In the last air purifier review article, I did not include any of the air purifier models of the brand Sharp. The reason was after giving particulars of those popular air purifiers there was no extent left to cover the features of other favorable air purifier models. Besides, the stipulations of those air purifiers seem to be entirely appropriate to counter worsen air pollution level as visible today in Indian cities. Hence, I had to skip the top-rated air purifiers of the brand sharp for a separate article. However, the GS editorial team acknowledging the growing reputation of Sharp air purifiers, decided to dedicate a complete piece to cover the review of best Sharp air purifier available in the online and offline markets.

While researching for best Sharp air purifiers, praise for Sharp's instant and friendly service was more prominent headline than the features and specs of its air purifier models. Whether such reverberated appreciation for Sharp's service support is buyers' natural reaction or the brand's effort stands behind that — is a matter of verification. Nevertheless, Praise for Sharp's on-site service seems to be real to me. Even if the brand is putting effort to win customers praise by guaranteeing and delivering instant helpful service, it is a good thing. That means the air purifier brand understands — one of the ways to get a toehold in the market which yet to be manifest in the mainstream is — by giving best post-sale services to buyers.

Hither the review of Sharp air purifiers is going to be centered around it's one very popular air purifier in the market. The air purifier variant has been a top-favorite among air purifier customers. Hence I could collect lots of feedback to draw my conclusion. This method is appropriate because a buyer, who, from the moment the air purifier turns on, becomes a user hence, can give the right opinion about the product. What should be the primary concern of a new buyer while buying a Sharp air purifier? Moreover, such buyer turn user's feedback can also help to new buyers in deciding which Sharp air purifier is the best and why that is so. Thus, if you are interested in a Sharp air purifier, you are at the right place to figure out the best air purifier.

Sharp Air Purifier Comes with Japan Technology

Before placing your order for an air purifier, take advantage of the free demo service by the brand. Place your request and see for yourself whether the air purifier model selected is being effective in reducing air pollution at your place or not. Register an application for a demo by visiting at Sharp's official website or making a call to the toll-free number 1800 4254 321. Once you are convinced with the efficiency and effectiveness of the air purifier, wait for a good deal online or in the offline market, then get your favorite Sharp air purifier home. Read also Best Air Purifier in India below 30000 Rupees.

The best air purifier from the brand Sharp is going to be carefully examined here to find out how resourceful it is in lessening air pollution. Primarily, the fact is, one can live many hours without water, but the polluted air is just fatal poison — having no choice. Therefore, one can be casual in acquiring a water purifier, but the same privilege is not present while purchasing an air purifier.

Sharp Air Purifier is Approved by British Allergy Foundation

Besides all those great features, elite design, and customer-satisfying service support, what I also like about the Sharp air purifiers is built-in value add-ons. Every top-level Sharp air purifiers have one secondary hallmark quality that works alongside the kernel characteristic of purifying the air in a room. For instance, Sharp has an air purifier with mosquito catcher. Such air purifier makes air pure as well as protects from the deadly mosquito. Those with a newborn in home should invest in such efficient air purifier with mosquito cleaner.

31-Watt Sharp FP-F40E – The most Popular Sharp Air Purifier

The model is the most popular air purifier from the brand sharp. Available at a fixed price of Rupees 21499 this air purifier variant is also top rated at all the e-shopping websites. In fact, the same is the case in the local electronics super-stores, too.

Regarding popularity, this air purifier model stands nowhere close to the best products in the same price range from other brands. Apparently, Philips rules the air purifier market with air purifiers at every price point. The Philips AeraSense air purifier, which is a real competitor to this Sharp air purifier — is far ahead in popularity. Even in providing service, Philips standards are well known. This Sharp air purifier, therefore, is going to be carefully examined to find out how resourceful it is to deal with air pollution in our cities.

31-Watt Sharp FP-F40E The most Popular Sharp Air Purifier

The Sharp air purifier is entirely portable, thus, very easy to transport it from one room to another. It weighs just 4.7Kgs. Sharp offers one-year of free on-site service. And I have already told you I got tempted to do this project only because I got lots of feedback on the ground praising Sharp's post-sale service.

In air purifier, the machine is not as important as the filters set inside. Changing filter costs good money. Therefore, while buying an air purifier must check its filters life cycle.

