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Skullcandy Bluetooth Headphones with 12 Hours of Battery Life

Skullcandy Grind Wireless headphones Review and Specifications

Having a good pair of headphones could help eliminate that daunting boredom at your workplace, or while traveling. The problem is that there are so many headphone models out there, you don’t even know which ones are the best to spend on. The Chinese corporations, in particular, are notorious for saturating the market with their substandard headphones. All the same, there still are some reliable headphone models and among them, are the Skullcandy Grind Wireless headphones.

Of course, when you hear, wireless headphones you know directly, that there is some Bluetooth connectivity somewhere. The wireless feature might scare you, imagining that these headphones are pricey. However, Skullcandy priced this product at a reasonable price. I think what’s more appealing in these headphones, is the fact that they deliver clear sound with a natural deep bass for the best entertainment experience.

Skullcandy Grind Wireless Bluetooth headphones

Skull Candy designed the grind wireless headphones for people who are accustomed to always have their headphones on their necks. This you can tell by the fact that they don’t have a fold up option. This product comes in a variety of colors. The headband padding makes them comfortable to wear although I have an issue with the ear padding. These headphones have scanty padding on the ear cups and this means that the user cannot really get immersed into the music.

However, with a reasonable raise in volume, you will get to experience one of the most impressive true bass feeling ever. In some designs, the ear cups are lined with a sleek shiny strip made of durable plastic that looks quite attractive. The right cup is complemented with three buttons which include some volume toggles and a playback button. Also on this cup are some ports which comprise of a USB charging port, a pinhole mic port, and audio input port.

Amazing Performance: These headphones can only be equated to having a bass home theatre hanging on your head. If you love low-pitched headphones, then this is the right choice for you. The bass is not intense so there’s no risk of damaging your ears. However, I did not like how the designers did not consider the majority of people who prefer balanced sound systems. They are ideal for listening to Hip-Hop, but very inoperable, for listening to other types of music like Jazz or Rhumba.

Supports both wired and wireless Connectivity

Being just some standard Bluetooth headphones, you would speculate that they wouldn’t have such a long operational range. However, this is not the case with the Grind Headphones. The designers gave this piece a powerful Bluetooth 4.0 radio that can actually connect with your phone from an astounding 35 feet range. I mean, this is the kind of range you get in a portable Bluetooth speaker, not headphones.

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The Bluetooth radio also does not cause stutters when you receive a call from the working 30 feet range. Pairing is easy and after you pair the headphones for the very first time with your phone or tablet, all other subsequent pairings will be automatic. If you are the kind of person that prefers wired headphones, the Grind headsets come with a 3.5mm audio cable. All you’ve got to do is connect the audio cable to your phone’s 3.5mm jack and later to the other 3.5 mm port on the headphones.

Long-lasting Battery of this Bluetooth Headphone

This is an area that most Bluetooth headsets loose a mark in. I’m glad that Skullcandy realized this early enough and at least included a durable Li-Ion battery for the Grind phones. These headphones can grind up to 12 hours while working at a medium volume. I have a feeling they could go up to 14 hours if you are careful with the volume levels. 12 hours for a Bluetooth headset is incredible, most wireless phones run for about 8 hours and they are dead.

Skullcandy Bluetooth Headphones Price in India: The Skullcandy Grind Wireless headphones are priced at 5920 Rupees, but they could be cheaper depending on the design. My final ruling on these headphones is that they are a great piece. I would recommend them to you. However, if you are not a bass enthusiast, find something else. The price is reasonably fair, so just go for them!

Price 6000 Rupees
Type Wireless Headphones
Driver size 40mm
Bluetooth Yes V4.0
Maximum Bluetooth range 35 feet
Battery life 12 hours on average
Warranty 1 year
Foldable No
Audio type (Circumaural Or Supra-Aural) Supra-aural
USB charging Yes
Call reception Yes

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