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Two Fully Automatic Washing Machine below 28000 Rupees

LG FH0B8NDL22 6 kg Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine – My Pick

While seeing the demo, I asked the service engineer, how this model is different from other washing machines, LG offers with similar feature and washing technology. As he answered, yes, it is packed with the regular features, but it is much more efficient, has a strong build and consumes less energy in every washing session. I was not fully convinced with the argument, though. But one thing is clear that this new model (FHD0BHNDL22) is indeed a better product, despite no new addition of washing modes and intelligent washing technology.

Inverter Direct Technology

Readers query help us in creating better content that in return helps readers to decide on a right product. For instance, recently I answered a query, given details – why LG is a better choice than IFB. In fact, from the last many years, IFB has been dominating washing machine segment in Bharat.

One oblivious reason is LG’s inverter direct technology. The feature gives higher run per minute but consumes less energy. It makes a huge impact on the daily washing performance. Importance of this feature can be understood only if compared performance of two washing machines, side-by-side, one using inverter direct technology, and another running through a belt.

Price Range 25000 to 30000 Rupees
Brand Run per minute Energy Consumption Drum Motor Connection Ratio Run : Watt
IFB 850 2150 Belt 1:2.5
SAMSUNG 1200 2400 Belt 1:20
Whirlpool 740 1450 Belt 1:1.9
LG ( This Model) 1000 1700 Inverter Direct 1:1.7

The benefit of inverter director technology is quite evident. I compared above four washing machines for their run per minute and energy consumption.

LG’s Inverter direct technology is a game changer. This is certainly not a rocket science rather an innovative approach making motor and drum setup simpler thus ensuring efficiency boost. Under this technology, LG directly combines motor with washing drum.

To explain this technology better, first I will lay out what a regular setup is and how LG is changing that with the Inverter direct technology.

In the traditional way, drum and motor are two separate entities, connected through belt or chain. The setup consumes more space as a result, a big size washing machine taking more space in a small flat.

LG says why motor and drum should be at a distance; why not fix them together so that drum runs at much faster speed using 100% power generated by motor. You will agree this is simpler and better arrangement than using a belt or chain.

Coming back to this LG washing machine, it renders better performance, consumes less energy compare to other washing machines available in the same price range. The above chart shows this.

LG FH0B8NDL22 Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine Review and Specifications

Thus, if you really care about the monthly electricity bill, which is in fact, on the rise yearly basis, then LG washing machine is the best solution. You may not get lots feature, but on the front of energy saving, it is the best.

One more powerful, in fact, hidden feature of Inverter direct technology is to ensure a consistent speed that improves the efficient of other inbuilt components. Further, the life of all attached accessories also improves significantly. Would you like frequent increase, decrease in electricity voltage or appreciate sudden rise, or fall in the ceiling fan speed running above you. You are getting air delivery, but something is odd here, called consistency. LG’s inverter direct technology ensures the consistency.

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6Kg Capacity

Ideal for families has six to eight members including newborn. This is not a Newton’s law rather just an ideal case. Yes, it can also be used in a family has 10 to 15 members, but then it will have to run in four to five session daily. If any of your family members is free to run, laundry work whole day then get this machine home.

Six motion DD

Recently, in an LG washing machine review article, I explained the feature as a duplication of hand wash in machine form. LG’s six-motion direct drive technology achieves for what it has been designed. Six directional water force, drum speed, and detergent mixed water together gives a perfect wash to fabrics, even hidden dust particles inside the threads are taken out. I fully trust this efficient technology for a complete wash.

Smart Diagnosis System

This is a new initiative from the brand LG; in fact, no other brands offer such hassle free service. In case, some malfunction occurs, initiate the smart diagnosis, a dedicated button for it is there on the front control panel. Within few minutes, the user will get a call from LG’s technical support. If the problem is not healed during phone assistance, a service engineer visit will be ensured immediately.

I have already explained as “how to use Smart Diagnosis System” in a recent LG washing machine review article. Please check the article for more information.

Huge Warranty Commitment and Installation

Two years of free service for the entire setup and about eight years of extended service guarantee for the motor are some key features of the warranty commitment from the brand.

If you buy it online, then upon delivery, installation assistance will be arranged by the shopping website (Amazon/Flipkart). You do not need to call anyone or wait longer. Within 24 to 48 years, the installation and demonstration process gets completed. The installation is free of cost.

Moreover, according to e-commerce website terms, you will be entitled to product replacement warranty: Flipkart offers 30 days and Amazon gives only 10 days of replacement warranty.

After replacement period is over, for service related complaint, call LG at 1800 315 9999/1800 180 9999.

Warranty limitation – Damage in outer shell, plastic attachments, external accessories are strictly not considered under 2+8 years of free service commitment.

Baby Care and Quick 30

Not unique as it does exist on other branded washing machines, but these two are my favorite feature. As it is clear from the name, the Baby care feature is for the cleaning newborn’s cloth. Clothes pass through dry wash programs and hot care to ensure 100% suspension of bacteria and detergent particles without damaging the fabrics.

Quick-30 wash program is like a mini meal. It carries the essence of all washing programs and modes but in basic form. Fabrics complete the challenge of preset wash programs and get ready for ironing in just 30 minutes. I am a big fan of this feature.

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Important Features

As usual, Fuzzy logic feature is built-in, which is basically to celebrate “Fully Automatic” credential of this washing machine. Further, users can also choose from seven programs and two wash modes. It has all the features needed for cleaning varies types of Indian clothes.

