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Sonashi Remington Nose Ear Trimmer Below 2000 Rupees

Sonashi 6 in 1 Rechargeable SHC 1014 Trimmer for Men

Remington Trimmer for Men 5-in-1 Grooming Set

Remington, Philips, Panasonic, and Braun are in a league of some most popular brands that controls personal appliances market worldwide. I have two products from the brand Remington to recommend here. One is a multipurpose grooming set and another is a specialized product for nose & ear trimming.

Battery Powered: The Remington 5-in-1 grooming set is battery operated device requires two AA-size batteries for getting into active operation mode. However, I would suggest replacing the battery with rechargeable batteries. That will reduce its operational cost due to battery burn during trimming sessions.

Mediocre Built and Design: Remington offers two years of warranty on it, certainly a big safeguard for users as well as a certification of its quality. However, in terms of built quality, it seems flimsy to me. In review articles, we regularly use the word “ergonomic design” that cannot be said for its (not so handy) design and built quality.

2000 Rupees is a big price for a trimmer set still Remington fails to provide a durable quality and better design. Here my complaint about the design is in terms of post-use care of it. After a trimming session, washing it is a big headache. You need a good amount of patience to get it fully cleaned.

Remington Trimmer for Men 5 in 1 Grooming Set

Key Features of Remington Trimmer

Let’s examine key features of this Remington grooming set. Since this is a battery operated device, so it is a cordless device. Its shaver head is made using mini foil- very effective and soft, too. Another head of this trimmer is a precision head. Thus, it has two heads, which with three trimmers gives it a product form 5-in-1 grooming set.

In its trimmer section, there are trimmers for face, nose, ear, and eyebrow. In fact, this Remington grooming set got a place in this article because of its trimmer for ear & nose, which could easily trim unwanted hair in user’s nose and ear parts. However, eyebrow trimming of this set making it an interesting product for me as well.

The blades on this grooming set are made with real stainless steel and will remain effective for a very long time.

Sales Box Contents: Main unit, three attachments, and a warranty card to affirm two years of Remington India warranty on it.

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  • All in one trimmer set
  • Five types of functions
  • Cordless

Cons: Built quality is not premium though Remington asking a premium for it

Final Thought: As a complete trimming package, Remington 5-in-in grooming set is a good product. And, had it priced just 500 rupees less, it would have been a best-seller by now.

No doubt, it is a paisa vasool grooming set. However, if you need something that is precisely a nose & ear trimmer in excellent quality, read the next product review, which is also packed and parcel by Remington.

Attachments Three
Warranty Two Years
Blades Type Stainless Steel
Trimmers Face, Ear, Nose, and Eyebrow
Head Type Foil Shaver, Precision Trimmer Head
Power Two AA-size Battery
Cleaning Washable
Buy Rs. 2000


Remington NE3550 Lithium Powered

This is a dedicated nose & ear trimmer, powered by a lithium battery and it can be used in showers as well. Once again, the build quality of this Remington device disappoints but not with its performance. In fact, this comes with advanced ceramic coated blades and has two uniquely designed heads for ear and nose trimming.

Remington NE3550 Lithium Powered Part One

Mediocre Built Quality: I am rating this device low for its below average durability because it is priced very high in the Indian market. Price it 1000 rupees less, then get the rating like “one nicely made trimmer”. We can only disagree with one factor: either to criticize its price or its build quality.

Good battery backup: The lithium made battery is one big plus. 100% charged battery of it can ensure 220 minutes of run as the company claims. 220 minutes is huge for ear and nose trimming. Thus, for the good quality battery of this Remington NE trimmer, “Thumbs Up” from me.

Ensure that you use this trimmer with a care. Better use of this may keep it in working condition for many years.

Trimming Performance of this Remington NE3550

I have already told that this Remington champ has the two ceramic-coated blades for safe and perfect trimming. The guide comb on it has the five setting options to reach hair as small as one mm. Further, using this device is a great fun: it makes tedious process of eliminating unwanted hair in ear & nose very easy. In fact, its long battery life, too, contributes to its overall better performance.

