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Smart Whirlpool Professional Elite Refrigerators in India

Smart Whirlpool Professional Elite Refrigerators in India

Whirlpool Pro 355/375/425/465/495 ELT 3S Double-door Refrigerators

American brand Whirlpool has been dominating the refrigerators market from a long time now. Therefore, it is oblivious you pick the next refrigerator from the market leader. Here, we are looking into the professional refrigerator range from Whirlpool. Without going too deep into the technical details, we will try to compile the best features of the series besides comparing them with each other so that you find one suitable for your family.

We maintain good relationship with all brands though Whirlpool has been very kind to us. My friend who runs Whirlpool authorized service center gets credit for this. He made easier for us to have longer demo sessions so that we could evaluate all five refrigerator models of the professional Elite series well.

Although we come across all types of gadgets every day but publish reviews of only the “value-to-money” products. Certainly, the Whirlpool refrigerator is no different. I am very impressed with these five magnificent models; in fact, they are truly named as PRO ELT. Inside and outside the refrigerators are made using the best quality materials.


A refrigerator is all about elegant looks from outside, smart space (compartment) management inside, efficient cooling, and some smart & daily convenience features. Moreover, how well it manages ambiance inside in terms of freshness, hygiene level, anti-bacterial drills, and odor eliminations is also pivotal.

I will go through the important features of the series that makes it uncommon and better prepared to deal with today’s lifestyle and customer’s high degree of expectation.

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Sixth sense Smart Technology

Whirlpool’s sixth sense technology is based on three smart sensors. Placement of these sensors is at three true locations inside & outside the refrigerator. The control center does real-time data analysis and outcome of it is implemented by adjusting the settings.

The sixth sense technology ensures seamless running of the refrigerator as well as a proper allocation of cooling resources according to the requirement and design of compartments.

Three smart sensors: the first is at control panel measures outside temperature, second is in freezer section keeps watch on temperature there, and the third sensor is in the refrigerator section has a real-time reporting on temperature there. The internal load is also measured to ensure the better management of onboard cooling system.

According to the temperature outside and cooling level inside in both sections, the smart control system sets and resets uniform cooling inside top to bottom. This way it keeps fresh all stuff stored inside even in adverse environment condition outside.

Whirlpool smartly blends the traditional technology with computerized analysis using some smart sensors for a better result. No longer, the machine creates arctic condition or stays at null in terms of cooling. Further, this also results in relatively less consumption of energy and better utilization of energy for smart cooling.

However, the main outcome is that the items inside remain naturally fresh. You do not need to boil vegetables and fruits on light flame in order to free them from ice-balls that are nothing but solid ice crystals created from moistures released from green stuff. It has an excellent moisture management features that I will discuss that in next section. Even after six to seven days, when veggies & fruits are taken out, they look fresh and tender, and in an exceptional quality for consumption.

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The refrigerator maintains a basic cooling all the time to suspend growing germs and bacteria. There are oblivious reasons why it will consume more power in summer and less power in the winter and cold season. In cool season especially, it goes super silent and consumes very less power.

Thus, the real story is because of the computerized real-time analysis, the refrigerator consumes less power, keeps stuff in the same quality as it entered on the first day, and acute cooling management reduces the usual necessity of must clean a working refrigerator once in 30 days.

Hexafresh moisture lock technology

Obviously, you would not appreciate fruits salad made by fruits, which has lost original taste and looks while stored in the refrigerator. Whirlpool solves this problem. Now you can keep green stuff much longer than before fresh and consumable.

The fruit & vegetable basket (also called as seven days garden fresh compartment) has a unique lid, specially designed with tiny slots that are a bit edged to arrest moisture released by stored green stuff. To put it simply, the lid stores moisture like a honey house store honey safely. It is designed to maintain natural moisture lever in fruits and vegetables that evaporate in general.

Whirlpool’s moisture lock technique as a compliment to the main cooling system substantially increases shelf life of consumables. Now shop fruits and vegetables once in week or in some offer, store them in this smart and big size refrigerator without worry that they may spoil in few days. If this machine is in your home, no longer you would be in shortage of green vegetables, which is really needed for a healthy lifestyle.

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FreshFlow Flexi-vents, Active Deo, Freshonizer

If these three features are not present, the contents preserved in the refrigerator will not remain in its original form. They will lose original color, smell, taste, and the quality on which human can consume them. Apple will smell like coriander, orange will smell as if Palak and a teacup made by using the milk, stored in such conditions will have some fruit and veggie flavor.

These features maintain bacteria-free ambiance inside the refrigerator and ensure freshness there as good as we feel in our surrounding.

