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Single Door Refrigerator for Students and Office Use

Single-door Refrigerator Kenstar NH090PSH-FDA Direct-cool Technology

When it comes to refrigerators, average Indians always reserve more than 10,000 rupees for a purchase. However, cutthroat competition in the electronics market indicates, the situation might change very soon.

Thanks to induction of new electronics startups, competition in the budget refrigerators market have been on the rise. From this, the end customers benefit the most. One interesting observation is, while food cost is going up, the price of Kitchen and home use gadgets are falling dramatically that too not yearly rather monthly basis.

In this article, I am going to discuss the features of Kenstar’s NH090PSH-FDA Single-door Refrigerator. With the price tag of 6499 rupees, this refrigerator has caught eyes of many people.

Should you buy this single door refrigerator? This one oblivious question I will try to answer here. Well, the answer will depend on what features do you want specifically on a refrigerator.

Kenstar NH090PSH FDA Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Average This Build Quality: The price of 6500 rupees is very less even for a single door refrigerator. Therefore, keep less expectation in terms of build quality and durability. The Kenstar cooling machine is not bearing very solid built rather feels flimsy.

Pricing is always a decision of the brand. Therefore, Kenstar cannot hide behind a curtain of the low price tag. Actually, some buyers have accused the brand for delivering defected product at customer’s place.

Cool Design: Kenstar has tried everything to make this refrigerator look attractive. The brushed metal finish of the outer shell offers this machine a premium look. You cannot even tell if it is a budget product by just looking at it from a distance.

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This is a Good Refrigerator for Small Family

It is just an 80-liter fridge, which means you should not have high expectations from it. At most, it will store 10 one-liter water bottles (in addition to other solid items). However, the interesting thing is the refrigerator features multiple compartments to store edibles variety. You will be able to manage all the items easily by storing them separately.

This product uses the direct cool method to lower the temperature. This means users will have to remove the frost buildup manually.

Below Average Customer Service: I am not rating Kenstar – a brand with poor customer service provider. However, according to my research, the manufacturer fails to provide a good after sales service to the customers. This might lower its ratings on various eCommerce websites.


  • Low power consumption
  • Can be used in offices
  • Attractive looks
  • Budget friendly


  • Low capacity
  • Build quality is not that great

Verdict: Even though this refrigerator comes with a number of cons, it is still a good option for budget customers. However, I would expect Kenstar to improve its customer service so that more customers can start trusting it.

Gross Capacity 80 Liters
Number of Shelves 1
Design Single Door
Weight 55 KG
Type Direct Cool
Supports Inverter Power No
Buy 6500 Rupees


Direct Cool Refrigerator Haier HR-62

Haier presents a new single-door refrigerator of model HR-62HP. It is a mini refrigerator or even called as a mini fridge.

This food cooler gadget is small compared to the regular standard-sized refrigerators. It serves almost all the functions that the regular refrigerators do except that it has less space to store food in it.

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If you do not have a large amount of free space to place a refrigerator in your tight apartment, you can choose this type of fridge, which can be a space saver. Further, if you are a bachelor or sharing your room with your friends, you can always have this mini fridge to chill out with your favorite drinks. It can become a mini bar at your home when you are partying. You can even have this at your office as this can easily fit under your desk.

Based on their capacity of storage, in this model of Haier direct-cool single-door refrigerator, two types of fridges are available in the market. They are:

  1. 62 liters refrigerator
  2. 52 liters refrigerator

Both the refrigerators have the same features and functions except the following:

As the name suggests, it has the capacity of 62 liters Its capacity is 52 liters
Comes in both silver and silver gray colors Comes only in silver color
It is a top freezer type refrigerator It is a compact type refrigerator
2 star rated fridge 1 star rated fridge
Price: 7,990 rupees Price: 7,390 rupees

In this review on Haier refrigerator, I am expressing my opinion on the common features and functions of both the models together.

Haier's warranty for this Single Door Mini Refrigerator

The cost of the fridge varies depending on the delivery location. For example, the 62 liters fridge costs 7,130 rupees on Amazon India website for Tamilnadu region whereas the same product for Andhra Pradesh and Telangana region costs 8,900 rupees.

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The product has a total warranty of five years. This breaks up as one year for comprehensive and four years for the compressor. Thus, one thing is proven that the brand totally believes in the refrigerator durability and ensures the hassle free service by sending a service engineer to customer's home for such a long period.

Haier HR 62 Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Simple looking fridge: The fridge looks very simple with its solid body design. It has nothing fancy in it. However, it can become a stylish mini bar on your kitchen countertop. To open the fridge conveniently with a smooth feel, it has the recessed handle on the top of the door. This makes it easier with a better appearance.

The regular refrigerators have the condensers at its back, which makes it look messy. However, this fridge has its condensers hidden inside the cabinet. Therefore, it has the clean back with a better and neat look.

It has an option to switch off the fridge when you are not using it. It also has a temperature control knob inside of it to select the appropriate temperature for your needs. Furthermore, you need not worry about the spoiling of food when you have long hours of power cut at your place. This is because this fridge can retain the cooling for longer hours as it has 25 percent thicker insulation.

The door lining of the fridge has a removable gasket. It ensures the cleanliness of the fridge and the food items without the germs production in it.

Freezer in mini fridge

Some of the mini fridges come with the freezer and some do not. However, generally, they do not have the freezer facility in them, as they are very small. In that case, you cannot expect to store food for a week long without the freezer in them.

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Haier 62 liters refrigerator has the top freezer, which enables you to store not only the drinks but also food to keep it frozen. The capacity of its freezer is 6 liters.

No interior light: Unfortunately, this fridge does not have a light in it. Probably, it is not a tough job to find what you need in this small fridge without a light. But it would be more appreciated if it has one.

Freedom from stabilizer: A stabilizer is no longer required for this fridge to protect the compressor from power fluctuations. It has its own mechanism to imitate stabilizer. This means that you need not take your money wallet out for the stabilizer.

Quiet compressor: Generally, only high-quality mini fridges have compressors in them to make them more energy efficient. Haier refrigerator provides a better environment to keep the place quiet as it has a low noise and vibration compressor of 32 dB.

Features of this Haier mini Refrigerator for Food safety

The fridge also has a door lock option to lock it in your dormitory room to keep your drinks and food safe from theft.


  • It is a very compact refrigerator. So, occupies less space in your home
  • Consumes less amount of electricity
  • Saves money
  • Operation is quiet as it has less amount of noise and vibration
  • Best suited for dorm rooms, office, as a backup fridge or a beer cooler
  • Thicker insulation to keep the food cool even in long power cuts
  • Freezer to store frozen food

Cons: No interior light in the fridge

Verdict: With its single door and small size, this fridge with a freezer is an excellent option for bachelors, college students staying in dormitory rooms, office workers and for those who stay in small apartments. I recommend this product for those who cannot go for highly priced refrigerators with large space requirement.

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Type Single door
Defrosting type Direct cool
Installation type Free standing
No. of doors 1
No. of shelves 1
Stabilizer required No
Door lock Yes
Warranty 1 year (comprehensive)
5 years (compressor)
Capacity 62 liters
Type Top freezer refrigerator
Rating 2 star
Capacity 52 liters
Type Compact refrigerator
Rating 1 star
Buy 7000 to 8000 Rupees

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