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Moreover, those who suffers from having so much unwanted hair on ear and in nose could greatly enjoy using this device.

Remington NE3550 Lithium Powered part Two


  • Powerful battery
  • Cordless and under shower operation
  • Ceramic coated blades for safety, as blades might hurt sensitive area in nose & ear
  • The guide comb has a total of five setting for even reaching to hair as small as 0.01 mm.

Cons: A 2000 rupees trimmer should have a better-built quality

Final Thoughts: I am not very happy with the build quality this NE trimmer has but surprised with its excellent design that makes trimming hair in one of the most sensitive parts of human body, just a fun.

Warranty Two Years
Blades Type Stainless Steel
Trimmers Ear and Nose
Head Type Ear trimmer, Rotary Nose
Power Lithium Battery Powered
Cleaning Washable
Buy Rs. 1975


Sonashi 6-in-1 Rechargeable Trimmer for Men SHC-1014

The first product of this article was a five-in-one grooming set, now in the same price I am going to discuss six-in-one trimmer set for men. This Sonashi product offers the following trimming and styling services:-

  • Nose & ear trimming
  • Eyebrow trimming
  • Beard trimming
  • Neck area trimming
  • Hair clipping
  • Styling shaver

Yes, these six types of trimming and styling in different parts of body are possible by this Sonashi trimmer set.

Cordless Trimmer: It is a cordless device has a powerful rechargeable battery that gives 45 minutes of use time after charging for around eight hours i.e. a full night actually. Its slow charging battery does bother but in terms of battery backup, I find it a good device. Remember, it is essentially a trimmer set. Thus, 45 minutes of battery backup is more than enough. After all, it is going to be used once or twice in a week.

In the sale box, a charging dock is included; thus, users will not face any problem in charging it.

Built Quality: For a price of 2000 rupees, Sonashi has given the trimmer set a good built quality, and it appears solid, stable, and will remain functional some years for sure. Only the battery on it might be dead in a year or two, but that can be replaced by giving it to an authorized service center.

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The brand Sonashi offers one year of free service. Sonashi is an electronics brand and has almost a decade of market presence. Still, it operates in India with just one service center. Thus, you may face a great difficulty in availing the 12 months of warranty commitment from the brand. Reach the brand at

Trimming Functions of Sonashi Rechargeable Trimmer

Six types of trimming and styling possible by it make it a hot product in the multipurpose grooming set segment. Therefore, investment on it can save your money that you may spend in purchasing these trimmers individually.

I have already said build quality of this is good and battery backup, too, is satisfactory. Full night charging of it for 100% battery is an issue but that will not bother much as it going to come in action just once or twice in a week.

Can it be as precise as a Philips trimmer? The answer is no. In fact, it cannot be. Philips has a long experience in making personal appliances and the same time asks a big price for its trimmer sets in the market. Here, Sonashi is giving six types of tools in just 2000 rupees. In addition, performances of these trimmers are good. You can trust each of them for trimming unwanted hair in your sensitive body area as well as giving styles to your beard.

Sonashi 6 in 1 Rechargeable SHC 1014 Trimmer for Men


  • A complete trimming set with accessories for all parts of men body
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Decent built quality
  • Charging dock in its sales box
  • Washable and very safe in use
  • Cordless device

Cons: Eight hours of charging requirement reduces chance of using it on tour

Final Verdict: For day-to-day usages, it is a good product. Even if it remains functional during its one year of warranty period – that would recover your investment for it. The cost of trimming in a salon is not hidden. And, if you decide to buy these trimmers one by one – that will cost a whopping five to six thousand rupees.

Warranty One Year
Blades Type Stainless Steel
Suitable For Nose & Ear Trimming, Neck area trimming, Beard Trimming, Eyebrow Trimming, Styling Shaver, Hair Clipping
Power Recharging Time: 480 min; Rechargeable, Battery Backup: 45 minutes
Cleaning Washable
Buy Rs. 1950
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