Flexi-flow lets users adjust the cool airflow direction; Flexi-vents placed at the sides are associate to air filter and maintain import of fresh air inside. Active Deo is the same as how we use room freshener to suspend poor odor in our home. And, the Freshonizer feature, as the name suggests is an add-on converts O2 into CO2 in order to maintain high freshness level inside the closed vegetable basket.

Its anti-bacterial function is magical, filters air inside, pumps out contaminated air, mixes fresh air to inside; thus, a uniform odorless environment remains active inside the refrigerator all the time.

This also results in a great feeling when users open the door. Such concept although exists in all refrigerators as it is very essential, but how effectively that works differentiate one refrigerator model with another.Whirlpool Refrigerator Freshonizer

Dairy Fruit and Daily use compartments

Good space management is a key factor when deciding a refrigerator model. In fact, I have mentioned this in the introduction section as well. I appreciate Whirlpool because, in order to make specs sheet attractive on paper, it has not spoiled available space by creating some unnecessary compartment. In fact, the professional elite series is also a better choice in the market because it is too specious besides all the smart features.

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I love the smart compartments, these refrigerators have. The idea behind the design is to ensure even a guest could pick items from it without assistance. Everything is arranged according to priority- things we need three to four times or many times in a day is straight to the sight, things important only once or twice in a day is at top, and veggie and fruits basket is in the bottom section. Small compartments for chocolates, Jelly, and water bottoms are on the door-side.

Besides all regular small sections, there are two or three main compartments, depends on the model you choose. I have shared an easy comparison list at the end; have a look at them for the selection of a suitable model.

Every day fresh is to keep milk, curd, wet spice mix, chatani bowls, and others daily use items. The section is on the top side comprises three compartments. No need to bend again and again and storing daily use items there is also easy.

Micro Blocks is the place to store fruits safely. In general, we do not buy fruits every day. Thus, for keeping fruits for a week or two without letting bacteria grow in, use the macro block section, which prevents bacteria growth effectively. It can store at least 10 kg veggie and fruits.

Store big size water bottles

The refrigerator is an ideal choice for a family has six to eight members. For them ideally need is 8 × 4 liter = 32-litre drinkable cool water in 24 hours. Fortunately, Whirlpool design team has done basic mathematics correctly and designed the water bottle compartment wider and bigger in height. If the compartment is used effectively, it can cool 60 to 70-liter water daily for drinking.

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Uniform cooling : The brand achieves this by appointing dedicated cooling outlet for every compartment. Whirlpool calls it Tallest Air Tower. The tower with lots cooling outlets almost starts from bottom and goes up to the top, covering every section and ensuring uniform cooling for all compartments.

Moreover, the Air Tower also helps in reduction of power consumption significantly. It compliments well the other signature features of this refrigerator.

Built and Design: Refrigerators also have to be good looking, as they are huge in size, earns curious attention from guest and visitors. In fact, I will not be wrong calling a refrigerator a decoration enhancer. Whirlpool, especially to the Professional series has launched in many color compositions and design variants. However, will you get one that celebrates color and décor of your kitchen is something we have to see. Options are available, though.

This machine comes in a tough built. There is a rust proof coating all over to protect it from aging and water. Pipes are made using copper, not aluminum, again confirms, my statement in the beginning that Whirlpool selected only the top quality things in the making. Therefore, you should be absolutely sure of the durability factor of these five champs.

Due to proper management of cooling and air vents and anti-bacterial functions, it hardly needs a full size cleaning month-to-month basis. Clearing it throughout from top to bottom is just a few minutes of work. Only advice I have is to keep a regular check of leftover items, as this is the regular problem in every kitchen. A gasket lined on the door edge is easily removable for cleaning purpose.

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Power Management and Energy Saving

During my research, I came across some debate that whether these refrigerators have the built-in stabilizer or not. According to Whirlpool, the refrigerator is stabilizer free, which means it does not require an external stabilizer. Inside the machine, in the power management section, some additional components and tools are built-in that sets the need of an external stabilizer null.

However, if your area suffers from serious power outrage, then better have a check with whirlpool’s installation engineers because I seriously doubt the built-in stabilizer can sustain to unstable power flow. What I have been told by technicians is that the built-in stabilizer is for ideal conditions, not to count adverse power situations. To protect the machine in power crisis, you need something more robust and eloquent to deal with that.

Different models have different power saving management authenticated by BEE. According to my friend, ideal choice that saves on power and MRP is to go with three-star-rated models.

