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Six Best LG Split and Inverter AC in India

Best LG Split and Inverter Split AC in India

Winters are over and sweaty days have come. Nights have already become a struggle (unless you live on mountains). Air coolers do help in controlling the heat, but only to a certain level. Moreover, the sound of air coolers always feels like pain in the ears. Therefore, the only way people can fight the rising temperature is by purchasing an AC, though people face many problems while deciding which product to buy. Read also Best 3 Star Split AC In India Below 27000 Rupees.

The product durability is one very important factor while shopping for air conditioners. ACs of some brands remains functional under the warranty period, but customers have to spend a lot of money on the maintenance almost every year after that.

LG has earned great respect in the eyes of customers with its durable air conditioners. Its ACs come loaded with latest technologies and many experience-enhancing features. Further, the Korean manufacturer also claims to be one of the largest AC sellers in India. LG’s popularity has impressed us so much that we decided to present the review of the best air conditioners of this brand to help in the purchase decision of our readers.

LG Split AC Remore Controller

Covering all products of a brand in a single article is not an easy thing to do. We had to do research for more than two months on this. In addition, it would have become quite chaotic to write the information of all these air conditioners by following the conventional format we use for other articles. So, for this particular article, I have adopted a new format. In the succeeding paragraphs, I will first discuss the common features that all LG air conditioners offer. Then, I will move on to the specific features of each AC. And, in the end, we will present our final verdict.

So sit back and buckle up because this is going to be a very interesting and insightful guide on purchasing an LG AC. Read also Voltas AC Features Products Price and Installation.

Common Features in All LG Split ACs

LG launches a new series of ACs every year. Considering the best interest of customers, we have excluded all the products launched before 2015. Newer air conditioners tend to have newer features, which enhance user experience.

Monsoon Comfort: This is a great feature and it will be much useful in the coming monsoon. Although almost every air conditioner available in the market offers some type of dehumidification feature, but at the same time those machines, lack the required efficiency and consume more power than is needed. In comparison, LG’s Monsoon Comfort lowers the humidity level by consuming around 36.4 percent less energy than air conditioners of other brands.

Dual Protection Filter: In many cases, settling of dust causes air conditioner to malfunction. To stop this from happening, LG installs a fine mesh filter on all its ACs. This mesh kills two birds with one stone. Firstly, it stops dust from entering inside and secondly, it kills all bacteria upon contact. Now you will be able to breathe deeply in the room without risk of inhaling bacteria.

Auto Clean Functionality: A special thing about LG is it equips all the ACs with an innovative Auto Clean Technology. The Dual Protection Filter we discussed in the preceding section does its best in filtering out dust and bacteria. However, if particles and microorganisms somehow manage to get inside, then the Auto Clean feature comes into action. It enhances the life of internal circuitry and cooling system of the AC.

Other Extra Features of LG ACs: All new LG split air conditioners come with features like sleep mode, on/off timer and chaos logic. The remote features night glow buttons, which means you will not have to struggle for changing the temperature or the fan speed if lights are off.

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Confusing Terms related to Air Conditioners

Companies use many confusing terms to tease their products. These terms do help in getting attraction of experts who are familiar with air conditioning technologies, but for an average person, they make the purchase decision hard. This is the reason why I have decided to explain the meaning of all the terms AC companies use for selling their products.

BTU or British Thermal Unit And Tonnage: BTU is a unit of energy. One BTU equals to 1055 joules of energy. Practically speaking, it is the amount of energy required to raise temperature of one pound of water by one Fahrenheit.

In the context of Air Conditioners, BTU directly relates to Tonnage. To understand this, we will have to go a little bit into history.

Before the invention of modern electricity based air conditioners, ice was used to cool down the rooms. Ice cools down the environment by absorbing energy and as a result, it melts. Experts of that time started measuring the energy required to melt a block of ice and in the later days, it became a standard.

This continues even today. A one ton AC is enough powerful to melt one ton of ice in 24 hours. Melting of one-ton ice requires 288,000 BTU of energy.

EER: The ERR is the ratio between cooling capacity and power consumption of an AC. The higher the EER, the better the product is.

