► 80-Watt Usha Janome My Style Automatic Sewing Machine

Usha is famous for launching unique and high-quality products in the market. Some of its products are even famous around the world. In fact, it is only Indian brand has been giving a head-to-head competition to international companies like Singer in the sewing machine market.

A couple of weeks ago, I received an email from one of my readers to do a review on the Usha Janome My Style Automatic Sewing Machine. This is an advance sewing machine available in the online market for a price of 21355 rupees.

The features that this sewing machine flaunts have really impressed me. It can be a great solution for the people who like to design and make dresses in their free time. But to take this machine home, you should have deep pockets. Everything on this sewing machine is perfect, but still I find it a bit overpriced.

Usha Janome My Style Automatic 80 Watt Sewing Machine Review Specifications Price Online in India

Strong Construction: For a premium price, you are getting a product made of premium materials. The outer shell of this product feels much sturdy and durable. It does not suffer from flexing or creaking no matter how much pressure is applied from outside. The machine also offers a stable platform for the users. Its base holds the surface quite strongly and makes sure that the machine does not vibrate even when running at the highest settings.

Usha has also taken a good care of user friendliness. There is enough space between the sewing area and control panel that you will be able to place long and bulky fabrics without any kind of problem. The extension table increases the platform so that the users can control the stitch pattern more accurately.

Removal of extension table uncovers the free arm that helps in working on round part of clothes like cuffs and collars. Another feature of the extension table is it comes with an accessory compartment. Find the placement of reverse stitch button at the base, which ensures the machine remains in balance during the use.

→ Classic Control Panel

Although it is a high priced machine but Usha has not featured any display panel on it. This might disappoint many customers who appreciate the latest technologies. However, its absence makes the controlling of the machine much easier for the people who are not tech savvy.

Select stitch patterns with a dial, which is placed just under the hand wheel on the right. When you rotate this dial, the red indicator (on the pattern selection panel) also jumps from one pattern to another. Above the pattern selection panel is located an analogous guide message window that displays key information about the selected stitch pattern.

The machine comes with a dedicated rotary dial for changing the length and width of stitches. In addition, the tension wheel is on the front for easy accessibility.

This Usha sewing machine is not much difficult to use, but still a new user will need a couple of weeks to master its controls. Be sure to read the manual that comes along. Alternatively, you can also download a PDF that contains all the necessary information from the official website.

→ Perfect for Repairs and Embroideries

Do you have a childhood dream of making beautiful dresses and decorating bed sheets with embroideries? Well, in that case, this sewing machine is just the right choice for you. Do not worry, even if you are not skilled in designing and trained in embroidery. The Usha My Style is one of the simplest to use yet high performing machines out there. With it, you will be able to make designs of your choice and imagination.

It allows the users to choose from 15 basic stitch patterns. With your creativity, you will be able to mold these design patterns into hundreds of new combinations. Each of these patterns can be modified in different ways using the length, width and stretch stitch balance dials. The end users can even stitch their own designs by removing the pressure foot and moving the fabric according to their imagination.

This sewing machine also has twin needle capability. Using this functionality, filling up boundaries of raw patterns with colorful threads becomes much easier. Find a dedicated dial for stitch width selection allowing the user to change the width of stitches up to 6 mm, which indeed great.

→ High Grade Performance

Usha has equipped this sewing machine with a high-performance motor that can do up to 860 stitches every minute. With this speed, you can do embroideries and stitch new dresses without spending much time. The machine can perform 23 types of stitch functions that also include button and buttonhole stitching.

The zigzag stitching feature allows the users to repair torn clothes within a matter of minutes. It also offers zipper sew in functionality. In the presence of this sewing machine, you would not have to depend on any other tool to sew new clothes and dresses. Homemakers can even open a small home-based tailor shop if they are in search of employment opportunities. The Users will also be able to sew smocked curtains using this amazing sewing machine.

→ Loaded With Extra Features

It comes loaded with tons of extra features that enhance the end user experience in day-to-day usages. To perform freehand embroidery, you will not have to purchase extra accessory because this powerful Usha sewing machine comes with a drop feed facility. On it, you also get a high power sewing light that brightens the whole stitching area.

One can even find a strong, but comfortable handle on the top, which enhances the portability aspect of this product. However, moving this machine from one place to another is not going to be easier because of its high weight of 11 KG.

Along the needle bar has been placed a really sharp thread cutter. This means you will not need a scissor in order to cut the thread after completing the sewing work. However, I am bit disappointed with this machine as it does not feature an automatic needle threader, which is something that even sub 10,000-rupee sewing machines come with.

→ Not recommended for Industrial Use

I do agree the Usha My Style Automatic is a high power sewing machine and handles all types of stitching with an ease. However, I am also of the view that this product is not good for industries. So, if you are planning to set up a cloth-making factory then do not purchase this machine. It is only good for consumer level work. At the best, it is suitable more to be in a small tailor shop. Moreover, it is not a computerized machine, so you will not be able to make design presets.


