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Singer C440 Legacy – Smart Sewing Machine with 200 built-in Stitches

Singer C440 Legacy Sewing Machine Review in India

One of the most advanced smart sewing machines in the Indian market is Singer C440 Legacy. It has computerized automatic operation, user-friendly design, and many features to make users creativity into reality. The high-end sewing machine is ideal for fast sewing, basic sewing, decorative sewing, and quilting. It has a larger LCD touchscreen to program it for sewing fundamental to complex designs in just a few minutes. It is fully automatic sewing machine – requires almost no manual intervention.

With 64000 Rupees price, Singer C440 sewing machine is one of costliest sewing machines in the Indian market. It is, however, one of the most comfortable machines to operate. In this piece, I explore great features this super advanced smart sewing machine.

There are four stage of growth for those wish to become a pro sewing master. The stage one is for beginners, experienced users are in stage two, and advanced users belong to state three. In stage four, you become a pro user. Recently we published an article suggesting the most recommended Singer sewing machine for the four stages.

With this new Singer Legacy sewing machine, however, you can jump from a beginner stage to the stage of a pro user in ten to fifteen days. Indeed sewing is fun with the Singer Legacy sewing machine. Make an intricate design in just a few minutes on this – super easy to use – a smart sewing machine.

Singer C440 Sewing Machine Sew Dog Duke

A common question people ask is what difference between Singer C440 and C440Q sewing machine is. Both the machine is same in terms of feature, operation, build, and design. With the Legacy C440Q, Singer provides quilting accessories for free-motion sewing. The letter “Q” in the model number represents quilting.

→ Singer C440 Legacy Sewing Machine Build and First Impression

The sewing machine shapes up around a heavy metal frame. The machine is overall solid but very heavy, about 8.4-Kg. Still, the overall design is compact, and it looks portable, too. Due to its heavy weight, settling it on a desk would be a much better idea. Further, the design of this singer sewing machine is one of the most user-friendly designs I ever saw on a sewing machine.

For review purpose, I often get to use a sewing machine. I am still a beginner in using a sewing machine although. With the Singer C440 Legacy, however, I could sew like a pro user.

I sew a complicated design on my shirt pocket with instructor assistance. She guided me on how to make the machine ready to sew my desired design on my shirt pocket. Later I could do that my own. Singer C440 Legacy is genuinely an advanced sewing machine, which is also very user-friendly.

Singer C440 Legacy Sewing Machine Remove Storage Compartment for Free Arm Sewing

The instructor helped screw tight the right needle as per my shirt’s fabric quality. Then I threaded the needle and selected my favorite sewing pattern from the 200+ sewing patterns inbuilt on the unit. Next, I entered my website name in a Capital form. That is “GS.” The Machine itself suggested the right presser feet.

After changing to the appropriate presser feet for my design, I placed my shirt under the presser feet and press to the start button. Once the sewing was over, using the thread cutter, I made my shirt free from the sewing machine. In a few seconds, I could create a beautiful logo of my website on my shirt’s pocket. That is the magic of this Singer C440 Legacy sewing machine.

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Sewing is not my profession, but I am passionate about sewing technology. Therefore, I am always in search of a perfect sewing machine, which comes with the smart operation. I must say the Singer C440 sewing machine won my heart. Whether it worth 64000 Rupees or not, which is its price in India, I discuss that later in this article. My first experience with the machine, however, has been fantastic.

→ Singer India Customer Care and Warranty Terms

For some of the sewing machine models, Singer provides up to 25 years of warranty. Those are primary machines with no smart function. However, Singer C440 Legacy is a smart, programmable sewing machine. Therefore, Singer provides only 24-months of warranty.

The warranty type is on-site meaning Singer engineer would visit your place to resolve technical malfunction in your sewing machine. The warranty terms stands null and void in case the Singer service executive finds that the unit was damaged deliberately.

