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Sewing Machines between 15000 to 24000 Rupees

Sewing Machines between 15000 to 24000 Rupees

USHA Dream Maker 30 Computerized Sewing Machine

Usha’s computerized sewing machines are famous for offering more features at less price. When compared with brands like Singer and Brother, Usha designs better sewing machine with lots user convenient features.

The Dream Maker 30 is a recent addition to the great sewing machine line-up of the Indian brand Usha. Currently, it is available for a price less than 24000 rupees in the online shopping arena.

Huge popularity of this machine excited my team to present a review research to assist readers like you to decide on it with a full surety. I am very sure after going through this to-the-point review you will have better information about this sewing machine. This way you can take a confident decision about it.

Attractive look and Durable Built

Like all Usha products, the sewing machine too comes in a superior build quality. Even though it is a computerized sewing machine, overall built and design looks very slim. In fact, this is one ultra thin computerized sewing machine in Indian sewing Bazaar. I really wonder how the manufacturer was able to fit all the components in an outer shell looks so small.

On the design front, it has impressed my team. The body painted in a white color renders a premium feel.

Since the whole setup is quite heavy, so you will have to be careful while moving it from one place to another. However, a strong carry handle on the top is a great relief making easier for anyone to move it easily.USHA Dream Maker 30 Computerized Sewing Machine Review Specifications

Limited Stitch Patterns

Since it is an entry-level computerized sewing machine, you only get to choose from 30 built-in stitch patterns. Moreover, it lacks memory functionality, which will disappoint those customers who love to combine different designs. This is one reason I would not recommend it to the people who are already running a full-time tailor business.

However, if you have just started or planning to start tailor business, then this Usha machine can be a great option to go with. Here, thanks to a simplistic user interface even beginners will not be confused in control buttons and settings.

Great Extra Features

The list of extra features on this sewing machine is long. To operate reverse stitch function, it comes with a simple button, which is in contrast to a regular sewing machine has a latch like handle for the action.

Moreover, you do not even need to use reverse sew function to lock the stitches because it offers automatic locking feature. Just turn on this feature by pressing the button labeled with a dot in a circle and the machine will automatically lock the stitch for you.

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A speed adjusting slider just below the display panel assists the new users to stitch cloth accurately. Usha has equipped this machine with high-intensity sewing light to increase accuracy even more.

Extra accessories can be stored in the compartment of extension table. You will get access to the free arm and bobbin area by removing this extension table.


  • Sturdy and durable body
  • Eye-catching finish of the outer shell
  • High power motor
  • Offers variable speed
  • Backlit LCD display panel
  • Automatic locking functionality


  • Low number of stitch patterns
  • Users will have to manually combine the stitches


In my opinion, the price of this sewing machine is a little bit on the higher side. If you can afford this product, then it is well and good choice.

The market is full of alternatives even at much lower and affordable prices. Therefore, search well, understand your ability and requirement, and then decide one better sewing machine. This website can help you in this search as we host many review articles on sewing machines.

Price 23700 Rupees
Electric Yes
Hand wheel Yes
Stitch Patterns 30
Sewing Light Yes
Extra Features Bobbin Winder, Button And Buttonhole Stitching
Dimensions 478 X 367 X 269 mm
Warranty 1 Year
Buy USHA Dream Maker 30


Brother XT 37 Sewing Machine

Sewing machines have supported the women economy of the country since the freedom struggle. However, over decades, this sector has rapidly transformed itself. Now what it means to use a sewing machine at home is much different from what it was in the early 1940s.

Rising Internet connectivity has given a big boost to globalization. Today’s market gives you an easy opportunity to create your own world of creativity and even earn from them. You can create a big business by just sitting at home. All you need is skill and a quality sewing machine.

This website has been rated well for excellent review articles on many sewing machines. Once again, we present a review research for two good quality sewing machines. I am sure you will find one of the products worthy to consider.

The Brother XT 37 Sewing Machine was launched in the year 2013 and since then it has gradually increased its popularity. It is available in the market for an amount of 15,999 rupees. I rate this machine as a good solution for semi-professional users. However, do not make your opinion yet because the whole review is still left. So, without wasting time let us discover all features, cons, and performance ability of this Brother product.

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User-Friendly and Solid Design

It looks like Brother has spent huge time in designing this product. You cannot come to a design that is so pleasing and yet highly user-friendly in just one single day. So yes, we should appreciate to the engineers behind this sewing machine. The whole setup provides good working space to the users. You are also getting a big extension table with a scale engraved on it.

This machine does not feel bulky rather it renders a slim profile. It is a compact design occupies less space on a table. I am totally flattened by the extreme engineering. You will find sufficient space between the needle setup and the neck to place the bulky fabrics.

The color combination of black and blue make this sewing machine look good. I have to agree in terms of color, looks, built and performance, Brother’s sewing machine is simply brilliant. The manufacturer has also engraved all the control dials with patterns to provide a nice grip.Brother XT 37 Sewing Machine Review Specifications Price Online in India

Decent Performance

The machine not only looks good from outside but also is loaded with many unique features, which ultimately benefits the end user. It allows selecting from 37 stitch patterns, all of which are labeled on the front with their respective code numbers.

Instead of featuring an LCD display, the machine comes equipped with a traditional analogous indicator that turns around when the user rotates the stitch selection dial. You can also select the stitch length and width along with the tension. The high-intensity LED illuminates the stitch area and helps the users in achieving greater accuracy.

At the heart of this machine is a powerful motor capable of offering a speed of 800 stitches per minute. This is a high number one sewing machine user can wish for.

Does not Offer Pro Features

I find this sewing machine marvelous from all angles except one, which in fact limits its endorsement for advanced use. I have already discussed that it does not come with a digital display, so the question of computerized operation is out of scope here. This might sound like a no big deal, but in reality, it does affect daily working convenience. It will stop a user from combining different stitch designs and creating a preset.


  • Powerful machine with a solid Built
  • Comes with a bunch of accessories
  • Offers high stitch speed
  • Durable
  • Large extension table
  • Sewing light
  • Fast bobbin winder


  • No digital display


I can vocally endorse this brother device as a good sewing machine with a brilliant design blueprint. Yes, it lacks computerized features and some micro enhancement to make an end user’s experience better.

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In fact, in the absence of the computerized feature, which surely affects its sales this is a sewing machine better suited for semi-professional users. It will provide a good platform for learning and molding your skills. Yes, after a few years you would want an upgrade.

Price 16000 Rupees
Electric Yes
Hand wheel Yes
Maximum Speed 800 SMP
Stitch Patterns 37
Sewing Light Yes
Extra Features Bobbin Winder, Button And Buttonhole Stitching
Weight 8.5 KG
Warranty 1 Year
Buy Brother XT 37

Users Review and Opinion


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