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Sony Alpha Mirrorless Camera Review in India

Sony Alpha 6300 Review in India

Sony Alpha 6300: Is It A Game Changer Mirrorless Camera?

DSLRs have ruled the camera world since last decade but some experts have pointed out their days are numbered. The whole photography community is curious about what will succeed these single lens reflex cameras.

Some have suggested that mirrorless cameras are the future and they may be right. Since the last few years, mirrorless cameras have become quite popular and all thanks for this goes to Sony.

In the month of February (this year of course), the Japanese manufacturer Sony launched the Alpha 6300 Camera. This device is now a great attraction to many photographers around the globe. It offers DSLR-like photography and videography capabilities. It even supports 4K recording.

The most surprising thing is this feature packed camera is available in the market for 75,000 rupees only.

So, is the Sony Alpha 6300 a DSLR killer? Let us find out.

Compact and Rugged Body

The Alpha 6300 sports a slightly improved body than its predecessor (Alpha 6000). It is just 48.8mm thick and can fit easily in a trouser pocket. The outer shell of this device is durable and sturdy. Sony has made it for rugged usage.

Sony Alpha 6300 Specifications in India

For smaller hands, the grip is perfect but people with bigger palms will certainly face some problem while holding the camera. Position of the video record button is also a bit weird, as the users would have to first slightly open the grip in order to press it.

Articulation Display

On the back of the Sony camera, you will find a big 3-inch display with 92 thousand pixels. It generates crispy images with minimal distortions. A really useful feature of this screen is it allows for articulation.

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There is also a 2.3 MP electronic viewfinder above the screen. It works pretty well in both bright and dim lighting conditions. A ridge-like structure around the EVF acts like a shade and stops the ambient light from entering your eyes outdoors.

Unparalleled Picture Quality

A 24.2MP APS-C size sensor sits at the heart of this device and captures super sharp images. It offers a wide ISO range of 100 to 51,200. Surprisingly, the images do not contain much noise even when shooting at ISO 25,600.

Sony ships the Alpha 6300 with a 16-50mm lens, which also comes with Optical Image Stabilization feature. The camera itself does not have built-in OIS, so the users will have to heavily depend on the lens for that. Moreover, before buying extra lenses from the market, please make sure they come with this feature.

On the sensor are 425 phase-detection and 169 contract-detection focus points. This device performs impressively while tracking focus.

The shutter speed can be set to as low as 1/4000 sec and as high as 30 seconds. It is a great range for all types of users be it action photographers or astrophotographers.

Images always turn out to be crispy and pack a lot of details. An experienced photographer will be able to take professional quality images without any problem. Post processing works really well and creates stunning JPEGs.

UHD Video Recording

The Alpha 6300 is one of the few cameras of this price segment that offer 4K recording capability. It records with a maximum resolution of 3840 X 2160 pixels at 24 frames per second. Quality of video turns out to be amazing. Continuous focus works perfectly fine and keeps the subject clear no matter how much the camera moves.

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Slow motion recording at 120 frames per second is also possible but with a lower resolution of 1080p. S-Log shooting is another important feature using which one can capture bright details without losing the shadows in a scene.

Good Interface

There are tons of settings to play around on this camera. It will take a new user around a month to get used to all the scene and focus modes. UI is simple and easy to navigate.

On the left side of the camera, you can find ports like HDMI, USB, and Microphone In. It even has inbuilt Wi-Fi for transferring files without removing the storage card.

Absence of a headphone out jack will disappoint many customers, especially those who record videos.

Low Battery Life

Power backup is terrible on the Sony Alpha 6300. You will need to purchase at least two extra batteries before taking this camera on a shoot. A single charge only lasts about 1 hour while recording in 4K.


  • Big sensor
  • Generates crispy images
  • Continuous focus
  • Different focus modes
  • Records in 4K
  • Slow motion recording is also possible
  • High resolution EVF and Display
  • Good low light performance
  • Pop-up flash


  • Disappointing power backup
  • No headphone jack
  • No inbuilt OIS


There cannot be a better camera for people who like to make YouTube or documentary videos. Its recording capability is just exceptional. I do not know of any other camera this powerful that comes in such a small form factor. The Sony Alpha 6300 is also great for shooting images. It can even do occasional action photography.

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I would like to point out though it is not perfect. There is a big room for improvement, especially on the battery front. If you are looking for a low budget camera then check this article- Nikon Canon Sony Camera under 17000 Rupees.

Sony Alpha 6300 Review in India

Sensor Size APS-C
Pixel Count 24.2 MP
Display 921,600 Dots (3-inch)
EVF 2.3 million pixels
Inbuilt OIS No
Kit Lens 16-50mm (With OIS)
Maximum Image Size 6000 X 4000 Pixels
Maximum Video Size 3840 X 2160
Slow Motion Recording 120 FPS (1080p)
ISO Range 100-51200
Shutter Speed 1/4000 – 30 sec
Battery Life 350 Shots
Connectivity Wi-Fi, NFC, HDMI, USB and Microphone In
Weight 361 grams
Price 75000 Rupees