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Best Sewing Machines under 10000 Rupees

Top Sewing Machine under 10000 Rupees in India Market

Inasmuch as people aren’t that choosy when it comes to sewing machines, reading such a review can save you a lot of trouble that comes with learning from experience. Few people are interested in knowing about sewing machines and end up buying sewing machines just for the sake of it. Some (when prompted by their businesses to buy a sewing machine) are attracted by pretty features such as LCD displays, design, and paint work. Such fellas only realize later that they would have done better with their money, if only they had taken time to consider important factors such as sewing speed and compatibility with presser foots.

This sewing machine review article covers the top sewing machines in India market from the price range of 9000 to 10000 Rupees. The suggested best sewing machines for home use are also ideal choices for tailor shops. However, if you a novice in using a sewing machine, then I would suggest — you first start with a primary sewing machine. For instance, Singer Simple and Usha Prime (Prima) are two ideal basic sewing machines to learn how to operate an electric sewing machine.

Sewing machines reviewed in this article are advanced, and in order to use them correctly, you must have prior experience in using a sewing machine. I can explain it better by relating sewing experience with the standard educational curriculum. Electric sewing machines considered in this article are ideal for students from seventh to class ten.

☼ Singer M1155 Sewing Machine {14 Patterns}

The Singer sewing machine is another best-selling sewing machine under 10000 Rupees after the Brother JA1400 sewing machine. Currently, both are traded at the same price, which is ₹8500. So, which one to buy?

My favorite is the Brother sewing machine. Why? Because in terms of features and functions, it is almost similar to the Singer sewing machine, however, if we go by the list of accessories that Brother provides with the JA1400 model, it is a clear winner.

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The Singer M1155 is an excellent sewing machine for home use. It could be an ideal choice for a tailor shop as well. It can do a lot with its built-in 14 stitch patterns and a total of 19 stitch functions. On this Singer sewing machine, you can do PICO, RAFU, and stitch fall on a saree as well. More you will learn about it in our video presentation, which is linked below.

Price ₹8500 | Amazon
Features Stitch Patterns: 14 | Stitch Functions: 19 | Sewing Speed: 800 SPM | Built-in Needle LED Light | Reverse Sewing | Warranty: 2-Years


☼ Brother JA1400 Sewing Machine {14 Patterns}

The Brother JA1400 model is an ideal sewing machine for homemakers and beginners. Provided instructional DVD in the sales of this sewing machine make it perfect even for those who inspire to be a dress designer but have never touched a sewing machine before.

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Features that set the Brother electric sewing machine apart from the available top sewing machines under 10000 Rupees are built-in 14 stitch patterns, 750 SPM sewing speed, excellent build, provided foot paddle, automatic stitch length & width, and lots of other features that we covered in detail in our review presentation, which is listed below.

Alternatives of the Brother JA1400 sewing machine are Usha Dream, Singer 1408, Singer 1304, Brother JA20, and Usha Marvela. Although they are not as excellent as is this Brother automatic sewing machine. Hence go for it.

Price ₹8500 | Amazon
Features Stitch Patterns: 14 | Sewing Speed: 750 SPM | Built-in Needle LED Light | Reverse Sewing | Warranty: 2-Years


► Singer 8280 Sewing Machine

The Singer electric sewing machine not simply succors you to sew somewhat torn garments, but also cherish your stitching experience and embroidering flair. It arrives along with a swarm of stitch patterns to make your work smoother. Most of all, it is lightweight and moveable and comfortable to set up. It is a simple yet, a dependable sewing machine that won't overpower you with too many gongs and extras.

Singer 8280 sewing machine covers the whole kit and caboodle from fashion to home-based ornate sewing, and you can pick from seven available stitch patterns by just rotating a dial. Likewise, you get 24 diverse stitch functions to try out many innovative projects and put your imaginative thoughts and designs to come out with delightful conceptions. The machine as well lets you simply alter the needle position for various projects such as top-stitching, cording, or implanting zips.

