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Sony Alpha DSLR with Dual Display and Powerful Sensor

Sony Alpha 68 DSLR Camera Review and Specifications

24MP Sony Alpha 68 DSLR Camera

The credit for the success of mirrorless cameras should go to Sony. There was a time when these cameras were considered as lame and useless but Sony’s desire to make the world free of mirrored cameras is finally seeing its light of the day. I would like to point out though DSLRs are still a favorite platform for a number of photographers and the Japanese brand Sony also knows this well. The brand had recently launched the Alpha 68 DSLR camera that tries to satisfy photography enthusiasts who want to do professional photography but do not have a high budget. Currently, it is available in the online market with a price tag of 59,990 rupees.

Average Build Quality: Generally, Sony products offer great build quality and appealing design but this device has failed on both these fronts. Its body features cheap quality plastic and does not look good at all. The grip is quite thick making it difficult for people with small hands to hold the camera properly.

Mode knob is on the left side, which is a big disappointment because the left hand of photographers is always busy focusing the subject and balancing the camera. A good thing though is it sports a separate storage card slot. Other control buttons are smartly placed on the panel.

The Sony DSLR comes with a Dual Display

A really unique feature of the Alpha 68 DSLR is it sports two displays- a primary color panel on the back and a secondary monochromatic one at the top.

The primary display measures 2.7-inches and has a low resolution of just 460800 dots. You will not be able to shoot proper images with this panel because it fails to generate finer details. On the other hand, the secondary black and white screen is very useful as it displays extra information like aperture, focal length, shooting mode, etc.

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One specialty of the primary display though is it allows for some flexibility. While taking angled shots users can easily tilt the display to suit the needs. However, it does not fully articulate and thus is not recommended for vlogging.

Although this camera features DSLR technology but it sports an electronic viewfinder instead of an optical one.

This Sony Alpha Camera also has Powerful Sensors

The USP of the Alpha 68 is its photography power. It allows the customers to take stunning shots. The APS-C size sensor is capable of capturing images in 24.2 pixels. It sports Sony’s A-mount system, for which there a number of lenses available out there. The variant we are testing here comes with an 18-55mm lens. Sony sells another variant of the Alpha 38 that ships with an 18-135mm lens but its price is quite high.

Wide ISO range of 100-25600 helps a lot while capturing images in low light environments. For videos though the maximum ISO value is limited to 12800. Users can record full HD videos at 50 MBPS bitrate in XAVC S format.

The Sony DSLR is perfect for action photography and documentary making. It has 79 autofocus points out of which 15 are cross-type. Continuous focus tracking and low shutter speed of 1/4000 seconds are two main features of this device. In continuous shooting mode, users can capture images at 8 shots per second but the buffer starts to fill up really fast.

Sony Alpha 68 DSLR Camera in India

The Connectivity options make content off load quick and Convenient

For connectivity, this single-lens reflex camera flaunts a micro USB port, an HDMI out port, a microphone In jack, a storage card slot and a DC In port. It does not offer headphone jack or NFC. Built-in stereo microphones enhance the quality of audio while recording videos.

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  • High resolution images
  • Good for recording videos
  • Accurate focusing
  • High burst rate
  • Secondary display
  • Translucent mirror


  • Build quality is not that great
  • Average power backup

Verdict: In terms of build quality and usability, the Sony Alpha 68 may not be the best DSLR out there. But if you know how to tweak the settings to get results then this camera can take really great shots. It is perfect for documentary making and wildlife photography.

Price 60000 Rupees
Sensor APS-C
Pixel Count 24 MP
Image Resolution 6000 X 4000
Videos Full HD at 50 MBPS
Microphone Stereo
Ports MicroUSB, HDMI, Headphone In, Storage Card Slot and DC In
Lens Mount Sony A-Mount
Kit Lens 18-55mm/18-135mm
Battery NP-FM500H