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Secure Your Home with a Reliable Smart Monitoring System

Secure Your Home with a Reliable Smart Monitoring System

Keep an eye on everything with the Motorola Focus 85 Smart Monitoring System

Motorola has demonstrated significant upgrades in its recent release of a new generation of security cameras. The giant is really working hard to keep its name on the top of the chart, although its potential is still challenged by equally popular brands like Floureon and Hikvision. Motorola’s earnest decision to venture into camera production has driven the company into coming up with new products (in this line of electronics) from time to time. The Focus 85 smart monitoring system is one of the noticeable efforts of Motorola to stay afloat in the CCTV cameras market. Here are some likable features of the Focus 85 system. Read also Foscam Wireless Security Camera Below 6500 Rupees.

Features of the Motorola Focus 85 Smart Monitoring System

Wireless Connectivity: One particular feature that everybody wants in a monitoring system is flexibility. The Focus 85 has Wi-Fi connectivity support, which gives you far more tractability than in typical non-wireless camera. Furthermore, this monitoring camera is compatible with a wide range of devices like smartphones, PC’s and tablets. The wireless feature allows you to monitor the camera’s field of view remotely through the internet. To add on to flexibility, the camera has Tilt and zoom options that come in handy when you want to toggle different viewing modes on the camera.

Build and Design: This camera is built with a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. Its wire measures approximately 9 feet and 75 cm long. This is enough to get the camera on practically any spot in the house. In case you need the product outdoors, Motorola gives you an option to extend the wiring system. The camera itself is a very light in weight and its front has a speaker concealed beneath the rubber base.

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Easy to configure the camera to Hubble App

The Motorola Focus 85 smart camera comes with a special QR code printed on the manual. To set up the monitoring system to Hubble app you will need this special code, but you first have to download the Hubble App from your respective app store and install it on your device. After registering for a Hubble account, then you can connect the camera to the app with the settings that you wish. Notably, the Hubble app is meant to help you we connect the camera to the Wi-Fi network that you wish. It links your camera and monitoring gadget, (for instance and iPad) through the internet.

Motorola Focus 85 Smart Monitoring System Review and Specifications

The good thing is that the app has various features that you can use to manipulate your camera remotely. For example, you can control the direction of the camera. To do this, there is a cursor at the bottom left which we need to tap. As we tap the cursor, the camera moves around in line with the number of times we tap. The other feature of the Motorola Focus 85 smart monitoring system is the ability to talk back to the camera itself. This is one of the very few entry level smart cameras that have an inbuilt microphone. The mic helps one to answer queries through the camera. It also captures the noises in the periphery.

Extras and Pricing: Additionally, the camera supports wireless streaming in HD 720 pixels. A 720p resolution is not that bad for a camera in this price class. In the box you get several things which include a plug, an adaptor and some support braces. The camera gives quality imaging at room temperature.

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The Good side of this Smart Monitoring System

  • This camera is generally easy to set up
  • After buying the product you get a free trial Video recording duration.
  • The motor in this camera doesn’t make as much noise as most cameras in the market today.
  • The Ability to talk to the camera and take Snapshots are some other helpful features that make the Motorola Focus 85 a valid choice.
  • The camera can also tell you the part of the house from which sound has been detected.
  • When streaming, the video quality arguably good enough, both on Wi-Fi and on 3G broadband connection.

Noticeable Cons:-

Despite its many advantages this camera also has some shortcomings. For instance, though it comes with a free trial video recording, in order to store the data in the Hubble cloud servers, you have to pay for it. Other letdowns are;

  • At times the video and sound aren’t in harmony. The problem is more pronounced when you are monitoring the camera’s field of view remotely and with a weak internet connection.
  • So as to simplify usability, Motorola had to eliminate some camera features. This tells you that there are not too many options in the settings to use.
  • Additionally, there is no option to turn off the ‘IR-LEDs' present in the Motorola Focus 85 smart monitoring system. You also can’t download the recorded footage. If you are smart enough, you can use an app on your computer to facilitate on screen recording of the video feed from the camera.
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Pricing and Final Verdict

The Motorola Focus 85 smart monitoring system is priced at 4300 Rupees. It has some special features such as Pan and tilt options and two-way communication. I would recommend this camera to anyone who isn’t as conversant with CCTV cameras out there. This is because Motorola cameras are generally easy to set up and so is the Focus 85. All these features make this product a good choice in the below 6000 Rupees price range. It’s a good option especially if you haven’t made your mind on what camera model you want to buy. Read also Motorola Smart Monitoring Camera for Indian Homes.

Buy 4500 Rupees
Brand Motorola
Model 10N2652 (Focus 85)
Weight 200 g
Dimensions 8 x 8 x 10 cm
OS iOS, Android
Compatible with Android & iOS compatible
Additional Features Motion triggered recording, Remote digital pan, tilt and zoom, Works with free Hubble app
Included Components Wi-Fi Video Camera, User's Guide, Quick Start Guide, Power Adapter
Infrared night vision Yes
Digital Zoom 3
Batteries No
Real Angle Of View 42 Degrees
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