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This sewing machine devours a heavy-duty inner metal frame along with a dominant motor to effortlessly hem through numerous layers of colossal cloth. The detachable arm lets you stitch manacles, sleeves, and lapels simply while offering access to convenient stowage inside. The space is flawless for firmly holding your device accessories and sewing fundamentals.

Thus, the Singer electric sewing Machine lets you being artistic with needles. Encumbered with a swarm of stitch functions and patterns, this machine is planned to make your work smoother. Along with a built-in motor and Oscillating Shuttle Mechanism, its 8 built-in stitch patterns, 24 stitch functions and 5-mm maximum stitch width offer the springiness of picking your favorite pattern. It is one of the best sewing machines under 10000 Rupees.

Price ₹9500 | Amazon
Features Sewing Speed: 800 SPM | Embroidery Feature | Automatic Bobbin Winding | Extra-High Presser Foot Lifter | Automatic 4-Step Button-Hole | 24-Months Warranty | 2 Free Demo from Singer Brand
Stitch Simple Stitch Selection | 8 Built-In Stitches | 24 Stitch Functions | Reverse Stitch | Adjustable Stitch Length & Zigzag Width | Max Stitch Width: 5-mm | Blind-stitching | Picot | Hemming | Over-edging
Needle Variable Needle Positions | Needle LED Light
Thread Easy Threading | Adjustable Thread Tension | Automatic Thread Cutter
Build Heavy-Metal Frame | Free Arm for Circular Stitching | Accessories Compartment | Metal Bobbin
Sales Box Sewing Machine | 4 Snap-on Presser Feet (All Purpose, Zipper, Buttonhole, Button Sewing) | Seam Ripper/Lint Brush | Edge/Quilting Guide | Needles | Bobbins | Spool Holder | Screwdriver | Darning Plate | Spool Pin | Spool Pin Felt | Power Cord/Foot Control | Soft-Sided Dust Cover | Documents


► Usha Janome Excella Automatic Sewing Machine

Over time, people have come to embrace the power of automatic sewing machines over traditional manual sewing machines. Apart from their sheer simplicity and ease of use, electric sewing machines are quick in operation, not to mention precise and efficient in their work. One of the best brands in this line of electronics is Usha.

Most people associate Usha with kitchen equipment, little do they know that the company also produces premium Sewing machines both for home and commercial use. In this article, we go through one of the company’s flagship sewing machines which goes by the name Usha Janome Excella Automatic Sewing Machine.

Now, this is not just your standard Usha table top sewing machine. Actually, this machine is a jewel in its price category. Usha built the Janome Excella as an entry-level sewing machine to challenge longstanding brands like Singer and Brother. Below is what we liked about this device.

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Sturdy Design: The engineers gave this machine a rectangular form factor. The bezels are not curvilinear, so it still has that traditional look. All the same, the manufacturer used steel to build the frame, and this accounts for the machine’s strong free-arm bed structure. If you have a savor for edgy designs like myself, this device will please you.

However, it should be noted that this Usha Janome automatic sewing machine only comes in one predominant color, White. Additionally, this gadget uses an auto-tripping bobbin which guarantees for a smooth threading experience without any possibility of jamming.

Convenience features: Being an entry-level and budget sewing machine, the Janome Excella meets the needs of a regular tailor. To start with, it has a lightweight design. Moreover, the manufacturer included a carrying handle on this device for easy transportation. Unfortunately, you won’t find an LCD or touchscreen display on the Excella. Nonetheless, the designers included an LED sewing light for indicating various sewing modes.

This simplicity makes the Excella one of the most ideal sewing machines for beginners. From a professional standpoint, this device is better suited for home use than its sister product, the Usha Janome Allure. Notably, it has two well-labeled and uncomplicated dials: One for selecting the pattern and the other for adjusting the stitch length. Also, the free arm design means that you can make circular stitches with ease.

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Fast stitching technology: Usha built this device with 13 stitch functions. After a number of tests, we ascertained that this gadget could surely reach a speed of up to 860 SPM. Therefore, there is no doubt that it can handle commercial projects in good time.