Air Flow (CFM): It is a measurement of how much volume of air a ventilation system moves. Most standards measure it in cubic feet per minute (CFM).

Manufacturers use these common terms on the specs sheet of their products. Some companies like LG have developed their own terms but nothing to worry, as I will discuss them when the need is in the coming paragraphs.

Now let us move on to the main part i.e. best available air conditioners of LG.

Best LG Conventional Split ACs Available In the Market

One Ton Split AC LSA3NP5A with 5-star Rating

The LG LSA5NP5A is a simple looking air conditioner that comes with a price tag of 28,884 rupees. It might not be the cheapest split AC out there, but it sure is one of the most affordable options.

The white finish of the outer shell will match wall of any color. The curved engraving just below the LG branding gives the AC a cute look. In addition, you will not have to scarify a lot of space on the wall because its outer shell is quite compact. An LCD display on the far right side of the AC helps a lot in controlling the temperature.

LG LSA3NP5A 1 Ton 5 Star Split AC

This air conditioner has a refrigeration capacity of 1-ton and is suitable for small size rooms. Its cooling wattage of 3525 gives an idea of how powerful the compressor is. Moreover, the Power consumption of this five star rated AC has really impressed me. It requires just 980 Watts to run properly thus it is more suitable for lower middle-class families.

Instead of using a conventional condenser, LG has equipped this AC with an energy efficient multi-flow condenser. It is durable, power friendly and will save you a lot of money in the long run.

The AC generates a noise equivalent of 35 dB, which is high in my opinion. During night, the compressor sound feels creepy and annoying.

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Cooling Wattage 3525
Tonnage 1
Power Input 980 Watt
Noise Production 35 db
LCD Panel Yes
Dimension 890 x 280 x 216 mm (Indoor) and 715 x 495 x 230 (Outdoor)
Weight 10 KG (Indoor) and 30 KG (Outdoor)
Buy Rs. 29000

1.5 Ton LG Split AC Model LSA5NP5A with 5 Star Energy Rating

You will find the LG LSA5NP5A AC to be quite similar to the preceding model. Basically, it is the same product, the only difference is it offers a tonnage capacity of 1.5 ton. I guess we can see LG’s strategy here. It has produced two models with same specs, but one is for smaller rooms and the other is for medium size rooms.

This is also a five Star rated product but consumes 1465 watts of energy, which is around 45 percent higher than the 1-ton variant. Actually, when you move up in the tonnage, the price of the AC also gets increased. So, this 1.5-ton AC will cost you around 34,000 rupees currently in the online market.

Cooling Wattage 5275
Tonnage 1.5
Power Input 1465 Watt
Noise Production 36 db
LCD Panel Yes
Dimension 1090 x 300 x 218 mm (Indoor) and 810 x 568 x 270 (Outdoor)
Weight 13 KG (Indoor) and 38 KG (Outdoor)
Buy Rs. 34000

Pros of LG Conventional ACs:

  • Big LCD panel, which is backlit
  • Space efficient
  • Powerful cooling
  • Both the above-reviewed air conditioners are 5-star rated
  • Self-cleaning mechanism

Inverter Air conditioners from LG in the Indian market

What Are Inverter ACs? To people who are not familiar with AC technology, Inverter AC will sound like a product capable of working with inverter battery. I would like to point though it is not the real case.

The compressor of a non-inverter AC works at 100 percent of its capacity always (even when there is no requirement). This leads to more power consumption and lower efficiency. To solve this issue, manufacturers ship some of their ACs with a built-in inverter capable of lowering the compressor power whenever needed.

Imagine you have come to the home after a long working day and it was hot outside. You quickly start the AC. If your air conditioner is equipped with inverter technology, then its compressor will start at 100 percent of its capacity and after cooling the room sufficiently, it will go down to a lower power level. As a result, you will get a more consistent cooling in the room with reduced power bill.

Inverter ACs is also good at bringing down the room temperature quicker than the conventional ones. LG dubs this fast cooling benefit as Jet Cooling.

