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Sewing Machine for Home User under 9500 Rupees

Usha Janome Allure 75 Watt Sewing Machine Review Specifications and Price Online in India

Brother GS 2700 Sewing Machine

Brother is a well-known brand in the Indian Printer market. All its products are affordable and regarded for the best-built quality, low-cost operation, and durability.

However, you will be surprised to know it also makes premium Kitchen appliances and Sewing Machine. After making a good start in the printer and consumer electronics segment, the brand has launched a few affordable sewing machines in the Indian market.

Since we are running a review series based on home sewing machines, I decided to present a review of one of the home usable Brother sewing machine. I would like to mention here the brand offers quality sewing machines for both home and industrial use.

The Brother GS 2700 Sewing Machine had launched in the Indian market a couple of years ago and since then it has attracted many customers. With very good online ratings and buyer’s positive feedback, the product is currently available at Amazon India for a price of 9000 rupees. In my opinion, the price of this sewing machine is reasonable considering the features it carries.

Impressive Form Factor: This sewing machine is quite compact and does not take much space on a desk. Moreover, you will not have to stretch your body in order access all its controls. The flatbed can be detached and it sports an accessory container. It's free arm provides an easy solution for sewing round parts of your favorite fabrics. The machine also features four suction feet at the bottom, which holds the surface firmly even during a heavy usage. To make the operation easy for the users, Brother has printed all the patterns along with their number codes just above the main control dial.

Brother GS 2700 Sewing Machine Review Specifications and Price Online in India

Offers Both Stitch Length and Width Adjustment

I am sure you will the convenient features of this sewing machine, which makes stitching an easy game. It comes with three rotating wheels at the top used for controlling tension, stitch width, and stitch length. A bright LED light at the needle section helps a lot in dark situations. Smart bobbin winder saves both time and energy of the users. Moreover, the automatic needle threader is just amazing as it gives a great relief to the eyes.

27 Stitch Patterns: No other sewing machine can stand in front of this device when it comes to core performance. You get an option to choose from a whopping 27 stitch patterns, which can be used for repairing old clothes as well as designing new ones. While other sewing machines offer a 4 or 5 step buttonhole functionality, this device does all that automatically in just a single step. It also offers reverse stitch functionality that proves to be of great benefit as the users get the ability to lock the stitches.

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Easy To Operate: The controls of this sewing machine are easy to understand. Those who have used any type of electric sewing machines earlier will not even need to go through the user manual. Surprisingly, the manufacturer also sends an instructional DVD along with the box that benefits new users a lot. The foot pedal makes the whole operation more controllable and less dangerous. This machine is made of durable materials but if you face any difficulty, then be sure to claim the 12-month warranty.


  • Consumes less power
  • Elegant, compact and portable
  • Automatic needle threader
  • One stop buttonhole functionality
  • Comes printed with useful labels on the controls
  • Sewing LED light
  • Offers stitch length and width adjustment capability
  • 27 stitch patterns

Cons: Not good for strong materials like jeans and rubber

Verdict: This Brother sewing machine offers unparalleled performance and is capable of throwing all other alternatives sold by other brands out of the competition. At such a low price, it features a premium outer shell and extraordinary stitching features. Both new and pro users can use it. The most amazing thing about this device is that it offers 27 stitch patterns. However, there is room for improvement as its motor struggles while stitching thick fabrics.

Electric Yes
Handwheel Yes
Stitch Patterns 27
Sewing Light Yes
Extra Features Bobbin Winder and Automatic Needle Threading
Warranty 1 Year
Buy 9500 Rupees


Usha Janome Allure 75-Watt Sewing Machine

A review article on sewing machines cannot complete without including a product from Indian brand Usha. This desi brand has proved that quick customer service and excellent product build quality alone can put a startup at the top of the world.

The Usha Janome Allure Sewing Machine that we are going to review next has earned quite a respect in the market. At Amazon India, it is available for an amount of 8740 rupees. However, because of some major concerns it will not impress many customers.

Portable: Unlike any other brand, Usha has tried the best to make this sewing machine as compact & portable as possible. It weighs in at 8KG, which is not much considering this device also packs an inbuilt electric motor. The manufacturer has also provided a pivoting handle at the top that helps a lot while moving the machine from one place to another. It firmly grasps the surface through its rubberized feet for a stable operation because of which stitching accuracy gets increased. Button for the reverse stitching is at the bottom for easy accessibility. The white finish of the outer shell is appealing and gives this device a much premium look.

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Free Arm and Sewing Light: This Usha Janome sewing machine is loaded with tons of features. It comes with a free arm feature use for stitching sleeves and cuffs. The tension control wheel is in the vertical position so that the users can rotate it easily. This machine also features a sewing light, which is controlled using a switch. Use the main control dial for selecting the stitch pattern while the other control dial is for selecting the size of each stitch. Moreover, this device comes equipped with a bobbin winder, which is not a unique feature since all the latest sewing machines available in the market offer that.

Usha Janome Allure 75 Watt Sewing Machine Review Specifications and Price Online in India

Limited Stitch Patterns on this sewing machine

It is unfortunate this machine offers only 13 inbuilt stitch patterns. This will restrict customers from making a purchase as everyone looks for a sewing machine with more than 20 stitch patterns these days. However, the good thing is that this device is suitable for nine different applications that include button-fixing, zip fixing as well as pecko. The labels on the front make it easy for a new user to remember the different code numbers for each stitch pattern. Its foot pedal is not hard to press and not too loose to cause any accident either. You also get a detailed instruction manual in the box, but experienced users will not feel the need of reading it.

Consumes Less Power: The machine consumes just 75 watts of power, which is less than what a full-size tube light consumes. Therefore, if you are concerned about power bill, throw all the worries to a dustbin since this device will not cause a major hike in monthly electricity bill. Another great fact is that the sewing machine comes with two years of warranty from manufacturer’s side.


  • Looks appealing to the eyes
  • Two needle operation
  • Durable build quality
  • Compact design and also features a handle
  • Can be used for 9 applications
  • 4 step buttonhole functionality
  • Inbuilt sewing light with a control switch
  • Length selecting control dial
  • Free arm
  • Features suction feet at the bottom
  • Requires just 75 Watts of power to run

Cons: Only 13 stitch patterns

Verdict: This sewing machine has really impressed me. I really appreciate the compactness and portability of this Usha gadget. Extra features like sewing light and free arm do enhance the experience of the end users.

The limitation of just 13 patterns is making the Usha Allure an undesirable choice for fashion designers. However, for a regular tailor shop, this is a perfect product.

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Electric Yes
Handwheel Yes
Stitch Patterns 13
Sewing Light Yes
Extra Features Bobbin Winder and Automatic Needle Threading
Warranty 2 Year
Buy 8500 Rupees

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