BEE Energy Star Rating

One more thing, as Flipkart reports, BEE has reduced one star from all ratings done prior to December 31, 2015. Therefore, you must check with e-commerce website or offline retailer for the product manufacturing date. If the product came out from the manufacturing plant before December 31, 2015, and has the three-star rating, it is now two star-rated product as per BEE. This is according to Flipkart; we have not verified it from BEE, though.

Pro 355 ELT 2S 3S – My Pick: This is the starting model in the professional refrigerator series. It is the best selling model of the series. The reasons are apparent. It comes will all the essential features of the professional series that really makes different in terms of daily performance. You can buy it with two or three-star energy ratings. I suggest the variant, which has the energy star rating three by BEE.Whirlpool PRO 355 ELT Space Management

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Pro 375 ELT 3S 4S

This model has the same set of features, but the gross capacity has increased to 360L, which is 20-liter more than the capacity Pro 355 ELT model has. Is it a value for money refrigerator or whirlpool demands 10000 rupees excess price without any reason? Now this is a catch twenty-two problem. I think, with the four-star rating and 20-liter extra capacity, the Pro 375 ELT could be a good buy.

Pro 425 ELT 2S 3S: The model misses “Everyday fresh” compartment, instead, it has one extra compartment – a bit wider and bigger in height. 405-liter capacity is massive, so it is suitable for the big family have nine to twelve members.

Two extra set of features: Choco box and Dairy fresh compartment certainly makes it an ideal choice for big families with kids. The Choco box is nothing but a special corner, built on the door-side for storing delicious Chocos.

I love to consume milk and milk-based items. I often store more than needed milk in daily use. No wonder I am attracted to this model as it has a separate compartment, named dairy fresh to store milk items. This section gets a soft cooling needed to keep the items fresh, not turning into solid ice.Whirlpool Pro 425 ELT Refrigerator

Whirlpool Pro 465 ELT 2S 3S: Whopping 455-liter capacity and two/three-star rating, this model is a complete one with all the features, included those are in the first two models, and those as the new additions to the third model. Pro 465 ELT is huge and has all such features and cooling power desired by big families.Whirlpool Pro 465 ELT Refrigerator

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Whirlpool Pro 495 ELT 2S 3S: The model is more about having a big capacity refrigerator in your house. It misses some handy features like Every Day Fresh and Dairy fresh compartments. Rather, it comprises powerful cooling technology to ensure odor and bacteria-free inside it in order to maintain utmost freshness of stored stuff there that too without losing their original form.Whirlpool Pro 495 ELT Refrigerator

Installation and Warranty

Whirlpool offers one year of free on-site warranty for these five models. Nine years of extended warranty is given for compressor. Meet Whirlpool support at 1800 208 1800, Amazon support at 1800 3000 9027, and Flipkart support for refrigerator at 1800 208 9898. If you are buying online, whether that is Amazon or Flipkart will ensure safe delivery, installation, and a complete demo free of cost.


  • Very spacious refrigerator
  • Silent operation
  • Brilliant space management
  • No unnecessary partition
  • Deep freezer can go up to -27 degree
  • The toughened glass can hold up to 90 Kgs weight.
  • Longer cooling retention
  • Smart inverter compressor
  • Good quality long lasting interior

Final Thoughts: Apparently, Whirlpool’s focus has been on making things robust and sound so that without any service requirement the product runs for years. If we leave the cosmetic features aside, all these five models are tough and stylish in terms of built, design, and color composition. Power efficiency is a prominent factor, why consumers consider Whirlpool’s Professional refrigerators the best.

Model Name Pro 355 Elite Pro 375 Elite Pro 425 Elite Pro 465 Elite Pro 495 Elite
Price 31000/- 41000/- 44000/- 50000/- 53000/-
Capacity 340L 360L 405L 445L 480L
Body W×D×H (mm) 615×671×1675 615×671×1750 700×740×1658 700×740×1775 700×740×1805
6th Sense IntelliFresh YES YES YES YES YES
3 Intellisensors YES YES YES YES YES
FreshFlow Flexi-vents YES YES YES YES YES
Everyday Fresh YES YES NO NO NO
Orchard Fresh Fruit Crisper YES YES NO YES YES
Garden fresh Veg Crisper YES YES YES YES YES
Toughened Glass Shelves YES YES YES YES YES
Fresh-n-sort YES YES YES YES YES
Freezer Compartment
Intellisensors YES YES YES YES YES
Ice Twister and Collector YES YES YES YES YES
Veggie Crisper YES YES YES YES YES
Fruit Crisper YES YES NO YES YES
Ice Twister & Collector YES YES YES YES YES
Energy Rating 2S, 3S 3S, 4S 2S, 3S 2S, 3S 2S, 3S
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