  • Consumes much less power
  • Offers a high sewing speed of 860 stitches per minute
  • Analogue dials for controlling everything
  • Good for people who are not tech savvy
  • Can be used to do freehand embroideries
  • Sturdy and durable build
  • Outer shell looks really attractive
  • Manufacturer offers 2 years of warranty
  • Inbuilt carry handle
  • Twin needle capability
  • Maximum stitch width of 6 mm
  • Features a thread cutter

Cons: No automatic needle threader

Verdict: The above discussion makes clear that the sewing machine is a perfect solution for homemakers and moms. Now it totally depends on you whether to spend such a great amount or not. However, before you decide to purchase it, remember the market is full of affordable alternatives.

Price 21500 Rupees
Electric Yes
Hand wheel Yes
Stitch Patterns Basic 15
Sewing Light Yes
Extra Features Bobbin Winder, Thread Cutter and Automatic Button Holder
Motor Capacity 80 Watt
Weight 11 KG
Dimensions 470 X 240 X 355 mm


► Brother FS101 Computerized Sewing Machine

Technological boost in today’s silicon age has benefited everyone in the society. Gone are the days when only big fabric companies were able to lead the fashion market. Nowadays even a common person can become a successful entrepreneur by choosing a career in dress designing. E-commerce websites like Flipkart and Amazon have been offering a huge opportunity to individual starts up in clothes & garment category.

With an innovative and computerized sewing machine, designing new dresses has become a lot easier nowadays. I know without proper training making a dress perfect is not quite possible. Therefore, in this article, I am introducing one powerful sewing machine, which can turn your passion into reality without you being a full-trained professional. Yes, thanks to this brand new machine in the market, you do not need to bother about going to a sewing school to learn the cloth designing skills.

The Modern day technology has been making two-prong impact. The first is the convenience of automated process and the second is cost affordability. Today’s gadgets are more resourceful and cheaper, which helps an ambitious individual to start the business without seeking huge investment. Your age, education, and economical status do not matter anymore. What matters is your determination to turn a dream into reality.

You will need a computerized sewing machine like the Brother FS101. For a price of 16999 rupees, it is one of the cheapest (computerized) sewing machines, you can purchase without any second thoughts.

Brother FS 101 Computerized Sewing Machine Review Specifications Price Online in India

→ Portable Design

In general, manufacturing grade machines are huge in size. If you have ever gone to a cloth-making factory, then you can recall the actual size of those mammoth sewing machines. However, the designers of this Brother product were quite successful in reducing the size.

At first, I did not believe an industry grade machine could be so slim and compact. However, after getting a test drive, my opinion has changed apparently. For its installation, you do not need a huge desk rather it can easily fit on a regular house table. You can even use an old computer table for its perfect installation. The Bother FS101 sewing machine is a lightweight device.

User-Friendly Design: Brother is worthy of some appreciations from the customers for making such a compact and user-friendly sewing machine.

The front has the placement of all the controls. Adjacent to the hand wheel is a detailed table of all the patterns, which this machine can stitch. The digital display at the center makes the selection and formatting of patterns much easier. Like all other electronic stitching machines, this device also comes with a free arm, an extension table, and an accessory compartment.

The build quality of the outer shell is also highly impressive. Brother has used premium quality materials in the making. White finish offers it a classical look and the blue colored labels can be read easily without stressing the eyes.

→ 100 Stitch Patterns

Use this Brother sewing machine to decorate fabrics in (up to) 100 patterns. Moreover, the user can also choose from 55 additional characters including alphabets, common signs, and numbers.

It is a perfect machine for stitching names and doing different types of embroideries on clothes. While most premium sewing machines offer only a single type of buttonhole design, this product increases that number to eight. The inbuilt bobbin winder of this sewing machine is much faster as compared to that of other alternatives.

Loaded With Extra Features: The list of extra features on this sewing machine is really long. Use of a dedicated slider to control stitching speed is the most exciting among them. It also comes with an automatic button holder, which makes easier to attach buttons to fabrics. You do not even have to thread the needle manually. The automatic needle threader of this machine will do that for you effortlessly. A special lock button can be used to secure the stitches every time you remove the foot from the paddle. In addition, a light brightens the stitching area.

→ Consumes Less Power

At the heart of this machine is located a highly efficient motor that consumes just 50 Watts of electricity. Even after aggressive usages, your monthly electricity bill will be under check. Your investment for this product gets an extra layer of security, as two years of complete replacement warranty for the motor.


  • Features an automatic needle threader and an automatic button holder
  • High power light with on/off button
  • Reverse lock feature
  • 100 design patterns and 55 character patterns
  • Low consumption yet high-performance motor
  • Speed control slider
  • Comes with a digital display
  • Free arm with extension table
  • Brother also sends an instructional DVD in the box

Cons: Extension table does not offer a big area to work on

Verdict: For a price of 17000 rupees, the Brother FS101 is a complete dress-designing sewing machine. In my opinion, you should purchase it without any second thought. The extra features that it comes with will certainly enhance the working experience of the end users.

Price 21000 Rupees
Electric Yes
Hand wheel Yes
Stitch Patterns 100
Sewing Light Yes
Extra Features Bobbin Winder, Automatic Needle Threader and Automatic Button Holder
Motor Capacity 50 Watt
Weight 6 KG
Dimensions 11.6 X 7.0 X 16.2 inches