? No, because it is a personal or more rightly a room audio system and for that 4W Sony audio (not Micromax) is sufficient. As far as sound quality is concerned, it is super clear with a good amount of punchy bass.

One final thought in terms of sound output review is that the audio never loses crisp either tune this Boombox at a very low or high volume. Some break at top volume is noticeable, but that can be ignored.

Use the 3.5mm Audio-in port to pump in sound to this Boombox. This way, use it also as a sound box. In fact, by spending just 200 rupees for a required (Male-to-Male) AUX cable, it can easily reduce a powerful speaker requirement in the home.

Control and Play: Auto scan feature does magic. Using it, this Boombox loads index file of an MP3 playlist, stored on a CD or a thumb drive. Then, it plays all the listed songs in an order. Forward, backward, play, pause, and repeat all such actions can be performed by pressing the buttons.

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Top of the device has some buttons for volume control and setting of favorite radio channels. On the front, just underneath the LCD display is the mode switcher. Use this to switch between modes. Then there are some audio control buttons. Headphone-out and audio-in ports are also there at the front making it easier to connect with a headphone.

Sony Boombox ZS RS60BT Specifications

Made in India Product

I love to mention this. Buying “Made in India” products are one of the best ways you can also contribute to the nation building. This Sony Boombox is an India made product.

Made using premium quality plastic, the Sony audio device appears to be a solid device. Will it survive in case it falls from top kitchen rack, I cannot answer since I have not tried. But its built quality let me believe it is robust and might survive one or two falls even from a good height. In addition, it can surely absorb sudden kick by a naughty kid that generally happens in an Indian home.

This system is 32 cm wide, 13.3 cm in height, and 21.5 cm depth and its total weight is just two kg and with battery approx 2.3 kg. Being considerably lightweight, senior citizens will find it easier to move from one place to another.

Many Connectivity options: This many connectivity options on a Sony device are just unbelievable. Even on a 35000 rupees full HD TV, Sony offers very limited connectivity features. USB 2.0 port, Bluetooth 2.1, NFC, and headphone & Audio-in jack are five ways to connect it with external sources.

Bluetooth profile has the modulation mode FHSS and interface profile support to A2DP and AVRCP. A2DP means advance audio distribution profile. By using this, share audio from a smartphone to this Boombox and play cool songs as and when you want.

For pairing, search nearby Bluetooth devices in the Bluetooth account of a smartphone, choose the Boombox and then select pair now. Now you have the option to play songs on the smartphone and hear loud audio from this Sony audio device. The BT feature works in a range of 10 meters.

NFC also does the same thing but in much better way, which is safe and one-tap easy. If your phone supports NFC, then prefer NFC to Bluetooth for sharing audio files.

Battery and Electricity Powered

Use either battery or electricity to energize this Sony Boombox. 1.5V alkaline battery will work fine. Running it on battery will add few bucks in your monthly budget. So the much better way to power it is using electricity.

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To power it in battery mode, six alkaline batteries required where each value 1.5V. This will last for 26 hours on FM/AM tuning, 13 hours of Bluetooth audio streaming, and nine hours of CD playback.Sony Boombox ZS RS60BT with 4W Audio Output

Pro Features:-

  1. Bass Booster Mega Bass button
  2. LCD Display
  3. Metal Punching Net in speaker
  4. NFC and Bluetooth connectivity support
  5. Auto Scanning for Thumb drive and CD
  6. Good sound output with bass booster


  1. Pricey product
  2. No remote controller

Final Thoughts: I will happily recommend Sony Boombox ZS-RS60BT. This is simple yet very latest in terms of features and connectivity. Streaming music from smartphone via both Bluetooth and NFC is a great addition. AM & FM works fine on it.

Everything is fantastic except its price. Going by the market trend, the price should not be more than 5000 rupees. However, Sony wants 7800 rupees. Now you decide what should be done.

In the Box: The unit, AC cable, user manual, and protection sheet. Read also Premium LG Mini Audio System below 18000 Rupees.

Sony Boombox ZS RS60BT with CD Player Function

Speaker 2W+2W Stereo, Frequency response : 87.5 – 108.0 MHz
Audio Formats Supported CDDA, CD-R/RW, MP3, WMA, AAC
Audio Input Bluetooth, NFC, CD, 3.5mm Audio-in, USB
Audio Output Speaker, 3.5mm Headphone Jack
Pen Drive Yes
LCD Display Yes
FM Tuner YES
Play Songs from Pendrive YES
Auto Scan YES
Repeat YES
Recording MP3 @ 2X Speed
Bluetooth Version: 2.1, Interface: A2DP AVRCP, Audio Format: SBC, Modulation Mode: FHSS, 10 meter range
Radio Frequency AM: 530 kHz to 1710 kHz
FM: 87.5 MHz to 108.0 MHz
Saving Radio Channels AM: 10
FM: 20
Antenna Yes, Rod
Power 15W AC, and 6 Cell Batteries
Battery Backup Radio: 26 hours
CD Playback: 9 hours
Bluetooth/NFC Streaming: 13 hours
Body 13.7 x 9.1 x 5.9″, 2.0Kg weight, with battery 2.3kg weight
Warranty One Year
Buy 8000 Rupees

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