Singer India customer care number is 1800-103-3474. On-call assistance is available for buyers from Monday to Friday between 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. For service support, you could also send an SMS to the brand at 9555-390-390. Moreover, to register an online complaint, follow this official link.

→ Stitch Patterns and Stitch Function on this Sewing Machine

The 200 built-in stitch patterns on the Singer C440 Legacy sewing machine includes many patterns for basic sewing, decorative sewing, and sewing words, phrases, and monograms. However, you could produce 20 thousand or more designs by applying the built-in function of the sewing machine. How better you use the 200 patterns — it all rest on your imagination.

Singer C440 Legacy Sewing Machine 200 Stitch Patterns

All the patterns printed on the top lid of the machine. Finding the right pattern is super easy on this singer sewing machine. In fact, the given patterns are separated by their category, for instance, decorative stitches, stitches for buttonholes, basic stitches, words, symbols, and monograms.

Singer C440 Legacy Sewing Machine Button Hole Patterns

The Singer C440 Legacy sewing machine has a mirror-imaging function also. You can apply the function by one-touch. That flips the design or inverts the stitch pattern from side-to-side. Thus, the 200 patterns become 400 design patterns on one-touch. Similarly, increasing or decreasing the length and width of the pattern– creates a new design. Every time you alter something in the pattern, you get a new design.

Singer C440 is one of the fastest sewing machines in the Indian market. It scores 800 stitches in 60 seconds. Further, it comes with dedicated operational buttons. As you can see in the image below- on the left, is seven buttons. The first button is for tack-off, which also doubles for tie-up stitches. Following next is Needle up & down button. Then is speed control and by seeing the animal symbol you can easily guess that the left button is for slowing sewing speed, and the right button is for increasing sewing speed. A dedicated button for thread cut, start/stop, and reverse sewing is also present on this sewing machine.

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Singer C440 Sewing Machine Operational Buttons

→ Singer C440 has Touch Screen for Easy stitch selection

Programmable operation with the touch screen control is what sets this Singer sewing machine apart. Using the LCD touch control, you can select stitch pattern, mirror the design, and save a sequence to repeat on new cloth. Further, you can increase and decrease the width, and length of a pattern. Thus, with 200 built stitch patterns you could make endless designs.

Singer C440 Sewing Machine Program Sewing Pattern

As you see in the image below, this is how the LCD of this Singer C440 Legacy looks like. The Plus and Minus symbol on the screen is for increasing and decreasing length and width of the stitch.

The process is straightforward. Switch on the machine. Choose the right needle as per fabric quality, and then choose the matching thread color. Next, you need to complete needle threading and bobbin winding.

Now, select the design you wish to sew. Enter the stitch pattern number by using the numpad. On the numpad, zero to nine are the patterns for basic sewing. For user’s convenience, all the stitch patterns with design and number are printed on the top lid of the sewing machine.

You have now selected the right design, and adjusted its width, length, and direction. Next, you have to set the right presser feet. Do not worry; the machine would suggest the right presser foot as the sewing pattern.

First, sew the modified pattern on a waste cloth to see how exactly it appears. Does it match with the design you had imagined? If you are satisfied with the design, then go ahead; complete the first design of your project. This process continues until you complete the project.

→ Singer C440 Legacy Sewing Machine Needle Function and Presser Foot

The recommended sewing needles for the Singer sewing machine are 2000, 2020, 2001, 2045, and 2032.

Variable Needle Function: you can freely switch the position of the needle for topstitching, piping insertion, edge stitching, zipper application and more such sewing requirement.

Singer C440 Sewing Machine Super Easy Needle Threading

Automatic Needle Threader is a much-needed feature on any sewing machine. Just follow the few steps, and the machine will pass the thread through the needle hole. With this Singer sewing machine, you do need to take stress on your eyes in finding the needle hole.

Singer C440 Sewing Machine Change Needle

Programmable Needle Up/Down: This feature helps you to sew in one go from start to end on those tricky areas of the fabric where there are many turns. When you set the needle program to down, every time you stop, the needle ends up at down position and vise-versa.