Finally, you can use this device to achieve different types of stitches. Some of the supported stitching styles include; Zigzag, Tricot, Fine Blind Hem, Triple strength and straight stitches among others.

Price ₹9750 | Amazon
Features Sewing Light | Sewing Speed: 860 SPM | Dial for {Pattern-Selection & Stitch-Length selection} | Free-Arm for circular Stitching | 13 Built-Inch Stitches | 11 Applications | Combine Patterns | Japanese Technology | Fabric Selector Knob | Adjustable Knee Lift | Automatic Thread Cutter | Auto Lock Button
Stitch Stitch Length Control | Stitch Pattern Selector Dial | Stitch Width 5mm | Stitch Width Control: NO | Triple Strength Stitch | Four Step Button Hole | Thread Tension Control | Start/Stop Stitch Button | Automatic Reverse | Stitch out Time Indicator | One Touch Reverse Stitch
Patterns Straight | Zigzag | Tricot | Blind Hem | Fine Blind Hem | Shell Tuck | Triple Strength Straight | Rick Rack – Triple strength Zigzag | Satin | Honey Comb | Over Cast | Arrow Head | Serging (Over Edge) | Button Hole Stitch
Functions Button Holing | Lace Fixing | Picot | Mending | Cording | Smocking | Quilting (basic) | Zip fixing | Button Fixing | Applique | Embroidery (basic)
Fonts Embroidery Fonts: 10 | Sewing Fonts: 20
Needle Threading Manual | Programmable Needle Up Down | Twin Needle Guard | Twin Needle Compatibility
Bobbin Auto Tripping | Bobbin Winder
Body Steel Body | 381 mm x 205 mm x 288 mm | Power Consumption: 75-Watt | Extra High Presser Foot Lift | Weight: 7-Kg
Sales Box Usha Janome Excella | Foot control | Accessories
Warranty 24 Months | Usha Customer Care 1800-1033-111


► Singer 3223 Sewing Machine

Today, electronic sewing machines are quite a common thing in Indian households. A few years ago, domestic stitching limited itself to traditional sewing machines, and even those were too expensive for most Indian homes. However, in the present day, we have limitless solutions for home sewing. These include the hi-tech handheld sewing machines as well as minimalistic automatic sewing machines.

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Over time, the cost of sewing machines in India has significantly dropped. Therefore, more people can afford them. The entry of new brands in this profitable market has heightened the competition thus causing a drop in price. The singer is a longstanding sewing machine brand in India. A while ago, the company released a convenient sewing machine for home use called the Singer Simple 3223. In this piece, we disclose to you the upsides and downsides of owning this machine.

Convenient and durable design: The Singer Simple 3223 boasts of a robust metal frame which keeps the mechanisms intact and free from vibrations. This metal frame supports the machine’s free-arm design rigidly.  Of course, you are aware of all the perks that come with this type of design. The free-arm structure allows you to rotate fabric freely when fitting cuffs and collars.

In our view, this is the best cheap sewing machine for home use. Apart from having a strong metallic build, this machine is also very portable. The manufacturer fitted it with a carrying handle. Moreover, the designers added an onboard compartment within its casing for storing accessories. The bobbin case is metallic too.

Quite easy to use Sewing machine: Being a basic sewing machine, the Simple 3223 is relatively easy to use. For the sake of this review, I was lucky to find one that was already assembled for me in the showroom. To start with, this machine has an automatic bobbin winder for easy thread loading. The automatic bobbin winder is further complemented with an automatic thread cutter.

Singer built this machine to utilize an extra-high presser foot lifter. You can use this lifter to adjust the foot clearance when stitching heavy fabric or several layers of fabric. Additionally, changing the presser feet on this gadget is quite easy since it uses Snap-On presser feet. Unlike in old singer sewing machines, you don’t need a screwdriver to change the presser feet here.