At the official webpage for this popular air purifier model, Sharp mentions filters have to be replaced once in 18 to 24 months depending on usages. To change the filter, buyers need to call company's toll-free number. So does this air purifier has the feature to alert for filter change? I am yet to get an answer.

Air Purifier technology and Filters of this Smart Air Purifier

Sharp introduces the Plasmacluster Ion Generator technology along with HEFA and Active carbon filter to purify impure air to the level of nature fresh. In layman's teams, the Plasmacluster ions work as a catalyst for removable of air-borne mold and bacteria. Moreover, it effectively suppresses the increase of dust mite allergens, including viruses, dust mite feces, and dead mites. Other advantage this air purifier brings is the cleansing of lousy odor from the air and eliminating static electricity, too.

Further, the internal mechanism of this Sharp air purifier is such that it can be safely termed – a smart gadget made for high performance and better efficiency.  HEFA filter of this air purifier can engulf harmful pollen, odors, and dust particles as small as 0.3 microns from the air.

Checking Sharp Air Purifier Effectiveness

Filters inside this Sharp air purifier are arranged like this: Micron Mess Pre-filter, Active Carbon and then HEFA. The first “Pre-filter” is to filter out dust particles as small as 50 microns. After the first level of purification, the air passes through the active carbon filter, which filter outs smoke and chemical impurity from the air. Next, the air enters into the HEFA filter, which, by manufacturer claims, can remove dust particles as small 0.3 microns.

Benefits of this Sharp Air Purifier

According to Sharp, the air purifier variant while using the alien Plasmacluster Technology does not release harmful ozone gas instead mimics the nature's air filter process. Nature-life has its air filter to keep the air around us pure so that living beings need pure air can survive. In fact, the mere presence of living creature on earth creates air pollution.

However, nature's air filter has its limitation. When air pollution by human exceeds, air pollution becomes visible to us, and human-built gadgets start documenting them. Our nature cannot filter air pollution caused by non-living things and human-made activities like industrial manufacturing and transports. Sharp claims it has successfully molded nature's patented technology into an elite looking air purifier to purify the polluted air in our home.

Sharp Air Purifier Comperasion

The sharp air purifier appears to be effective in eliminating lousy odor, harmful VOC, toxic gases, kill microbes, and other contagious elements. It can suspend static charge from the air. According to Sharp, using this air purifier in your bedroom or carrying it to workplace helps in many ways including proper care of skin.

Key Specs:-

  • Coverage: Up to 320 sq ft
  • Highest CADR of 240 cu.m/hr in its category Portable,
  • 7 kg in weight
  • Filter life of up to 2 years Replacement filter code: FZ-F40SFE
  • Timer
Essential Features that are lacking in this Air Purifier

Measuring air impurity, measuring the change in air quality while the air purifier is ON, PM2.5 level and filter change alert are some of the essential features this Sharp air purifier is lacking. Moreover, it is a noisy machine. While Philips can limit noise to just 33dB, this generates noise at 49 dB level.

Lacking sleep mode and smart features to auto adjust the current settings according to the quality of air inside the room is another big disappointment with this air purifier.

However, the air purification technology active on this Sharp air purifier seems to be quite serviceable and adequate. It is portable, and its design is quite elegant, too. Consequently, before you decide to order it, you must check Philips AeraSense and Panasonic Nanoe. Both the air purifiers come with many great features, which this Sharp air purifier is certainly lacking. Measure these three air purifiers, if possible have a demo of them done at your place, and then decide to buy the best air purifier for you.

Can this Sharp air purifier be a feasible solution to worsen air pollution in the Delhi NCR region? Yes! It has multi-filter setup – an essential requirement for deteriorating air quality in the Delhi area.

Buy other Sharp Air Purifiers 9000 to 50000 Rupees
Buy Sharp FP-F40E Air Purifier 21500 Rupees

Conclusion: Air purifier technology, whichever currently being popularized by various brands — are in an early stage. Thus, it is hard to say which would work best for the pollution level in your city. Therefore, the best way to buy an air purifier especially if you are looking for a high-end model is to opt for a demo of the preferred air purifier variants and see for yourself which works and whether it has all the necessary features expecting in your new air purifier.

Sharp air purifiers with friendly service support are one of the best deals — keep in mind while buying a new air purifier.