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Samsung HD LED TV with Smart Features Below 29000 Rupees

Samsung 32J4300 32 inch LED HD Smart TV

If your budget is above 25000 thousand rupees, then you should probably be looking for a smart TV from a popular brand. And, in that case, the Samsung 32J4300 LED can be a right choice. The manufacturer has also loaded this television with all the modern features that you can ever think of.

Inbuilt Wi-Fi: The first feature to mention here would be the built-in Wi-Fi that allows the user to mirror the screen of their smartphone to the huge 32-inch display of this LED TV. Apart from this, there are two USB and two HDMI ports on the back of this TV for expanding the connectivity with many other entertainment gadgets in the home. You can also transfer files stored on smartphones to a pen drive connected to this television using the Wi-Fi network.

Durable Body of this Samsung Smart LED TV

Samsung has used premium quality durable materials in the making of this LED gadget. All the inside circuit boards are coated with silica gel. This all makes the TV safe from lightning, surge and moisture. You are also getting one year of Triple Protection guarantee on it.

This Samsung television is not only impressive on the front of durability, in fact, it scores high on design as well. It is just 47 mm thick and weighs just 4.84 KG. Moreover, the bezels are so thin that you will hardly notice them while watching movies. This Samsung LED TV supports both table top and wall mount installations.

Smart Features: This review will remain incomplete unless we discuss the smart features that this LED TV brings in your home. Users can install the official apps from a dedicated store and enhance the functionality of this TV. It also comes loaded with a smart browser using which you can access internet in a noble way. The onboard media player is really smart so it can run the files in various media formats including MP3, MP4 and even JPEG. You might be thinking that to access most of these features the Wi-Fi router should be connected to a working internet connection, but that it is not the case. You will be able to install apps and browse internet on this TV even if you have 3G USB dongle.

Samsung 32J4300 32 inch LED HD Smart TV Price Specifications Review Online in India

Superb Audio Output: Equipped with two 10 Watt down firing speakers, this TV produces really high volume audio. Thanks to the DTS Studio Sound technology that you will also be able to enjoy virtual surround sound effect while watching movies and serials. There is no need to get an external audio system unless you are installing this TV in a hall.

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Amazing Graphics

I am a fan of Samsung’s Hyper Real Engine because it produces stunning graphics and makes the footage feel alive on the display. Moreover, the Wide Color Enhancer technology is really great at painting the videos with vibrant colors. But it could have been a better product if Samsung had offered a full HD resolution display.

Low Power Consumption: Considering the huge size of the display, this TV consumes really less power. If you are running everything at the highest settings, then also the maximum power consumption would be under 70 Watts. The other great thing about this product is that it supports a wide voltage input range of 100-240 Volts.

Pro Features:

  • Smart TV, users can install apps
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Supports USB 3G dongle
  • 2 X HDMI and 2X USB ports
  • Loud 20 Watt audio output
  • Screen mirroring feature
  • Smart Share
  • Can record screen with audio
  • 1 year of triple protection
  • Local OSD languages

Cons: Low-resolution panel

Verdict: Samsung should be appreciated for offering this smart TV at such a low price. In my opinion, you should not look for any other television if your budget falls in 25000-30000 rupees category and you can manage with an HD panel.

Display Size 32 inch
Resolution 1366 X 768 pixels
Audio 10W X 2
Power Consumption 70 Watt
Dimensions 735.9 mm x 433.8 mm x 70 mm (Without Stand)
Connectivity Built-in Wi-Fi, 2 X USB, 2 X HDMI, RF In, Audio In, Audio Out, VGA In and Composite In
Extra Features Smart Apps, Hyper Real Engine, Wide Color Enhancer, DTS Studio Sound and Triple Protector
Buy 27500 Rupees


Samsung 32J4100 81-cm 32 inch HD Ready LED TV

The Samsung 32J4100 is one of the most affordable LED TVS that one can purchase under a big brand name. Surprisingly, this product comes with a number of great features that will enhance your experience for sure. The TV has also got good ratings from the customers and tech experts in our research.

Attractive Design: Thin bezels and slim profile make this TV look really good. Your movie watching experience with this product will be highly impressive. The connectivity ports on the back are also easily accessible. You might not like the design of the pop-up stand that comes along, but you should not worry as this TV can also be mounted on a wall.

Great Picture Quality: The Wide Color Enhancer technology and Hyper Real Engine produce stunning graphics on this big 32-inch display. Static contrast ratio is also good, but there are some drawbacks that I do not like about this LED television. Samsung has used Edge LED technology, which is not that great in terms of proper distribution of the brightness. Also, the low motion refresh rate of the display will not allow the customers to attach a gaming console to this TV.

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Good Connectivity Options: Samsung has provided two USB and two HDMI ports on the back of this LED that do expand the connectivity options for many gadgets in the home. Users will be able to connect an external hard disk and a pen drive simultaneously. Another good thing is that the onboard media player supports most of the modern audio-video formats.

Impressive Audio Quality

The two 10-Watt down-firing speakers at the back produce high volume audio. You will not need an external set of speakers even if your room is really big. Moreover, the quality of the audio is also impressive.Samsung 32J4100 81 cm 32 inch HD Ready LED TV Review Specifications Review Online in India

Extra Features: This Samsung TV allows recording of both audio and video of a broadcast to an external SD Card. Different screen modes can be synced with different genres to enhance the picture quality. This television also comes covered under triple protection guarantee for one year.

Pro Features:

  • Good Picture quality
  • Thin bezels
  • Wide Color Enhancer and Hyper Real Engine
  • Loud audio production, down firing speakers
  • Screen Capture and Sound Capture features
  • 2 X USB and 2 X HDMI ports
  • Onboard media player

Cons: Low motion refresh rate

Verdict: Considering the price point, this Samsung LED TV (32J4100) will be a good purchase. However, I would have appreciated if Samsung had used a full HD panel instead of an HD one.

Display Size 32 inch
Resolution 1366 X 768 pixels
Audio 10W X 2
Power Consumption 60 Watt
Dimensions 735.9 mm x 440.4 mm x 70 mm (Without Stand)
Connectivity 2 X USB, 2 X HDMI, RF In, Audio In, Audio Out, VGA In and Composite In
Extra Features Hyper Real Engine, Wide Color Enhancer, DTS Studio Sound and Triple Protector
Buy 28500 Rupees

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