Since the Indian government gave ADHAAR a constitutional jurisdiction to be one of the ways to confirm one’s identity, the sales of STQC-certified fingerprint scanner have seen an enormous boost. For merchants and service providers, to authenticate customer’s identities through the ADHAAR platform for selling products and services, which requires identity verification, an STQC certified biometric device is necessary.

There have been numerous inquiries by Gadgets Shiksha followers to provide suggestions on best thumb scanner for mobile and PC. Especially the fingerprint scanner, which is fit for SIM activation, AADHAAR projects, and to use for various central and state government services.

With this article, the GS team is presenting our recommended on top-rated thumb scanner machines in the Indian market. The selected thumb biometric scanners are high in demand in online and offline markets. Security experts recommend them, too.

►Fingerprint Scanner for SIM & ADHAAR Verification

Are you looking for a SIM activation machine or an AADHAAR biometric device under 5000 Rupees? You are at the right place to buy one of the best STQC certified fingerprint scanners in the Indian market.

Not all the thumb scanner machines can get access to the Government information system. Retailers and service providers need an STQC certified biometric reader to access citizens’ profile with the government system digitally. For instance, to activate SIM or to authenticate with AADHAAR, you need an STQC certified fingerprint scanner.

How to get STQC certification for a Biometric Device? The process to get STQC biometric certification is lengthy. You need to apply to the Ministry of Electronics and Telecommunication or the IT ministry. A team of Government experts verifies the digital device, its system application (if any), and related documentation. If the device follows, the due process to authenticate then gets the certificate. Alternatively, the manufacturer gets suggestions to make necessary changes. More about the STQC certification, you can read at the official webpage.

The IT ministry does not easily certify a device to get access to the highly secured Governments' information system. Hence, the number of STQC authorized devices, especially fingerprint scanners are just a few in the market.

In this article, the GS team suggested three best STQC certified registered biometric devices. Not everyone needs an STQC certified device. Hence we have also included two regular fingerprint scanner for PC. All these five biometric devices are the best options in the market currently.

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Note this; you would not find any other device in use at government offices, private sector offices, banks, exam centers, shops, showrooms, or local dealers other than one of these five authentication devices.

►STQC Certified SecuGen HU20 Hamster Pro 20

Last year I was enrolled with AADHAAR in Chennai. The device to grab my finger's print was this SecuGen scanner. Then last year somewhere in September, I bought a JioFi device from Reliance electronics in Chennai. The apparatus for verifying me through AADHAAR platform was the same variant of the SecuGen fingerprint scanner. In fact, using the same fingerprint scanner, I game my thumb biometric verification at Banks to register my updated KYC with my AADHAAR no.

STQC Certified Biometric Device SecuGen HU20 Hamster Pro 20

Why do I see only this SecuGen device in use whenever there is the need for secure verification? Essentially, the SecuGen Pro 20 fingerprint scanner is one of the few fingerprint scanners with STQC certification. The IT ministry has approved it for its authentication technology. Therefore, the SecuGen Pro 20 fingerprint scanner is an ideal choice for traders, and service providers, who need an all-in-one device to verify one's identity with Government information system.

See, I am just trying to impel your trust in the SecuGen Fingerprint scanner, as it is the most recommended. In fact, experts also recommend it one of the best STQC certified thumb scanner for PC in the Indian market.

The SecuGen Fingerprint Scanner Specifications: How precise is the STQC certified biometric device for capturing fingerprints? In fact, that is the most critical factor to consider when buying an STQC accredited fingerprint scanner.

The SecuGen Fingerprint scanner is not just STQC certified, which is by the Indian IT ministry, it is also FBI Certified hence supports international and the U.S. biometric standards.

The reason for high approval by the security establishment for this SecuGen fingerprint scanner is its patented optical USB fingerprint sensor, which can capture images in maximum 500 DPI resolution. You can read more about SecuGen Fingerprint scanner patents here.

The scanner is nearly automatic and has features such as Auto-On, Auto finger detection when placed on the reader, and it perfectly captures fingerprint despite the fact that applicant's finger is difficult-to-scan, aged, moist, scarred, and dry.

Further, the SecuGen Fingerprint scanner has the electrostatic shock resistant glass plate, which is also scratch, corrosion, and impact safe. It is not going to break easily even If one applies overpressure. In fact, that is very much possible when used in rural areas where people, not knowing the technology, often applied overpressure, so that their finger imprints are more evident.

The build and the design of this SecuGen fingerprint scanner are nearly perfect. Its in-built technology is reliable and certified by the Indian government and FBI. Therefore, its price 3100 Rupees looks fine to me.

Pro Factors:-

  • STQC certified meaning it is fit for AADHAAR based attendance system, SIM activation, PAN modification, Rashan Card, Digi Locker Access and so on
  • It is also FBI Certified, and its patented technology supports the U.S. and the international biometric standards
  • Build Quality is perfect
  • Can work with all the latest popular operating system
  • MINEX and FIPS 201 compliant Feature
Buy 3100 Rupees


►STQC-Certified Mantra MFS-100 Fingerprint Scanner

The Mantra MFS 100 Single Finger Scanner is a compact biometric USB device. The fingerprint algorithms, and optical technology it usages is well acknowledged for secure authentication.