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23 Stitch Patterns: The Singer 3223 is relatively a versatile machine as it allows the user to make up to 23 different stitching patterns. Besides, this Singer automatic sewing machine supports buttonhole sewing through its 4-step buttonhole functionality. You also get a darning plate to help you handle complicated stitching jobs safely. Such complex stitching tasks include monograms and stipple quilting.

Cons: –

  • Does not have the Twin Needle feature
  • This machine is moderately hard to set up for first-timers
  • Threading the needle is also a headache, but manageable

Price ₹9990 | Amazon
Features Basic Sewing | Decorative Sewing | Front Loading Bobbin | Machine cover in the sales box | Darning Plate to use during stipple quilting, monograms, button sewing | 4-step buttonhole | Automatic Bobbin Winding
Stitch 750 SPM | 23 Stitch Patterns | Easy Stitch Selection Dial | Reverse Sewing Lever | Adjustable Stitch Length | Adjust Zigzag stitch width | Adjustable Thread tension
Needle Easy Threading | Multiple needle positions
Build Free Arm | Heavy Duty Metal Frame | 4 Snap-on presser feet | Extra-High Presser Foot Lifter | Four Segment Feed dog system
Warranty 24 Months | Singer India Customer Care 1800-103-3474


► Brother GS1700 Sewing Machine

In this piece, I have tried to compile the most important of features that I think you should know about this machine. You should, therefore, understand that not all features are exclusive to this device.

Style and Design: Well, since am not the type of person who is that into looks more than work-ability, I’d say that the GS1700 isn’t badly off with its design. It has a well-placed LCD display, buttons are strategically positioned and are carefully blended in with the LED indicators. It comes in two main colors, white and Black. To complement the whole façade, it has an inbuilt needle threader. However, I still think that Brother would have embraced technology way better than they did with this one. The Singer version of the GS 1700 has a Touchscreen display that has made quite a considerable number of buyers to shift to Singer.

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Efficiency and Sewing speed: A good sewing machine must be in a position to deliver stitch jobs within the shortest time possible and at the same time consume a reasonable amount of power.

The Brother GS 1700 sewing machine is reasonably slow on power as compared to some of its later models like the GS3700. But since most of the operations on it are automated, like the thread tension controller, just expect a normal electricity bill, like you would hope for, from any other electric sewing machine model in the same class. The GS 1700 has a sewing speed of 800 SPM and has some 17 stitches built-in.

Brother GS 1700 Sewing Machine Review and Specifications

Powerful sewing machine: I did not find it that taxing when using this stitching machine but one thing is for sure with all sewing machines, you’ve got to have used one before so that you can understand how these things work. If you’ve never used one before then it’s time to get some training so that you can even understand some of the vocabularies that are used when rating a good sewing machine.

Otherwise, the GS1700 lacks four key aspects that Singer and all other competitors to the GS 1700 have exploited mercilessly in a bid to wipe the Brother from the market. These are; an Automatic reverse button, an Auto- Thread cutter utility, Touch screen monitor and an alterable knee lift. Without these four, means the user is a little bit strained in minor operations.

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Built Quality and Durability Factor: Truly, I can’t say much about durability because I just interacted with this machine for about a week, but for the few tailor shops I have consulted with, the GS 1700 performs well, apart from the usual hitches like needle breakages. Again, I have also noted that in India there are just a handful of Brother sewing machine Support/service centers. So if you are buying this machine in India, you have to risk the possibility of taking it all the way to Bombay to get it repaired if it gets damaged. However, with a warranty, the shop you bought it from can follow it up on your behalf.

Specs: The wherewithal that the Brother GS-1700 sewing machine has — is according to the market standard. It is undoubtedly a recommended sewing machine under 10000 Rupees. However, it is not a fully automatic sewing machine. For a fully automated sewing machine, you need to increase your budget.

