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Sewing Machine with 37 Stitch Patterns below 11000 Rupees

Brother GS 3700 Review and Specifications Price Online in India

Brother GS 3700 Electric Sewing Machine

It is amazing how technology is continuously changing our lifestyle. What took several days to be accomplished in the past can now be done in minutes and in a more efficient way. The manufacturing industry has come up with some innovative machines that help in carrying out daily tasks with ease.

Good examples are the modern Sewing Machines that have made a remarkable turn in the fashion and design industry. You will be surprised how our parents survived without these modern machines. They would spend several days carrying out home dressing or furnishing. Today, the electronic sewing machines have emerged with a variety of programmed stitching patterns. This modern technology has resulted in a bunch of stylish fashion designs. Read also 6 Reliable Singer Sewing Machines in Indian Market with Superior Features.

Singer or Brother

I know for most people “singer” is what strikes their mind when a sewing machine is mentioned, but after doing a thorough online research followed by tests, it came to my surprise how efficient the Brother GS electric sewing machine is, not to mention its awesome features.

A perfect example is Brother GS 3700 Electric model. It employs high technology advancing incredible features that any designer enthusiast will love. This guide will take you through the features that make the GS 3700 a perfect sewing machine.

This machine has incredible features that make it a no match in the market. It is all you need to join the smart stitch World.

Brother GS 3700 Review and Specifications

37 Stitch Patterns: Wide range Stitches: The Brother GS-3700 Electric sewing machine lets you work on all type stitching projects much faster and easier than most basic models. Whether you intend to do, home based repairs or dressmaking, the GS-3700 is the ultimate choice. The machine allows you to choose from 37-different built-in stitches with a 5mm stitch width. It is more than you need for decorative stitches.

Automated Needle Threader: Those who have been in the sewing industry for long knows better how disgusting threading a needle can get. That is why the GS-3700 comes to your rescue by having an automatic built-in needle threader. This saves your time and energy. You will no longer get frustrated or strain your eyes with the smart needle threading technology.

Quick Set Bobbin System: The top load bobbin system allows the user to easily thread and drop a full bobbin in place. This feature is very crucial since the bobbin has been known to cause major sewing problems, especially for beginners. With the Brother GS-3700 Electric sewing machine, this is well-taken care. In addition, winding the bobbin with this machine is easy and quicker.

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LED Light Features

The LED lighting system is gentle to the eye allowing you work in the dark. With every move made right, the light helps improve the lifespan of the machine. However, most users have complained about the light not being bright enough.

Automatic Buttonhole Functionality: The Brother GS-3700 automatic buttonhole function allows you to sew a button in just one-step. Unlike other brands, you will not have to stop sewing in order to turn the fabric. All you need to do is insert the button in a slot and let the GS-3700 do the rest. It sews and fits the button in the exact position.

Built-in free arm: This mode makes mastering the use of GS-3700 much easier. Free arm mode helps in sewing circular areas such as sleeves, cuffs, and trousers.

Instructional DVD : It does not matter whether you are a beginner or an experienced user; new machine comes with lots new functionality and features that are difficult to understand. In fact, sometimes you will find an old feature is replaced to a new place in a unique way.

To understand this machine well, the brand gives a DVD. You will find there a basic presentation of the features & functions of this model including how to use details. I insist go through the DVD at least once to have a better overview about this new sewing machine.

Dial Selection Machine: Be an adventurous sewer with the GS-3700 that not only offers stitch width and length controls but also has several dial stitch selections. You got 37 stitches to choose from. It is more than you need for the stunningly beautiful fashion designs. The dial selection is suitable for free motion sewing or embroidery.

Brother GS 3700 Features

Foot Control of this Brother Budget Sewing Machine

The Brother GS-3700 allows you to comfortably control the grip or pressure exerted on the fabric via the presser foot. This provides high precision in all our designs.

Warranty: The Brother GS electric sewing machine comes with a twelve months free service warranty. A 3-year return to base warranty (The user caters for the return costs) is also provided. The warranty terms and conditions also vary with various websites.

Price: The price of Brother GS electric sewing machine is currently between 9000 to 11000 Rupees depending on the website bought from.

Additional Features:-

  • Free-arm sewing capability
  • 4mm maximum stitch length
  • Electronic foot controls
  • Reverse sewing ability
  • Free kit with several accessories
  • Width and length stitch controls
  • Thread tension control
  • Convenient and fast bobbin winding
  • One step button hole
  • 5mm maximum stitch width
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Pro Features:-

  • Easy to set up and use
  • Cheaper compared to other models
  • High sewing speed
  • Easy automated threading
  • Much advanced than the previous GS-2700 model

Cons: Not suitable for use with fine fabric

Final Verdict: No matter your design needs, the GS-3700 has what it takes to work on any fashionable project. Brother GS-3700 Electric sewing machine, though lightweight and compact, features incredible stitching-styles any designer will love. With the favorable price and high-end quality, I would not be reluctant in recommending one to a friend. It is accompanied with an instructional DVD guide that takes you through the step-by-step start-up process. We could not expect anything better than the GS-3700 Electric sewing machine; it is worth every coin spent. Read also Looking for a Sewing Machine to Stitch Denim Jeans?

Brother GS 3700 Review and Specifications Price Online in India

Brand Brother
Type Electric
Model Name GS 3700
Sewing Speed 800 spm
Weight 6.5 kg
Height 11 inch
Width 15 inch
Depth 5.5 inch
Number of Buttonhole styles 1
Number of stitches 37
Color White
Maximum stitch width 5 mm
Maximum stitch length 4 mm
Warranty 12 months
Buy 10000 Rupees

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  1. I’m happy with my sewing machine brother GS 3700 , but I d’ont know how to go with the stitching from 20 to 37 , is not working . thank you

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