What types of toys are the best for kids? In my opinion, the best toys for kids are the ones that improve mind power and increase physical activity. Kick scooters will help kids to improve their physical fitness.

Which is the best kick scooter under ₹5000 in India? This child scooter review article covers the best-selling scooters from ₹1000 to ₹5000 range. The suggested kick scooters for kids are favorites because of their high quality and durable construction.

☼ R for Rabbit Kick Scooter for Kids

The brand “R for Rabbit” is one of the most popular brands for kids' scooters and other toys. Kick scooters for kids of this brand are available below ₹5000. They have a solid construction and an attractive design. For kids between 3 and 14 years old, R for Rabbit scooters are a perfect choice. You can adjust handle heights to perfect an R for Rabbit kick scooter as per your child’s height.

In addition to aluminum body frames, the scooter's wheels are made of polyurethane, a high-end plastic commonly found in top-tier appliances. Because of such a solid build, your R for Rabbit scooter will withstand rough usage and use in uneven terrain as well. Buy it for your first kid, your second and third kids would use it too. Your kid can ride the kick scooter inside the home; there won't be any scratches on the surface because of the solid plastic wheels.

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Having three wheels on the scooter makes it safe to ride and easy to maneuver & control. All wheels have an ABEC 7 Bearing for smooth riding. Two big front wheels have LED lights, whose brightness is visible even in daylight, and brightness depends on the speed. Faster the wheels speed, the brighter the LED lights on the wheels glow. That brings a lot more fun and adventurous challenges to kids.

For 3 to 14 Years Old | Kids Scooter under ₹5000 {हिंदी में} | R for Rabbit Scooter

Price ₹3790 → Amazon
Features For 3 – 14 Years Old Kids | Max Weight Capacity: 75-Kg | 2 Big Front Wheels with LED Lights + 1 Back Wheel | Wheels with ABEC 7 Bearing | Made in India | Weight: 3-Kg | Amazon Replacement: 7 Days