Sewing Speed 800 SPM {Thread Tension Adjustment}
Number of Stitches 17
Needle Threader YES
In the Box The unit, Paddle, Instruction Manual, Warranty Card, and DVD
Body Weight: 6-Kg; 11-inch (H), 15-inch (W), 5-inch (D)
Buy ₹9000 | Amazon


► Singer 1412 Sewing Machine {12 Patterns}

The Singer promise sewing machine is the latest sewing machine of the Singer brand in India market. This sewing machine has 12 built-in stitch patterns and 18 stitch functions. It can also sew in reverse order.

Bobbin feeding is one of the functions that determine how easy it is to work with a sewing machine. Singer 1412 sewing machine has front-loading bobbin, metal bobbin winder, and auto bobbin winding.

Singer Promise 1412 Sewing Machine for Home Use

The list of stitch patterns includes 5 basics, 3 stretch, and 3 decorative. You can adjust stitch width and length. With that, you could make more than a hundred stitch designs. How many — that depends on your ability of creative thinking. Not all sewing machine allows modification in stitch length and width together. In fact, such expertise is rare in sewing machines under 10000 Rupees. Therefore, priced in 9000 Rupees range, Singer Promise 1412 is an excellent choice if you want to do dress designing from home.

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The build of this Singer electric sewing machine is of top call, whereas its design is super user-friendly. All its controls are either on the user side or on the top. Therefore, working on it will be a pleasant experience always.

Dress designing and sewing is a creative work. Nothing is final until stitching is completed. Hence, the entire focus of your mind should on improving the design, not on how to use the sewing machine. With Singer 1412 automatic sewing machine, you will give maximum focus to the design. Your subconscious mind will operate the machine.

Price 9000 Rupees
Features 18 Stitch Functions | 4-Step Buttonhole | Variable Zigzag Stitch | Twin-Needle Function | Easy Threading | can do PICO | 2-Years Warranty
Sewing 12-Stitch Patterns {5×Basic | 3×Stretch | 3×Decorative} | Reverse Sewing | Snap-On Presser Feet | Auto Bobbin Winding | Adjust Stitch Length | Adjust Stitch Width | Interlocking
Build Heavy-Duty Metal Frame | Free-Arm Design | Built-in Storage | Front Loading Bobbin | Metal Bobbin Winder
Sales Box All-purpose foot | Zipper foot | Buttonhole foot | Button sewing foot | Beading Foot | L-Screwdriver | Seam ripper/brush | 2×Spool pin felt | 3×Pack of needles | Edge/quilting guide | 3×Bobbins | Darning plate


► Singer Fashion-Maker 2250 Sewing Machine

The Singer 2250 sewing machine is an ideal choice for those who know well how to sew on an electric sewing machine. In Lehman's terms, if the Singer 1306 Start sewing machine is for nursery students, models of the Singer Fashion maker series are for students of 5th or 6th standard.

Singer Tradition Fashion Maker 2250 Sewing Machine

Is this sewing machine in 8000 Rupees a value for money option? Yes! However, should you buy this Singer sewing machine or not, the decision must be taken by considering your requirements?

There are many ideal electric sewing machines in 8000 to 12000 Rupees price range. Not all sewing machines are recommended for every user. Therefore, first weigh your requirement and then decide. The Gadgets Shiksha website is the best place to look for best sewing machines in India market.

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Build and Design: Adjustable stitch length with 10 built-in stitch patterns works are wings for the end user’s creativity. You can create hundreds of sewing patterns with the smart sewing capabilities of this Singer sewing machine.

Changing presser feet never been so easy thanks to “Snap-On Presser Feet.” Singer's innovative feature eliminates the need for a screwdriver to change presser feet every time.

Further, the build and design of the Singer 2250 sewing are the same as often seen on most of its sewing machines. Based on a heavy metal construction but neatly finished exterior yet with a slender profile layout makes it a superior choice for the most users.

Do you travel often? Do you need a sewing machine, which has a compact build? Consider this quick patterning machine to be in your travel briefcase next time.

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Other Advanced Features: Four-Segment “Feed Dog” system although a standard feature but Singer has made it quite compelling. While going through a test run of this model I observed fabric pick up from the front to the end required almost no intervention, entirely accurate feeding. Advantageous feature this is — if earning from daily sewing works contributes to one's home income.

