Owning a premium electric sewing machine is the dream of every beginner tailor. Apart from accustoming you with how professional sewing machines work, a good quality sewing machine lets you learn the art of couture without ever breaking down you. You have probably heard people say that it’s wise to start learning embroidery through a cheap machine, maybe something below 10000 rupees.  Well, if you have no other option, this is better than no machine at all. However, if you want to become a real professional, then it’s wiser to get a stronger machine.

In this piece, we look at a number of beginner sewing machines that resemble professional machines in every sense of it. However, they come at a cheaper price. Now, professional sewing machines don’t come easy. Actually, this is why we advise beginners to buy semi-professional machines. The professional sewing machine price in India starts at about a lakh. Depending on the machine’s features, this price could go up to 2 lakhs. For a beginner, saving up such kind of money to buy a computerized machine is untenable.  The wiser move here is to buy a premium sewing machine that resembles a professional one, (though not professional). Then, you can use this machine until you perfect your skills. In this article, we have covered some of the best professional-like sewing machines below 35000 rupees. Have a look.

► Bernette 33 Sewing Machine for Beginners

Bernette sewing machines are distinct from other machines due to their heavy duty and blocky build. As it happens, durability and resilience are factors that every tailor in the world reveres in a sewing machine. Beginners, in particular, hold these two attributes in the highest regard because, without a stable machine, they might as well quit learning the art. Bernette recognized this set of circumstances for beginners. Hence, the company built one of the best sewing machines for beginners. This machine is none other than the Bernette 33 electric Sewing Machine. Here’s why you should start your tailoring lessons with this Bernette machine:

Bernette 33 Sewing Machine Sewing Patterns

Sturdy Swiss design: To begin with, the Bernette 33 already has the looks of a professional machine. Despite lacking a display and other computerized systems, its design resembles that of a pro sewing machine. The engineers gave this machine a metallic casing to keep it sturdy and robust. Moreover, the B33 is equipped with a 2-step presser foot lift which makes it an ideal jeans sewing machine. With this presser foot lift system, you can sew thick linen and jeans all by adjusting the presser foot’s position.

Bernette 33 Sewing Machine Needle Threading

→ Powerful Motor

Apart from having a muscular build, this machine boasts of a powerful professional-grade motor. The motor pierces through several stacked layers of fabric with ease. This multi-layer sewing functionality is a characteristic feature in professional machines. With the B33 you won’t be needing a computerized embroidery sewing machine to do your professional needlework. This gadget handles heavy sewing jobs perfectly, including stitching canvas material. The motor can drive through stitches as thick as 5-mm through tough fabrics.

Bernette 33 Sewing Machine Control Knob

Easy to use: In spite of housing several complex systems under its hood, the Bernette 33 sewing machine is relatively easy to use for a beginner. First, it has a Semi-automatic threader that facilitates easy and trouble-free threading. For a machine in this price range, a semi-automatic threader is reasonably acceptable. Unlike automatic sewing machines, semi-automatic machines utilize a simple threading concept. The threader first clutches the thread right after the user puts it in place. Then, it pulls the thread through the eye of the needle thus successfully loading new thread onto the system. Simple and easy.

Bernette 33 Sewing Machine for Beginners

→ Comes with additional accessories

This Bernette machine is sold together with a number of helpful accessories for beginners. For instance, it comes with a set of 5 different presser feet, each for a specific task. This machine also comes with an accessory box and a number of plastic bobbins.

Perfect Sewing Machine for Beginners (हिंदी में) | Bernette 33

Price 35000 Rupees
Features Large accessory box | Manual thread cutter | Semi-automatic needle threader | Simple knobs | Stable presser foot shank and bobbin rods | Swiss design
Sewing Max Speed: 860 SPM | Stitch Width: 5-mm | Buttonhole: 4-step | Stitch Patterns: 15
Sales Box 3 Bobbins | Zigzag foot | Buttonhole foot | Button-sew-on-foot | Zipper foot | Blind stitch foot
Warranty Bernette Customer Care: +91-98 202 13400


► Award Winning Sewing Machine : Singer 7258 Stylist

Ever heard of the Singer Corporation? Well if you haven’t, it is an international company known for literally the best sewing machines in the whole wide world. First established as I.M. Singer & Co, the American manufacturers are so widely famous for their work that it’s just their company which now is treated as a synonym for sewing machines.

Singer 7258 Stylist Sewing Machine is the one you’ll know about today. One of those electric sewers who have its name for it’s beyond compare precision. So if you’re fond of embroidering and don’t really like your current  average sewing machine or you still have to sew manually and have outgrown it?  You’ll love this product. It has all the required features needed for freehand embroidery, quilting, dressmaking and even home furnishings.

Singer has been so consistent in its innovation that every time ‘The Best Selling Machine Reviews’ are there, it already has backed its first position.  Some of its older products, now considered antique are kept in museums! So if you are on the look out of a better sewing experience- you’re at the right place! Let me take you further to examine about all of the amazing features of this electric sewer.

→ Superior Build and User-Friendly Design

The design itself has 2 of its features for you to drool at!

LCD: Ever wanted a sewing machine with a tiny LCD just to make things easier? Well, you have it here in this one! Having 100 pre-programmed stitches means you can very easily select the one of your choice by just entering it in the LCD. It also allows you to view and adjust the stitch width as well as the length before you start your work.

