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Samsung LED Computer Monitor with Inbuilt Audio System

Samsung CF591 PC Monitor Review and Specifications

Samsung is continually producing monitors that have become a choice of the crowd. However, for a really updated person like myself, I know that Samsung is probably making a sale in this area, purely out of its popularity, nothing more. What these fanatical buyers don’t know is that some of the monitors that Samsung is selling to them are kind of beaten by time, or if I may say, outdated.

One such monitor that people can’t really tell whether it’s worth its price is the Samsung CF591. Its sleek finish and curved design could really trick you into buying it and I must admit though when it comes to design, Samsung is the real deal, hands down!

Even so, I want you to ask yourself this simple question; what am I looking for in a monitor? Is it the design? Is it the resolution? Or maybe it’s the viewing angles. If your answer is design, go for the CF591. However, if your answer is something else, take time and evaluate your options before you get any disappointments. Here are some worthwhile features to note in the Samsung CF591 monitor.

Key Features of this Samsung Full HD LED Monitor CF591

This monitor has an impressive curved design that is complemented by a thin plastic border that houses the LCD screen. The stand is designed in such a way that it does not use a lot of desk space. In addition, the screen is housed beneath an anti-glare transparent surface that helps in inhibition of room lighting glares that would actually make the monitor uncomfortable to use. The curved screen allows for a more captivating experience.

Controls and ports: At the back panel of this monitor, you get a useful jog button that allows you to turn off the monitor easily even in the dark. This is because the jog button is easy to locate. Moreover, its location at the back side of the monitor prevents any possibility of turning off the monitor accidentally. This accidental shutdown is a shortcoming that is quite common in monitors which have power buttons at the front. However, the stand has limited adjustment options. But as I mentioned earlier, Samsung invested heavily on the aesthetics of this monitor, than in functionality.

All ports are located on the back side of the monitor. Here you will find an HDMI port. A DC power input port, a VGA port, and a 3.5mm audio input port. The speakers are designed in a down firing position at the back too.

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Objects Appear on this LED Monitor in Excellent Clarity

Now this is where the biggest flaw to this monitor lies. The CF591 has the 1920×1080 Pixel resolution, which to me is a big letdown. You would expect that such an ultra modern monitor would at least 1440 pixels in resolution, instead of 1080 pixels. This means that the pictures and videos are clear and in HD, but it is nothing like its 1440P competitions. However, the 27-inch display provides users with a wide field of view and the unique curved design helps in immersing the user effectively into the panorama.

Refresh rates and response time: The refresh rate and response time in this monitor are adequate for normal office uses like editing documents and watching videos. But if you want this monitor for gaming, I wouldn’t recommend this product for you. This is simply because you can get a better 1920 by 1440 Pixels monitor at the same price, for a better gaming experience.

The Samsung monitor has a 60Hz refresh rate and at least four milliseconds in response time. You can, however, adjust this refresh rates to 72 Hz using a DP utility. You can as well integrate NVIDIA GPU or AMD GPU to improve your gaming experience.

Pricing and Verdict: This monitor is priced at 19900 Rupees. My final stand on this monitor is that it’s a one-off gadget in the market, but it lacks a lot in terms of functionality. If you want a standard screen that will do normal stuff, then the CF591 is the best option for you. But at that price range, you could get a much better computer monitor.

Price 37000 Rupees
Screen size 27 inch
Screen Resolution 1920 x 1080
Response time 4ms (GTG)
HDMI port Yes
Item Weight 9.7 pounds
Product Dimensions 24.2 x 10.6 x 18 inches
Display Type LED-lit
Screen type Curved with an 1800 R Curvature Degree
Inbuilt speakers Yes ( two 5W stereo speakers)

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