Should you buy this Singer sewing machine? The inadequacy of LED light could lead to it being not preferred by some users with a particular need. Still, in 7000 to 9000 Rupees price range, Singer Fashion maker 2250 is one of the best sewing machines in the market currently. Before placing an order for it, however, search on the Gadgets Shiksha website, which other sewing machine variants with a set of super specialties are available in the same price range.

Price 8000 Rupees
Features 10 Built-in Stitch Patterns | Four-Step Buttonhole | 24-Months Warranty
Sewing Adjustable Stitch Length | Reverse Stitch Lever | Easy Stitch Selection Dial | Adjustable Presser Foot Pressure | Extra-High Presser Foot Lifter | Variable Needle Positions
Build  Heavy Duty Metal Frame | Free Arm | | Built-In Thread Cutter | Snap-On Presser Feet | Front Loading Bobbin
Sales Box Sewing Machine | Foot Paddle | Free accessories | Dust-Cover | Darning Plate | Documents


► Singer 1507 Sewing Machine

Home based tailor works are on the rise in India. It is a good thing that today’s homemakers are looking for opportunities to become self-dependent. These days you can find home-based tailor shops ran by smart women almost in every area.

Generally, people think that tailor work does not offer wide scope, which is incorrect. Trust me, nowadays finding a career in tailoring has become a wiser decision. One can start designing clothes and sell them online by mastering tailor skills and using inherent creativity.

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I have interviewed many smart women, who have now adopted a career in designing dresses and sell them online using e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and Flipkart. In such arrangement, you are free from a regular job pressure and getting lots of free time to care your family. Even e-platforms making it easier for you by helping with packing and pick up service concluded at cash transfer on the sale of your product.

I am not saying that learning tailor work is easy, it is not. You need to be creative. But hey! Nothing is impossible if you have the determination.

However, before you start a business, you will have to clear your hands. The Singer 1507 Sewing Machine is the best option to go for if you are just starting up. At 8960 rupees, this machine offers all the basic features that you would ever need. Moreover, it is much easier to use.

Singer 1507 Sewing Machine Review Specifications Price Online in India

Portable and Enduring Build Quality: American brand Singer is quite famous for making its products as compact as possible. This sewing machine will not occupy a lot of space on a table. In fact, you will be able to put other tools and materials alongside it. It is so small that one can easily fit the whole setup inside a small cupboard. The machine is just 5.9 KG and features a carry handle on the top. Another surprising thing is Singer also sends a high-quality cover in the box that can be used to keep the dirt away.

The materials that manufacturer has used in the making are of high-quality. I can guarantee that if the sewing machine is used with a proper care, it will continue to serve many years to come.

Easy To Operate Controls: The brand Singer, which is an American company, has designed the sewing machine with many convenient features. This makes it more suitable for beginners. Its controls are not much difficult to understand. It is equipped with just a single control knob that is used for selecting the stitch patterns. This knob offers a much comfortable feel and clicks right into the position without any struggle.

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You are also getting a cap for the spool pin that secures the spools in place. The reverse stitch latch does not require the users to put a lot of pressure. Moreover, it comes back to its original position, the moment the users put their hand away.

Sewing Features: Although it is an entry-level product but that does not mean its features are limited. This sewing machine is equipped with all those features that are necessary to turn any kind of imagination into reality. It allows the users to select from eight inbuilt stitch patterns. On the top, you can find a dial that is used to change the stitch length.

The end Users also get the ability to select the width of the zigzag pattern. This machine is capable of sewing buttons as well as buttonholes. In the box, you will find a darning plate, which can be placed over the teeth. It enables the machine for doing freehand embroideries. A stitch guide that looks more like an “L” metallic rod makes it much easier to sew in a straight line.


  • Removable extension table with accessory compartment
  • Free arm for sewing round parts
  • Great device for beginners
  • Single control knob
  • Length selection dial on the top
  • Comes with lots of accessories

Verdict: For the people who are just learning how to do sewing, this product is a perfect choice. Its price is quite reasonable. The Singer 1507 sewing machine also comes with all the features that one can expect in this segment.

