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Sewing is Fun with This Budget Singer Electric Sewing Machine

SINGER CONFIDENCE 7640 Sewing Machine Pros Cons

SINGER CONFIDENCE 7640 Sewing Machine

Do you want to explore your creative side? With a sewing machine, you can attain the freedom to breathe life into any fabric with a variety of designs. This lets you create your own personal designs for clothing, window treatments, bedding and many other household items. Now, which sewing machine should you buy? Well, I am sure you would find multiple machines ranging from the bulky industrial sewing machines to the handy and portable tabletop varieties in the market.

Seeing such a variety on display is sure to leave you jumbled. Therefore, it is domineering to examine how you would exploit the sewing machine before you even venture out to purchase one. For those who are not acquainted with any idea, we are reviewing the SINGER CONFIDENCE 7640 Sewing Machine, hopefully after reading this; you get to know that which one is exceedingly beneficial and convenient to use equipment, specifically for you.

Simplicity of use

Easy to use, easy to set up and easy to thread makes the SINGER CONFIDENCE 7640 Sewing Machine a great sewing tool. Regardless of your sewing process, you will love to sew with this machine. If what you are looking for is a sturdy and durable, easy to use sewing machine that can handle more demanding projects; I think it is the best option out there.

Special drop and sew bobbin system: This machine simplifies your creative process. The drop & sew bobbin system quickly places the bobbin thread exactly where you need it and built-in needle threader makes quick work of threading the eye of the needle. So go on with just dropping and sewing!

With such a bobbin system, that quickly places the bobbin thread exactly where you need and with a see-through bobbin cover, the machine is highly appreciated by both the novice and the experienced seamstress for it is time-saving and efficient offerings.

Indeed dependable brand: There can be no doubt that Singer is a company that most people associate with quality and trust and there is a good reason for this. The Singer has been making quality machines for over 150 years and it is their innovative advances in the industry that continue to make them one of the most trusted and sought after machines in the business.

The CONFIDENCE 7640 Sewing Machine is a giant leap over what was available to the average consumer just 10 years ago and a reason for many of us to get excited about sewing all over again.

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SINGER CONFIDENCE 7640 Sewing Machine Review and Specifications

An electronic precision

This machine offers the electronic precision of higher end models while still keeping the price in the range of the novice sewer. An electronic machine allows you the freedom to either let the machine choose the right settings for your fabric and the type of sewing you need to do, or it allows you to customize stitches according to what you want.

30 Built-in stitches: The SINGER CONFIDENCE 7640 Sewing Machine is a versatile machine with 30 different stitch patterns that include two types of one-step buttonholes, as well as numerous decorative and construction stitches. You can simply choice your desired stitch with the touch of a button and can adjust the length and width of the stitch to meet your needs.

Other pros:-

  • Automatic Tension
  • Heavy Duty Metal Frame
  • Easily changeable presser feet
  • Long lasting LED Lights


  • It may sound awful
  • Not particularly good for thicker fabrics

Outright Deduction: With an Indian price of approximately 11000 Rupees and a 25-year limited warranty, the SINGER CONFIDENCE 7640 Sewing Machine may well be the last machine you ever buy, its flexibility, ease of use and advanced features offer everything that the amateur seamstress could possibly need making this machine truly a pleasure to use. Not only will you love this machine but also you will discover that it will augment your efficiency and take your ingenuity to new altitudes.

Built-in stitches 30
LED Light 2
Price 11000 Rupees
Warranty 25 years
Drop and sew bobbin system YES

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