Additional Features

  • Spin Speed options – Four (No spin, 400, 800 or time delay)
  • Display features – Digital display, remaining time delay & display, fault diagnosis
  • Washing method – Tumble wash
  • Tube clean
  • Jog Dial
  • Anti-Rat cover
  • Child lock
  • Highlight features – Fuzzy logic, Baby Care, Quick 30 Program, Crease Care, Rinse Hold, Pre Wash, Color care


  • Saves lots of month electricity bill
  • High and consistent speed
  • Six motion direct drive washing
  • Tub clean
  • World’s best service program and LG’s awarding winning customer support
  • Free installation
  • No vibration and noise

Final Thought

It is hard to believe, the LG product is totally free from all cons. What do you expect from a new washing machine in your home: it has to be power saver, a great performer, wash program for all types of clothes, long warranty period, and silent operation. The LG FH0B8NDL22 is perfect in this regard. If the cost is in your budget, then drop the idea to search an alternative. You might save few thousands on any other product, but in the long run, high electricity bill will prove your decision wrong.

At GS, we rate LG FH0B8NDL22, a fully automatic front-loading washing a perfect PICK.

In the box

The unit, inlet pipe, outlet pipe, warranty card

Price 26000 Rupees
Washing capacity 6KG
Washing Method Tumble Wash
Function Type Fully Automatic Front Load
Inbuilt Heater Yes
Maximum Spin Speed 1000 rpm
Power Consumption 1700W
Main Technology 6 Motion Direct Drive, Inverter Direct Drive
Wash Program Cotton, Baby care, Delicate, Wool, Quick 30, Rinse+Spin
Additional Programs Crease Care, Rinse Hold, Tub Clean, Pre Wash, Intensive wash, Child Lock, Time Delay
Door Diameter 30 cm
Door Opening 170 degree
Body Weight:70kg, Height:85cm, Width:60cm, Depth:44cm

Samsung Fully Automatic WF600BOBHWQ Washing Machine

Samsung is appreciated for its electronic products. It has a large variety of electronic products, which are popular for their quality and functions. Samsung WF 600 BOBHWQ washing machine is a unique product for easy and comfortable washing.

This is a matter of fact that everybody intends to go for a reliable electronic product of a popular brand. While procuring washing machine a customer sees its brand, quality, functioning, durability, and price. This fully automatic front loading washing machine of Samsung is designed for small and middle-sized family and utmost care is made to satisfy the customers. This review is about the product and its credibility for the users.

Body and Design

This is a front loading fully automatic washing machine with 6 kg washing capacity, which is ideal for small families. It has 600 x 850 x 450 mm dimension and it weighs 57 kg. Its brushless digital inverter motor needs less power for the operation. It consumes less energy and works efficiently. The Volt Control enables it to withstand voltage fluctuations. Its maximum spin speed is 1000 RPM.

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Samsung WF600BOBHWQ Top Loading Review and Specifications

It has top class inner drum with small diamond shaped holes, which help to keep the fabric from sticking out and being spoiled. This washes clothes without damaging them. It is also attributed with a double-coated ceramic heater that protects the accumulation of water deposits.

The company offers additional washing functions like Eco Drum Clean, Hand Wash, Rinse+ Spin, and Body Care. This automatic washing machine also has a number of up to date features that are displayed on the front part. They are like child lock display, fault check display, progress indicator and door lock display.

Programmes and Features

The users will not feel dissatisfied while washing their delicate clothes with Samsung WF 600 BOBHWQ Fully automatic washing machine. The advanced drum with small shaped diamond holes protects the fabric from any kind of damage. The most important thing is that it has 12 different wash programs. You can choose any program depending on your fabric type or load. Another feature of the washing machine is that it has Baby Care mode.

You can choose the optimum temperature setting for cleaning clothes. My Cycle function will give you knowledge about the washing settings. The washing machine does not produce more noise like any other machine.


  • The machine is fully automatic and designed for small and middle families.
  • It consumes less energy and its Volt control takes care of electricity fluctuation.
  • It is user-friendly and all the detailed information is given in the manual.
  • The 12 different programs will help you to wash your delicate clothes as per the need.
  • The company offers two years guaranty on the product and any damage can be replaced.
  • It works noiselessly.
  • It is accommodated in a reasonable space.
  • It has diamond drum technology.


  • Without learning about its functions, you cannot operate it.
  • Techno savvy can only get more benefits from it.


The Samsung Company has its stability in the market. It has credentials in the market. The customers those who want to have a complete automatic washing machine they should go for it without any difficulty.

The service engineer will help to learn about the operation of the machine after it is being installed. The washing machine costs a reasonable price. If you want to go for an automatic washing machine, then I must advise you to go for it. But my sincere advice is that you must learn all about its functioning before you use. As the machine is user-friendly, it will not dissatisfy you.

Price 28325 Rupees
Brand Samsung
Production Code Samsung WF 600 BOBHWQ Fully automatic Front loading washing machine
Model number BG1025/15
Color White
Maximum Spin Speed 100 RMP
Capacity 6 Kg
Weight 57 kg
Functions Fully automatic Front loading washing machine
Key Features Digital Inverter Motor, ceramic Heater, Over Volt Control
Other Features 12 wash programs, Eco Drum Clean, Diamond Drum Technology
Power Features Power consumption- 2000 W
Washing Method Tumble Wash

Users Review and Opinion


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