According to the official website, the Mantra Fingerprint scanner is suitable for all AADHAAR projects. In fact, today it is one of the best-accredited low-cost biometric devices in the market to scan, store, and match fingerprints. Going by the market demand, the brand Mantra is apparently one top vendor for an STQC certified device.

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Appropriate pricing of the MFS100 fingerprint scanner places it in the front row of the preferred STQC fingerprint scanner for scanning fingerprints and digital signature, and also AADHAAR authentication for SIM activation, Rashan card update, access to the Digi Locker, Pension account update, PAN update, and so on. Its approx. 2000 Rupees price is making it an ideal choice for the small shop owners, mobile stores, and dealers licensed to provide public services.

STQC certified Mantra MFS 100 USB Fingerprint Scanner

Further, the compact build and ability to connect securely even with a smartphone using secure OTG connection make it ideal for carrying to clients/users/applicants place and authenticate there itself.

The Finger Scanner is an ergonomic, cost-effective, and reliable solution for user identification, identity verification, and enrollment system. In fact, its match-on-card option guarantees the safety of data and security for applications in desktops. It has the match-on-device function, which also offers protection.

Key Features:-

  • All-encompassing security features, which includes digital signature & encryption
  • Single solution for everything: Identification, Brilliant performance Enrollment, Verification


  • Cheap and Reliable
  • Encompasses security
  • Ability to Store raw data, image, and minutiae of the fingerprint captured for Verification

Verdict: The Mantra MFS 100 is a reliable yet inexpensive STQC certified authentication device. Connect it to a computer using USB and with mobile using its OTG connectivity feature. However, I would still consider the STQC certified SecuGen biometric device a much better option than this one.

Buy 2100 Rupees


►STQC-Certified Safran Morpho MSO1300E2

The market for access control fingerprint devices is fast expanding. Safran is one of those brands, which is looking to establish a name. It recently has launched a few access control fingerprint scanning devices in the market, which are definitely worth noticing. One such device from the company is Safran Morpho MSO1300E2 fingerprint scanner. Priced at Rs. 3199, this fingerprint scanner for PC is one of the lightest pieces around. Let’s find out more about all that it has to offer.

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Great scan quality: This scratch-proof biometric device from the brand Safran Morpho comes with a fingerprint capacity of over 10000 prints. Also, the card capacity is the same. They can readily be used for, anti-fraud expertise, forensic quality processing algorithms, and various electro-optics. Further, it comes with a USB connectivity option, hence, can easily be used. The LCD resolution on the device is 480×320 pixels and the identification speed is less than 0.8 second. Moreover, the best fingerprint scanner for PC utilizes Morpho’s optical technology which is patented.

Loaded with cool features: The match-on-device and match-on-card features on this thumb scanner work efficiently in delivering great security, regardless of the place, it’s being used. Its MINEX and FIPS 201 work well with feature extractor and matcher. Also, it is FBI PIV IQS certified and is built for easily detecting any fraudulent fingerprints. Along with the security features which stand out on this fingerprint scanner for PC include digital signature and encryption. There’s also a smart-card reader variants available for applications function through match-on-card.

Sleek design: One of the biggest drawbacks of this fingerprint scanner is that it doesn’t seem to have a very sturdy body. Essentially, the plastic used to make this gadget feels quite brittle.

Further, the size of the sensor provided on the scanner is 14×22 mm and the USB interface is 2.0. The exact dimensions of this product are 67x38x15 mm and the authentication process of the print takes less than 0.6 sec to happen. The color which this gadget is available in is red and black which makes it appear quite good and sleek. In fact, one best thing about this fingerprint scanner for PC is that it is great for banking transactions, where security remains such a priority.

Safran Morpho MSO1300E2 Access Control Fingerprint


  • Sleek design
  • Very lightweight
  • Handy to use
  • LCD resolution
  • Good looking color combination
  • Ideal for SIM activation, AADHAAR authentication and so on


  • Made of brittle plastic material
  • Supports only USB 2.0

Verdict: This fingerprint scanner for PC is very handy and is great for those looking to buy a good fingerprint scanner under a budget. The scanner works perfectly and provides good quality scans. If the material of this scanner was made of better plastic, it would have made it almost perfect for the price at which it can be bought currently. Its size is something which is very compact and worth praising. Although the drivers aren’t included with this fingerprint scanner, it is still worth going for considering its positive points. It is perfect for using in banks and other places where fingerprint scanning is a major necessity.

Price 3200 Rupees
Resolution LCD
Brand Safran
Warranty 1 Year
USB Interface 2.0 Version
Fingerprint Capacity 10000 Prints


►Futronic Fingerprint Scanner

Looking for an efficient and practical fingerprint scanner that can deliver high-quality fingerprint images, then the Futronic FS80H could be the one you need. The fingerprint scanner includes several convenient features that would help you scan undistorted fingerprint images and achieve surpassing results with every use. Here is what you can know about the Futronic FS80H fingerprint scanner for PC.

