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Semi Automatic Sansui GEM Washing Machine Below 7500 Rupees

Semi Automatic Top Load GEM GWM-620GA Washing Machine

For a small family with 2 to 4 members a washing machine with six or 6.5-kg capacity is sufficient. If you invest in a high capacity washing machine when it has no actual use, you would be wasting resources and money on electricity bill.

This washing machine review article features two popular budget washing machines from Sansui and GEM. One is a reputed Japanese brand, and another is an Indian brand. Both have launched some brilliant washing machines in the affordable budget in the Indian market. Here are two such qualified washing machines from the two brands. Check the features of these efficient washing machines and follow GS review to understand about them and then decide whether one of these two fits your requirement or not. Read also 21 High Capacity Washing Machine below 30000 Rupees.

6-Kg Sansui WMSS60AS-CMA Washing Machine

Sansui is a Japanese brand known for manufacturing countless items of both electronic and electric segments. Based in the city of Tokyo, this company has managed to carve a niche for itself in the markets worldwide for its stunning products. However, when it comes to washing machines – the brand has established quite a following at home but is still struggling to make it on a global platform. The Sansui WMSS60AS-CMA, a 6-kg semi automatic washing machine, is one such product from the segment.

Budget Machine with Fastest Spin Speed: This washing machine is a top-loader type and comes with a price tag of Rs. 7490. Its power capacity is 390W, which should be considered standard. But the real magic is – despite consuming modest power its top spin speed can get up to 1400 rpm. Such ultrafast spin speed may help in easily removable of Pet Hair from towels.

The washing method utilized by this washing machine is pulsator and it comes with a warranty of two years.  And, when compared with what LG and SAMSUNG are offering, this is not too exciting, though. Still, the warranty would be an advantage to users here because most companies today are providing half the time of warranty on their products. Note this though the warrant provided does not take care of any external damages caused to the product or motor.

Sansui WMSS60AS-CMA 6kg Semi Automatic Top Load Washing Machine

This Washing Machine has a durable build with Good Features

The noise level when washing clothes in the machine hits 60db, which is quite tolerable and not annoying at all. Along with the machine, Sansui provides a hose, spin cap and an owner manual with instructions about running the machine correctly. Other few fantastic features worth mentioning on this machine include an Air Dry function. The spin lid and inner spin lids in the machine have ample air vents for aerodynamic drying of clothes. This makes sure that not a single drop of water remains in your laundry when spin drying it.

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Some Nice features: The right control panel provided on the machine is so convenient to handle even while the machine is being operated. In addition, the caster wheel and anti-vibrations pads on the machine make sure that machine stays put even when it is on and doesn’t shake too much even when is fully loaded with laundry. Further, there are also integrated handles available on both sides of the machine for moving it with ease and placing it anywhere of choice. Moreover, the water jet function on the machine can be controlled with the instant touch of a button, too.


  • Falls under budget
  • Nice performance
  • Many good features
  • 2 years warranty

Verdict: This machine is perfect for buyers looking to get a good semi-automatic washing machine by not spending a huge amount at the same time. It’s great for a small family of 3-4 people who do not have a huge laundry load piled up every other day for cleaning. Also, the maroon & white color of this machine complementing its design and you certainly won’t be disappointed as far as performance is considered, too.

Price Rs. 7490
Type Semi-Automatic
Load Capacity 6.2 Kilograms
Warranty 2 Years
Colour White
Brand Sansui


6.2-Kg GEM GWM-620GA Washing Machine

Gem is an Indian brand which is known for producing home appliances. It is looking to establish a market base and take over with its range of under budget home appliances for middle-class consumers across the country. There are countless washing machines in the market by this brand, which already are enticing buyers with their performance. And, one such product from it goes by the name of GEM GWM-620GA. Actually, this is a semi automatic washing machine and has the capacity of 6.2 Kgs. Even at the priced at Rs.5990, this washing machine comes loaded with tons of features.

Very handy features: The power this machine utilizes is 350W and has a maximum spin speed of 1420 rpm, which is fastest if I am not wrong. Thus, those looking for a convenient budget solution for removing Pet hair should consider this.

Weighing just about 21 kilograms, it is very easy to carry and shift around. In terms of wash programs, it could be operated by its two wash programs. Due to less complexity although users find it lot easier in use. The GEM machine runs on pulsator wash mode, which is standard for most washing machines today.

Semi Automatic Top Load GEM GWM-620GA Washing Machine

This desi brand Washing machine has many great features

The color which this washing machine comes in is white and red. Its body is made of tough plastic material, which makes it very sturdy and strong, too.

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For water selection, users have 3 water level selection options to choose from. Also, the wash timer is for 15 minutes and the spin timer is for 5 minutes. Other washing features available on this washing machine include a delicate cycle for clothes which are made of delicate features.

Conserves water: Gem provides a warranty of two years on the body and motor of this machine. Actually, this is a plus point for users buying this machine as many brands offer just one year. Further, when it comes to performance, this GEM machine does a great job at washing laundry and spin drying it. The water consumption per cycle is about 8 Liters.

In fact, there are few drawbacks of this machine. It doesn’t have few features which some of its counterparts are offering to their users. Some of the features that this machine doesn’t have are hot water wash, prewash soaking of laundry and quick wash.


  • 2 years warranty
  • Low water consumption
  • Sturdy built


  • No hot water wash
  • No prewash soaking and quick wash

Verdict: This washing machine is a great buy for a single person or a small family of 2-3 individuals with minimal laundry load. And, the price of this washing machine certainly makes it an enticing option for potential buyers considering that it is cheaper than most washing machines in the same category.

If the few drawbacks mentioned above of this machine can be overlooked, it is a good buy overall. Also, with two years of warranty, users can look forward to a hassle-free laundry service from this machine – for that time period at least.

Price Rs. 5990
Type Semi-Automatic
Load Capacity 6.2 Kilograms
Warranty 2 Years
Colour White and Red
Brand Gem

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