In the Indian market, many brands sell fancy and reliable wristwatch. For a wall clock, however, branded options are limited. With this article, I introduce a Japanese brand Seiko for best wall clock in a premium design. This Japanese company has now completed a glorious 136 years in designing and selling watches worldwide. Today, across the world, Seiko wall clocks are the first preferences of buyers. Moreover, there is another good reason why should you consider a Seiko wall clock. The brand Seiko has only one business. That is designing and retailing watches. Then it has a history of hundred plus years. That means it must be offering something great. It has not only survived successfully over the years, in fact, today is one of the best names for watches in the world market.

Seiko entered the Indian market in Year 2007. However, I was introduced to this Japanese clock brand just last week. Now I knew its history and seen some of its best-selling elegant wall clocks, too.

Made in India Ajanta Watches: Before becoming aware of the brand Seiko, I knew only one name for wall clocks, Ajanta. This Indian brand has an extensive catalog that includes wall clock priced 200 Rupees to 10000 Rupees. I do not remember I ever saw wall clock other than the products of the brand Ajanta. No doubt, Ajanta offers best possible durability on its wall clocks and a unique, attractive design, too. Still, we cannot say the level Ajanta represents something premium. Therefore, if you were looking to buy a premium wall clock, Seiko watches are only options. Read also Gift This Titan Raga Watch and Say “Something Special” To Her.

The brand Seiko's premium wall clocks often have a wooden case. Even its wall clocks in a plastic body are priced not less than 2500 Rupees. Thus if you are looking for an affordable wall clock, Ajanta watches are the best options then.

Seiko wall clocks price range starts from 2500 Rupees, and the cost of the costliest wall clock is around 55000 Rupees. Since Seiko is a Japanese brand, I was expecting Seiko wall clock made in Japan models on sale in India. However, I did not find any in neither local showroom nor on web stores. Let me tell you upfront in case of Seiko wall clock, only the label is from Japan, but it manufactures watches in China. Ajanta, on the other hand, sales made in India wall clocks. Therefore, Ajanta is still a good alternative of the brand Seiko.

Some 300 Plus Seiko wall clocks are on sale in the online stores. Whichever I checked had “Made in China” seal. For my personal use, I would prefer either a Made in Bharat or a Made in Japan watch any time. Spending so much money for a Made in China wall clock makes no sense to me.

LumiBrite: It is the latest innovated advanced luminous paints applied on the dial and hands to show time even in no light. According to Seiko wall clock website, the color is free from radioactive substance, has 3 to 5 hours of constant brightness, and is safe for human, and environment, too. Read more about LumiBrite paint at official website.

Stores: There is much exclusive and agency store if you are looking to buy one of the best in demand Seiko wall clocks in Chennai. To find Seiko wall clock store in your city, visit at its official India website.

What can you expect in this Seiko wall clock review?

In this article, I look at some of the top rated Seiko wall clocks you can consider if looking to buy a reliable wall clock with an elegant design. Moreover, I would also evaluate Seiko wall clock price in India — is according to the product quality and service it offers or not. Which are best Seiko large wall clock you should consider? If you are in search of a Seiko wall clock with date and temperature, which are the best models on sale, withal.

Besides, sometimes buying a particular brand product in online storages is not a great idea. I would also help in your decision on whether to buy Seiko wall clock online or should you get it from a local Seiko showroom in your city.

Seiko is a brand for premium wall clocks. Therefore, it is tough to select only a few best from its best collections. There are many models available on sale, which are truly magnificent in terms of design as well as features. Still, to help you I suggest only a few chosen, which are genuinely strong choices, liked by many as well as by my team members.

Out of 300 Plus models on sale currently, only some 70 Seiko wall clocks has the right design and features. The GS team after carefully considering all the models on sale shortlist these wall clocks for this review piece. However, not all the seventy models instead, only the selected models of the best wall clocks are recommended here. Thus, this article is final destination to buy a Seiko wall clock for home use.

Let me start with the best pendulum wall clocks by Seiko. They are costliest wall clocks among all the models on sale. My team has selected only four pendulum wall clocks as the best wall clocks for Indian homes. Those four models seem to be an absolute value for money due to rugged build, artistic design, and useful features.

Premium Seiko electric Pendulum wall clock in India

The first recommended Seiko Pendulum Clock model is the no. QXH107BN. The body of this exclusive pendulum wall clock is made out of real oak wood. And, the pendulum and watch have a golden royal design. The overall design of this Seiko watches looks winning. In fact, this Seiko wall clock can substitute for an antique wall clock. The watch inside is Quartz clock. And it also has an alarm and time bell or Chimes Clock features. However, you can set the alarm and chime function to off.

Seiko Pendulum Clock QXH110BN

In spite of the beautiful look and dynamic crafting finish, the Seiko Pendulum wall clock price is on a higher side. At the time of writing this piece, the price was 21800 Rupees. That is around 3000 to 4000 Rupees costlier than its price should have been.