Display: The machine may seem to be fairly light in weight and sort of small but it also gives you the feeler of a sturdy machine. Moreover which is a pretty good thing as what even compares to an electronic sewing machine that not only gives you array of advantages but is also portable?

→ Ideal sewing machine for Designer

While talking about stitching, all the sewing enthusiasts know how much that one little word has to be taken care of. All of the details, the width, the patterns and what not! So coming to the rescue no matter if you are good and old at stitching machines or a novice, as you have everything needed to make you understand. So let go of all your worries as here are the features you always wanted:

Easy Thread Loading! : Six seconds, that’s all you need. You can very continently thread the whole machine right from the pool to the needle’s eye, just within 6 tiny seconds. Another fact that you’ll love about the thread loading is the top drop in bobbin which even has a transparent cover which allows you to monitor your thread supply while working.

Stitching Variants: You are allowed to explore all three kinds of stitches: utility, stretch or decorative.

Utility Stitches: The most common stitch. Available on most of the machines and is marked directly on it.

Stretch Stitches: Ever came across breaking stitches in your clothes? Well, that’s what this stitch is all about. While you sew knits, your seams need to have the same stretch matching its fabric. When you witness stitch breakage on your garments, it’s because the stretch wasn’t strong enough and therefore it breaks. Which you’ll be happy to know is preventable on this product.

Decorative Stitches: To a large extent the word ‘embroidery’ describes decorative stitches. Though many people also term the blanket stitch used to finish a piece of unhemmed blanket.

→ Key Features and Free Accessories

Not used to sewing with your hands for hours? Well, this Singer product here can stitch up to 750 stitches in one single minute. That’s right; this machine only keeps on making things easier for you!

Electronic Auto Pilot: This function lets you sew without using the foot pedal and guess what? You can adjust the speed too. Having 13 unique needle positions and two height pressers for your foot, the electronic sewer is a part of the most the ideal ones.

Included Goodies: Now for people who are new to this entire sewing world would surely need some vocabulary help that is provided below:

In Built Thread Cutter: Trims the thread with the touch of a button and saves you the recurring task of cutting it.

10 presser feet (All Purpose): The foot plate which holds all of your stuff down to the area which feeds it below the needle. Now you should know that there are various kinds of presser feet and this one is truly the most preferred as it is the most versatile… Like it name says ‘All Purpose’! It helps you keep covered for almost any sewing project you can imagine.

Satin Stitch: It is non-haywire, extended and really straight decorative stitch giving the outward form of satin.

→ Inbuilt storage for accessories keeps you hassle free

Doing a detailed work like sewing? Life Rule says you need to be organized! Well even if you aren’t … the storage present inside the sewer will already keep your things in order.

Buttonhole: It is just an incision made in the clothes to eventually be secured with a button.

Darning: It is a sewing technique done to repair the holes in clothes.

Blind Hem Stitch: This one’s a method to simply join two pieces of fabric to make the stitches invisible on both sides.

Gathering:  It is shortening the length of a strip of fabric to further attach the longer pieces to the shorter ones.

Overcasting: This type of stitch technique is used on any kind of unfinished edge. Its core purpose is to prevent the fabric from untangling.

→ Pros Features

Being an extremely old, trusted and the number one in past many years with this American brand, you get the best of everything you ever wanted. The performance will satisfy you to depth. From its sturdy look to its amazingly light portability, it’s all you ever needed from a sewing machine.

  • Twin Needles: Why settle for one when you can take the full advantage of two of them? The twin needles allow you to get even more diversification with any and everything you want to stitch.
  • High Speed: Speed is a major plus point. As it helps you to get your work done thoroughly yet within the deadlines you have set for yourself and if speed weren’t an issue, why would people mind still stitching by hand? Its maximum speed is not less than 750 stitches per minute. This is indeed pretty good, right?
  • Plenty of Accessories: We all love the extra bits that come along with our special buys. Making your experience even better, the top quality accessories it comprehends add to its worth.

Singer 7258 Stylist Sewing Machine with 100 Stitch Review and Specifications

→ Singer 7258 Stylist Specs

Having unparalleled technology and being an international brand, Singer 7258 Stylist Sewing Machine gives you all the features you could wish for to make your stitching easy and even more precise.  The basic disadvantage that might hold people back to buy this product is its price … but like they say- if you want the best you need to pay for the best.

If I had to buy this Singer for myself I’d go in for it if I’m about to do some serious stitching. Why settle for less and put a period to the conveniences we can avail that too in ‘once for a lifetime’ kind of purchase? Plus I see more advantages than disadvantages but it’s not like this one’s the last sewing machine ever! There might be something out there that’s in your budget and fits your need too.

Price 34000 Rupees
Features 100 Stitch Patterns | Sewing speed : 750 SPM | 7 Fully Automatic 1 Step Buttonholes | LED Light | LCD Control Panel | Automatic Needle Threader | Automatic Tension | Audible Tone | Snap-On Presser | Automatic Reverse \ 13 Needle Positions
Feet All-Purpose Foot | Zipper Foot | Buttonhole Foot | Blind Hem Foot | Satin Stitch Foot | Overcasting Foot | Gathering Foot | Narrow Rolled Hem Foot | Straight Stitch Foot | Side Cutter | Darning & Freehand Embroidery Foot.
Build  Body Frame : Aluminum | Electric
Warranty Up to 25 Years on parts