Currently, LG offers two models- really great inverter ACs in the market. Interestingly, LG has followed the same strategy with its inverter ACs that I have mentioned in the preceding product reviews.

LG BSA12IBE Inverter V Split AC

The LG BSA12IBE is the latest 1-ton air conditioner in LG’s inverter AC lineup. The design of this product is quite different from the looks of other ACs we have discussed until now in this article.

To take this AC home, you will have to spend around 38,000 rupees. I agree it is priced higher, though you will get good returns on this product in the long run. Because of the Inverter V technology, it consumes around 20-30 percent less electricity than other conventional ACs.

LG BSA12IBE Inverter V Split AC

The product is rated at 980 Watts, but you need not worry much since it will not always work at 100 percent capacity. Its EER rating of 3.47 is also impressive considering the price point. If you want more energy efficiency, then you will have to look for the ACs offered by other manufacturers. In addition to a dual protection filter we have discussed in the beginning, this product also features a 3M Micro Protection Filter. It has really small pores, which capture all particles and bacteria that are bigger than 0.3 micrometer.

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The AC generates 19 dB of ambient noise, which is much less in comparison to what other non-inverter air conditioners generate.

Tonnage 1
Power Input 980 Watt
Noise Production 19 db
LCD Panel Yes
Dimension 890x285x210 mm (Indoor) and 720 x 500 x 270 (Outdoor)
Weight 10 KG (Indoor) and 24 KG (Outdoor)
Buy Rs. 38000


LG BSA18IBE Inverter V

Just like the non-inverter AC lineup, LG also sells a 1.5-ton variant of the BSA12IBE Inverter V AC. At maximum, it consumes 1460 Watts of electricity, but that is not worrisome, as I mentioned Inverter ACs do not always run at full capacity.

LG BSA18IBE Inverter V Split AC

One disappointing, which is, in fact, a surprising cons about this Inverter air conditioner is it generates a lot of noise. I said disappointing because inverter technology is generally known to reduce the noise production.

This AC is not different from the BSA12IBE AC model in any other away. Therefore, it is time to sum up this section.

Tonnage 1.5
Power Input 1460 Watt
Noise Production 29 db
LCD Panel Yes
Dimension 1030 x 325 x 250 mm (Indoor) and 770x540x285 (Outdoor)
Weight 13 KG (Indoor) and 30 KG (Outdoor)
Buy Rs. 44000

Pros Factors:-

  • Less noise production (only in the case of 1-ton variant)
  • Consume much less electricity
  • Higher efficiency
  • Require less maintenance
  • Faster cooling
  • 10-year warranty on compressor

Other Good Models from LG inverter ACs

We also recommend LG LSA5PW3A 1.5Ton and LG LSA3NP3A 1Ton AC models. Both models have energy star rating three. Since we have already reviewed these models in an earlier article so skipped here in order to avoid repetition. After carefully observing all LG AC models available online and offline, we believe these six AC models are the best choice from the long list of LG’s AC models and multiple variants. Read more about them at Top 5 Split AC In India with 3 Star Rating Under 30000

LG Support in Air Conditioner Installation

I request every LG AC customer to read and LG’s support in terms of AC service and installation. LG does not provide free installation on any of the ACs. Though there can be instances when a local shop owner may offer you free service.

If you have purchased it online, then do not read what the shopping website (Amazon or Flipkart) is saying. Just call LG customer support at 1800-180-9999 or 1800-315-9999 (you can also use this number for any product related issue) and book your installation. Note this, for a standard installation, LG service engineer will charge you for the service and extra parts.

Extra Cost: Besides installation charges, you will have to spend extra money for a stabilizer. It is good if you have an old one. Read also AC Voltage Stabilizer with Triple Booster Technology for Indian Homes.

Verdict on LG ACs: In my opinion, LG air conditioners are value for money products. All the products I have discussed here are more affordable than alternatives sold by other manufacturers. The suggested air conditioners also come with a number of additional amazing features. Not to miss, the self-protection mechanism of the ACs enhances their durability. However, I would like to request LG to start offering free installation service to the customers.

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