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#Samsung Level Box SLIM – Best Waterproof Speaker for Mobile Tablet

The journey of computer started from the mainframe and today has reached to the mobile phone. Very likely, the next milestone in the evolution of computer is going to be managing hardware and software resources in the cloud and enact them through a virtual pop-up screen by pressing a single click. A material smartphone would not be in use instead virtual resources for the next generation of today's smartphone, and other communication devices would be in clouds. On-demand resource expansion such as adding RAM, storage capacity, and other dynamic features would be a reality.

On the contrary, speakers particularly its technology and the way it works — has been as it is — over the years. There is no ensuing generation point in the speaker. Yes! The ways today's speaker interact with a multimedia device to gain input — has changed. Earlier it was wired not is wireless. However, how they produce sound remains kind of — is the same.

Therefore, whenever you decide to buy a speaker, invest in the best one in the market. While that may be outdated in a year to two but a quality speaker is an asset, in fact, an ever-flourishing one.

This website has many articles on best Bluetooth speakers, speakers for smartphone tablet, best soundbar for LED TV, and portable speakers for laptop and 2-in-1 gadgets. Still, when I got to see this Samsung Bluetooth speaker, I manifested that this portable speaker has to reach before the followers of Gadgets Shiksha. Read also 2 Best Bluetooth Speaker with FM Radio and USB under 1500 Rupees.

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At this website, one of the critical areas of the selection of any product for review is – the value of money perspective. This Samsung Bluetooth speaker has some excellent characteristics, but some may find it excessively priced. That is why often Samsung gadgets are not the favorite for the list of best gadgets on Gadgets Shiksha. In fact, the same is the case with this Bluetooth speaker for mobile phone and tablet, too. Yet! The call is to buy it if its price is in your budget. According to Buyers who have been using this Bluetooth Speaker, a slim profile with the adequate sturdiness, and above all — ability to produce crystal clear sound with rich BASS — is what defines this pocket speaker. Moreover, this waterproof speaker also has the character of power bank. Charge your smartphone and tablets with this speaker — it comes with a durable battery, too.

Speakers from the Samsung Level Box series are not that in demand. The reason is the same, which I echoed in the earlier paragraph–Price. Search on Amazon and Flipkart, Best Bluetooth Speakers for Smartphone, hundreds of top rated speakers pop up in the search result. This Samsung Bluetooth speaker appears somewhere at the end of the result.

However, buyers’ sentiment is not agreeable to — in the case of Samsung Level Box Slim speaker. With this waterproof speaker, Samsung has surprised the market with the price tag, which looks reasonable considering features it has.

Samsung Level Box SLIM is Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker

With the Level Box Bluetooth speaker, especially with the Slim Model, Samsung meets buyer's price for a quality Bluetooth speaker. Therefore, the Level Box SLIM speaker is a brilliant choice if looked at from “Value of Money” point.

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In less than 5000 Rupees, search on Amazon and Flipkart, find out, — is there any waterproof Bluetooth speaker, which is as good as this Samsung Marble. The obvious answer is a big NO.

The price of this Bluetooth Speaker on various online shopping websites is around 4000 to 6000 Rupees. No other speakers have the same set of striking characteristics as it has in its current price range. In every test whether it is “Value of Money,” “Build Quality,” “Connectivity Options,” and for its look and design, this Bluetooth for Mobile Phone and Tablet gets top ratings. It is going to be a terrific buy. If used with a care all the time it may remain functional a decade or more.

Cool Features of the Samsung Level Box Slim Bluetooth Speaker

Among many exotic features of this Bluetooth speaker, First and foremost is its waterproof body. A great relief from the fear of water may spoil it. Suppose you are in a jungle for a picnic, enjoying nature with your favorite songs on this Bluetooth speaker and suddenly rain starts to put a full stop to your fun. However, no longer that be the case thanks to the waterproof body of this Bluetooth speaker for smartphone and tablet. Indian life and Indian weather is such that a waterproof body of gadgets often comes handy.

Samsung Waterproof Speaker with Stand

This Bluetooth speaker is also a fully functional power bank. Again a must-have arsenal in your armory to power up your mobile phone at a crucial juncture to keep you connected with your family and loved ones.

  • Call Receiving: YES
  • Mute and Reject Call: YES
  • Connectivity: MicroUSB
  • Microphone: YES
  • NR/EC: YES
  • Play Time/Talk Time: 30 Hours
  • Headphone Jack: YES
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Because of the waterproof character of this speaker, I was expecting it to be bulky. However, it is light in weight. It weighs only 236 grams. Hence, this pocket Bluetooth speaker is an excellent buy if you are looking for a speaker to be your travel companion.

Sound Quality of this Wireless Waterproof speaker

The sound quality of this speaker is brilliant. However, point to note here would be voice does not break at the top volume levels. That means a great speaker it is to play songs of Richa Sharma, Shankar Mahadevan, Wadali brothers and many more. Moreover, damn clarity in its sound it is also a great fit to play Ghazals and Bhakti Sangeet.

Have you still not decided what to gift your Grandpa on his next birthday? Here is a stylish (with a retro tilt) Bluetooth speaker to present him as a gift. Trust me! Your present would be treasured, and in return, you would get lots of blessing and love. In fact, not only to Grand Pa, it can be a perfect gift for anyone.

Indeed the design of this Bluetooth is such that it is fit for all sound playing jobs. It is a personal speaker, and it a speaker for a crowd as well. Keep it in a center and seat around it and enjoy songs, renowned speaker's lecture, Bhajan whatever — it has the wherewithal to produce loud music to set the tone of a gathering.

Hundreds of speakers are there in the market for sale, but only a few have the all the necessary features. This Samsung Bluetooth speaker is unquestionably one of them.

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Samsung Level Box SLIM Bluetooth Speaker Power Bank

Measure this water portable Bluetooth speaker on the parameter of features, build quality, other traits it excels the general expectation from a 5000 Rupees Bluetooth speaker. I rate the Samsung Level Box, a waterproof Bluetooth speaker for mobile phone and tablet a great buy since it checks all the right boxes for an exceptional Bluetooth speaker. Samsung has priced appropriately in the Indian market. Buy: 5000 Rupees

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