Which is the best sandwich maker under 5000 Rupees in the Indian market? Which sandwich griller is best? This review article covers the best-selling sandwich makers from the 2000 to 5000 Rupees range. The suggested sandwich makers are perfect for home use as well as small restaurants.

☼ 700W Philips HD2288 Sandwich Maker

The Philips sandwich maker is a must-have kitchen appliance for sandwich lovers. Using its 700-Watt power, you can make sandwiches quickly and efficiently. It is currently one of the leading sandwich makers under 3000 rupees in the Indian market.

This sandwich maker comes with all essential attributes. The 0.7-meter cord provides ample length to place the sandwich maker in any corner of the kitchen. With cord storage, it can be easily stored away without getting tangled or taking up too much space. The power-on light feature ensures the sandwich maker is turned on and ready to use. And, the non-stick plate ensures that sandwiches are cooked evenly but also easily removable. Moreover, with the added 2-year guarantee, customers can make their purchases with confidence.

Philips HD2288 Sandwich Maker in India Market

On the whole, the Philips HD2288 Sandwich Maker is an excellent product with customizable features and easy maintenance. It will surely make breakfast or snack time a breeze. It is a reliable appliance that works quickly and precisely. The non-stick plates are easy to clean and the power cord can be neatly stored away. It is an ideal purchase for anyone looking for a convenient and affordable sandwich maker.

Price ₹2799 → Amazon
Features Power: 700W | Cord-Length: 0.7-meter | Cord Storage | Power-on Indicator | Non-stick Plates | 2 years guarantee


☼ 2000W Havells Toastino Sandwich Griller

Temperature control, timer, and excellent build quality are three big reasons why the Havells sandwich griller is our top favorite for those who are looking for a perfect sandwich maker below 5000 Rupees. Being a Made in India product is also one big reason why you should consider it. Set a temperature, set a time, and forget it.

Not just for sandwich grilling, the Havells Toastino sandwich maker is perfect for toasting and Barbeque as well. Both grill plates open to 180° and thereby become a complete platform to prepare snacky items such as chicken and fish fries.

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The build and design of the Havells sandwich griller are mind-blowing. Its body is made of high-quality stainless steel. Both grill plates have a non-stick coating. Built-in oil collector tray reduces mess around. And the cool-touch handle makes it super convenient to use.

2000W Sandwich Griller under 5000 Rupees | #Havells Toastino | 4 Slice Sandwich Maker

Price ₹4980 | Amazon
Features Power: 2000W | Timer-Setting ( up to 30 minutes) | Temperature-Control | Indicators: [Power-ON, Ready to Use] | Stainless-Steel build | Non-Stick Grill Plates | Non-Skid Feet | Oil-Collector Tray | Warranty: 2-Year


☼ 2000W Libra Jumbo Sandwich Griller

The Libra sandwich maker is a powerful and handy griller, fryer, and toaster. Not just sandwich grilling, it can make fish fryers, grilled chicken, fried Gobhi, and similar other delicious items as well. Therefore, it is one of the best sandwich grillers under 4000 Rupees in the Indian market. You must have it in your kitchen along with a microwave oven/oven toaster grill if you do not want to order special items from any hotel restaurant.

There are many 2000W sandwich grillers on the market and they are affordable and cheaper, too. Then what makes the Libra sandwich maker a recommended option? The timer-function! As of now, only two sandwich makers are available on the market with the timer function: one is the Havells Toastino and another is the Libra Jumbo Griller. The Timer Function in a cooking appliance is very essential. This feature keeps the chef free from worrying about overcooking, burning, or half-cooking of the food item.

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Should you buy the 2000W Libra Jumbo Sandwich Griller or not? Would it be a good choice at the current market price? What are the features that separate it from the 2000W Griller of other brands? Not only these three questions but many more are answered in our video presentation, which covers a complete overview and review of this Libra 2000W Jumbo Griller. Do check it out!

2000W | Timer | Best Sandwich Maker under 4000 Rupees | #Libra Jumbo Griller

Price ₹3990 | Amazon
Features Power: 2000W | Timer-Setting ( up to 30 minutes) | Temperature-Control | Indicators: [Power-ON, Ready to Use] | Stainless-Steel build | Non-Stick Grill Plates | Non-Skid Feet | Oil-Collector Tray | Warranty: 2-Year