The testimony of its users suggests the durability of the pendulum clock is doubtful. Therefore, I would advise verifying the product by yourself in a nearest Seiko showroom before buying it. Purchase it online with 10% discount after you being satisfied with its build and design.

The watch is the best choice in the Pendulum Clock series of the brand Seiko. However, there are other affordable choices are as well — which are worth mentioning here.

Seiko Pendulum Clock QXH110BN (53.8 cm x 32.6 cm x 9.8 cm) @ 15000 Rupees

Seiko Pendulum Clock QXH110BN

Seiko Pendulum Clock QXC213B (52.5 cm x 21.5 cm x 6.8 cm) @ 7500 Rupees

Seiko Pendulum Clock QXC213B

Seiko Pendulum Clock QXC205YN (57 cm x 19 cm x 6.6 cm) @ 7000 Rupees

Seiko Pendulum Clock QXC205YN

Best Seiko wall clock buy online Under 10000 Rupees

The Wall Clock model QXM336BN is one of my favorites here because of its wooden body and melodious chimes. It is also a smart wall clock. Its sensor recognizes the light presence and sets off chime during nighttime. You can adjust chime volume, too.

Seiko Clock QXM336BN

At 6500 Rupees, due to the dual time feature and a wooden body, the wall clock model QXA494B is an excellent option. Its overall design is not dull instead expressive. Having it on your home wall would undoubtedly earn you lots praise for selecting a nice-looking wall clock.

Seiko Wall Clock QXA494B

Another favorite is the model no QXA389BN. It also comes with a wooden case. It looks quite elegant, and continuous sweeping second-hand enhances its visible presence on a wall, withal.

Seiko Clock QXA389BN

Looking for a Seiko wall clock with date, the model no QXL010KN is in hot demand currently. Though it has a plastic body, still its great looks, digital date & week name make it unique option for selection at the current price of 5750 Rupees. Besides present LCD calendar, quiet sweep second-hand does justify the cost it is being sold currently despite having a plastic body.

Seiko Wall clock with date QXL010KN

Those prefer time in English number instead of Roman numbers should consider Seiko clock for home use model no QXH202ZN. It is a silent watch and has automatic chime silencer feature, too. It also has volume control function. Its wooden case is a bonus, withal.

Seiko Wall Clock QXH202ZN

Seiko Clock QXM342BN (32 cm x 32 cm x 5.8 cm) @ 9500 Rupees

Seiko Clock QXM342BN

Top-Rated Seiko Clocks for sale under 5000 Rupees

In this section, I would look at affordable but with a premium design, best wall clocks in the Indian online stores. The first Seiko wall clock I would suggest is the model no QXA658G. Although it has a plastic shell, but in a pearl design it looks quite striking. In fact, the design of the wall clock is such that it would be a fit option to place on a wall painted in any color. Therefore, if you were not sure or not able to decide the color of a wall clock to match the color on your home wall — buying this wall clock model would be the safest bet. Its affordable version at the price of 2600 Rupees is the model no QXA652G.

Seiko Clock QXA658G

At the price of 4300 Rupees, the model no QXA919LN is also an excellent choice. One of its main features is quite sweeping second hand. However, I do not like the color composition it has. It looks quite dull to me. However, many of my team members do not agree with my assessment.

Seiko Wall Clock QXA919LN

Further, if you prefer a wall clock in a wooden case under 5000 Rupees, I would suggest Seiko's model no QXA152BN. For one entrancing big wall clock with quite sweeping second hand, I recommend model no QXA629BT at the price of 4100 Rupees. Near it in terms of cost is the Seiko Wall Clock QXA616BN, which although has a plastic shell but looks quite premium. Moreover, its size appears to be quite grand, too.

Seiko Clock QXA152BN

Other top-rated Seiko wall clock special edition on sale in the Indian markets are :-

Seiko Clock QXA143BN (31.4 cm x 31.4 cm x 4.4 cm, Brown) @ 4750 Rupees

Seiko Clock QXA143BN

Seiko Clock QXA144BN (28.2 cm x 28.2 cm x 4.4 cm) @ 4200 Rupees

Seiko Clock QXA144BN

Seiko Clock QXA521JN (29.5 cm x 29.5 cm x 4.8 cm) @ 4000 Rupees

Seiko Clock QXA521JN

Seiko Wall Clock QXA615ZN (30 cm x 30 cm x 4.5 cm) @ 3800 Rupees

Seiko Wall Clock QXA615ZN

Seiko Clock QXA615BN (30 cm x 30 cm x 4.5 cm) @ 3500 Rupees

Seiko Clock QXA615BN

Seiko Plastic Wall Clock QXA652K @ 2700 Rupees

Seiko Wall Clock QXA652K

Seiko Clock QXA378LN (31.1 cm x 31.1 cm x 4.4 cm) @ 2500 Rupees

Seiko Clock QXA378LN