Extra High Presser Foot Lifter: Besides a regular presser foot lifter, there is an additional food lifter to accommodate thick fabrics.

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Singer C440 Sewing Machine Presser Foot Control Lever

Multipurpose 9 Presser Foot comes along with the Singer C440 Legacy sewing machine. By using them with the 200 stitch patterns, you could create the infinite number of designs.

Singer C440 Satin Stitch Foot Singer C440 Sewing Machine Blind Hem Foot Singer C440 Sewing Machine Button Sewing Foot Singer C440 Sewing Machine Buttonhole Foot Singer C440 Sewing Machine Overcasting Foot Singer C440 Sewing Machine Patchwork Foot Singer C440 Sewing Machine Zipper Foot

Free Arm: Slide off the built-in storage compartment to make the sewing machine ready for free-Arm sewing. An advanced sewing machine has to have such adjustment to sew sleeve cuff, collar, trouser hem, and similar circular shape.

Singer C440 Legacy Sewing Machine Free Arm

Sew in Low Light: Three-Side LED light on Singer Legacy C440 helps sew complex designs even in low light condition.

→ Alternatives of the Singer C440 Legacy Sewing Machine

The best alternative of this smart singer sewing machine is the “Dream Maker 120”, which is a high-end model of the top sewing machine brand in India, Usha. The price of this computerizes sewing machine is 33000 Rupees. It comes with 120 built-inch stitches and an LCD touch panel for direct stitch selection and its alteration. Much like the Singer C440, you can save up to 50 combinations on its built-in memory. It also has automatic thread trimmer, variable speed control, mirrored editing, and various other advanced sewing convenience features. An added advantage with this Usha sewing machine is extension table. That indeed makes this Usha sewing ideal to complete complex projects with lots of ease.


  • Smart Sewing Machine With LCD Touch Screen
  • Alter 200 Stitch patterns to make an endless number of designs
  • One-Touch Stitch Selection
  • Adjustable Stitch Width and length
  • 7 Dedicated operational button
  • Built-in Thread Cutter
  • Automatic Needle threader
  • Self-Adjusting Tension System
  • 9 Presser Foot
  • Twin-Needle Function


  • Costly Machine
  • Lacks advanced feature for embroidery

Verdict: The performance of the Singer C440 Legacy sewing machine is outstanding. It is indeed an intelligent sewing machine. However, It is a costly sewing machine. It lacks advanced feature for embroidery, withal. Nevertheless, it lets you explore the world of impossible design. Had its priced around 50,000 Rupees, undoubtedly, it would have been one of the most recommended sewing machines on sale in the Indian market.

Price 64000 Rupees
Built-In Stitches 200
Maximum Sewing Speed 800
Stitch Patterns Basic, Decorative, Quilting, Alpha-Numeric, Symbols, Monograms, Letters
LCD Screen YES
Work Area 200-mm
Free Arm YES
Built-In Needle Threader YES
OneTouch Stitch Selection YES
Adjustable Stitch Width YES
Reverse (Touch Button) YES
Automatic Thread Tension YES
Thread Cutter YES
Mirror Imaging YES
Stitch Elongation YES
Speed Control YES
Built-In Lettering YES
One-Step Buttonhole YES
Top Drop-In Bobbin YES
Drop Feed YES
Twin-Needle Function YES
Extra High Presser Foot Lifter YES
Adjustable Stitch Length YES
Self-Adjusting Tension System YES
Programmable Needle Up/Down YES
Start/Stop Button YES
StayBright LED Lights YES
Touch Screen YES
Snap-On Presser Feet YES
Variable Needle Positions YES
Bobbin Class (15 Transparent) SINGER and INSPIRA
Machine Size 51.2 x 24.1 x 30.7 cm
Machine Weight 8.4-Kg
Power Consumption 55-Watt
Power Supply Universal
Body Heavy Duty Metal Frame
Warranty 24-Months
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