Price 9000 Rupees
Electric Yes
Hand wheel Yes
Stitch Patterns 8
Sewing Light Yes
Extra Features Bobbin-Winder | Buttonhole Stitching
Weight 5.9 KG


► Usha Janome Marvela Sewing Machine

In the last few years, we witness rapid improvement in the electricity-based sewing machines. There were days when home sewing machines were bulky, so really hard in moving from one place to another. Those machines relied on human power and were not so efficient. But technology has developed a lot in the last decade. Now you can buy a sewing machine that can easily fit inside the cupboard of your room.

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The Usha Janome Marvela 60-Watt Sewing Machine is one such example. Even though you have to pay a hefty amount of 8335 rupees to take this Usha product the home, but remember you are getting a bunch of features, too. This amazing machine will make your life a lot easier.

Appealing and Compact Design: You will fall in love with this product on the very first look. Its jade color finish feels much appealing to the eyes. Usha has also imprinted the outer shell with figures of ice and snow. We appreciate brand Usha for premium built wherein high-grade materials are used for glossy yet durable built.

The whole setup is highly durable and it will last many years to come. Its gross weight is just 7 Kg, so you will not hesitate in letting your friend take the sewing machine her home for a few days. Usha has designed the model Janome Marvela 60-Watt so compact that sewing with it on a bed is as easy as reading magazine just before sleeping.

Easy To Use Sewing Machine: The design language of the body is also user-friendly. Even a newbie can use this machine to sew clothes. You will find single rotating dial on the front, use it to select the stitch style. All the labels with corresponding patterns are printed on the left side of the control dial.

The free arm makes it much easier to sew round and difficult to reach parts of fabrics. You also get an extension table that can be attached to expand the desk area for better accuracy. This extension table features a special compartment for storing accessories like extra bobbins and needles.

On the top of the machine, you can find a handle that enhances the portability aspect of this sewing machine. To make the end user’s reach easier, the tension selection dial finds placement on the front.

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While I appreciate the convenience of tension selection dial, the top position of the reverse stitch latch indeed disappoints me. I am not a professional tailor master but have some understanding about must and easy control panel in a sewing machine.

To help the end users even more, Usha has also featured a special bobbin winder on this machine. But be sure to go through the detailed guide before using it.

Usha Janome Marvela 60 Watt Sewing Machine Review Specifications Price Online in India

Perfect Sewing Master: This Usha sewing machine will help you unleash the designer in your heart. It can perform seven different types of stitch functions. It also enables the users to make designer dresses such as frocks and Kurtis.

The machine offers a speed of 550 stitches per minute, which is indeed the category best. You will also be able to make buttonholes using this device. It also comes equipped with a high-intensity sewing light that one can use in dark situations.

However, not everything is in the favor of this product. It does not allow the users to control the stitch lengths. You just have the 15 presets to choose from.

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Low Power Consumption: Most power based stitching machines available in the market are famous for eating a lot of electricity. However, I can assure the Usha product will not increase your power bill. It consumes 60 Watts of electricity and supports a wide voltage input range.


  • Inbuilt bobbin winder
  • It is compact enough that you will be able to carry it in a car
  • Offers a high speed of 550 stitches per minute
  • Reverse stitch capability
  • Outer shell is made of sturdy materials
  • Attractive looks
  • Features a powerful sewing light
  • Carry handle on the top
  • Button hole stitching

Verdict: For average homemakers, this machine is a perfect choice. With it, you will be able to repair old clothes within a matter of minutes. Moreover, the sewing light and extension table help a lot in enhancing the accuracy. However, you should also consider the cons that I have mentioned above before making the purchase decision.

Price 8500 Rupees
Electric Yes
Hand wheel Yes
Stitch Patterns 15
Sewing Light Yes
Extra Features Bobbin Winder
Power 60-Watt
Weight 7-KG
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