Futronic Fingerprint Scanner for PC

Design: The Futronic FS80H features an ergonomic design, so it is easy to handle and operate. Weighing 120 grams and with the following measures of 64 x 48 x 27 mm, this particular fingerprint scanner is very compact and light in weight. Moreover, it is well constructed so that it would stand the test of time.

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Features: The Futronic FS80H fingerprint scanner is highly capable of scanning dry, blurred, and even wet fingers thanks to the infrared illumination technology that comes with four infrared LEDs. Furthermore, the FS80H scanner comes with an exclusive electronic circuit to do LFD, which is Live Finger Detection. The LFD feature allows you to scan into PC only live finger's fingerprint, and not fake fingers made from rubber or other materials.

Durability: What is important to mention here regarding the Futronic fingerprint scanner for PC is the fact that this particular model is more robust and durable than other semiconductor-type fingerprint sensors available on the consumer market? The fact that it comes with a platen crown glass of 14-mm in thickness is another useful feature. That makes the scanner more durable, as its scanning surface is practically indestructible.

Easy to use: This fingerprint scanner biometric is favorite among other models due to its price. It already includes device drivers and the Window's PC login software, so you do not have to download the drivers online.

I liked the feature that the end user can use this scanner to capture a raw fingerprint image into PC in 100ms. Further, the fact that it can work with any application for fingerprint recognition makes it even more convenient to use.

Reject Fake Fingerprint: This best secure thumb biometric scanner for laptop and PC also comes with the features to reject fake fingers made from rubber, silicone, play-doh, or other materials. However, you can turn ON/OFF the feature from its software, installed on your computer system. In fact, just because of this feature it could be an ideal scanner for collecting aspirants' fingerprint at the exam centers.


  • Sturdy and Portable Build Quality
  • Best finger scanner to forbid access/login using fake fingerprint
  • Compatible with all the latest operation systems

Conclusion: The Futronic Fingerprint Scanner lacks STQC certification hence it cannot be used for AADHAAR biometric authentication, SIM activation, and other similar activities. However, it is the best solution to prohibit unauthorized access to an electronic system where it is used as one of the layers of security.

The price of this thumb scanner for PC is on the higher side. Still, its build quality, precise performance, and reliability make it worthy.

Buy 5000 Rupees


►SecuGen Hamster Plus Fingerprint Scanner

Fingerprint scanning is the next big thing in security and is being adopted across the globe in many industries readily. It already is one of the leading technologies and is emerging as one of the fastest growing methods of security checks. SecuGen is one of the biggest players in the world when it comes to developing fingerprint scanners. And, one of its latest products in the category is SecuGen Hamster Plus fingerprint scanner. Priced at Rs. 4000, this thumb scanner is a top selling product from SecuGen. Let’s find out everything you need to know about this best-selling fingerprint scanner for PC.

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Great print resolution: This scanner is known for its effective high performance as it comes loaded with a variety of specifications. The resolution of the image provided by it is 500 DPI along with the size of 260×300 pixels. Moreover, the platen size of this fingerprint scanner for PC is 14.6 mm x 17.9 mm along with the sensing area of 13.2 mm x 15.2 mm. The temperature at which it operates lies between -20° – 65°C, with the humidity less than 90%. The speed at which captures fingerprints is between 0.2 – 0.5 second which is pretty impressive considering it uses the Smart Capture technology, withal.

Compatible with all the Popular OS: Speaking of its dimensions, the SecuGen Hamster Plus fingerprint scanner measures 27x40x73 mm and weighs only 100 grams without its stand. It requires a supply of 5V in DC and a maximum current of 140 mA. The scanner is compatible with a large number of operating systems. Few of them are Windows, Android 3.1 and above, Java and Linux. It is not compatible with Mac OS, which is a major setback for this thump scanner. The certifications this product holds are quite many. Few of it includes FCC, CE, KCC and RoHS certified. The interface supported on the fingerprint scanner for PC is USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 Hi-Speed.

SecuGen Hamster Plus Fingerprint Scanner

Easy to operate: SecuGen provides a warranty of one year on this product from the date of purchase. It, however, doesn’t cover any external damages caused to the device due to mishandling. Other features worth mentioning on this thumb scanner include an Automatic Finger Placement Detection and Smart Capture Technology. The removable weight stand with this fingerprint scanner for PC makes it very handy to operate. The accessibility of this scanner makes it easier to capture fingerprints with any finger and as quickly as it is placed on the device.

→Pro Features: 

  • Reasonably priced
  • Compatible with many OS
  • Holds many certifications
  • One year warranty
  • Lightweight
  • Detachable stand

Verdict: One of the best things about this fingerprint scanner is that it is very easy to install. Being so lightweight, it makes it very easy to carry it around effortlessly. The quality of print delivered is very good compared to most of its counterparts in the market. Further, the price of this fingerprint scanner for PC is also very reasonable when put up against the quality of service delivered. It is perfect for using in offices and has great efficiency.  One should go for this fingerprint scanner with eyes closed.

Price 4000 Rupees
Resolution LCD
Brand SecuGen
Warranty 1 Year
USB Interface 2.0 and 1.1 Version
Fingerprint Capacity 10000 Prints