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Samsung Dell Computer Monitor for Home Use

Samsung LS19F350HNWXXL Review and Specifications

Dell D2015H Monitor 19.5 inch LCD with Backlit LED

Dell is one of the biggest players in global market for computer related gadgets and devices. It’s one of the highest selling manufacturers of computer equipment in the world currently. Its monitors are constantly in high demand by buyers due to simply being so efficient on quality and well priced at the same time. Dell’s D2015H Monitor 19.5 inch LCD with Backlit LED is one such monitor from the company which has managed to stay in demand very much. Priced at just Rs.6580, it is one of the most decent priced monitors in the market from the house of Dell.

Decent features

When it comes to technical details of the Dell D2015H Monitor, there are some pretty good impressive ones. The dimensions of the monitor measure 51.6 x 35.4 x 10 cm and the maximum display resolution is 1920×1080 pixels. The size of the screen offered is 19.5 inches and it is nonglossy which makes it easier for using it to code and edit text on. The color which this monitor is available in is all black. The color ends up giving it a sleek look which is very modern and high end.

Dell D2015H Monitor Review and Specifications

Very economical

The D2015H model is known for running on very less power consumption. This is another reason why it is such an absolute favorite with buyers. The picture quality is very crystal clear and sharp on display. This makes it an ideal monitor for playing games and watching movies as well. Weighing at 3.4 kilograms, it sure makes up for one heavy monitor screen.  However, it does not come up with a height adjustable feature, which is usually being provided with most monitors today. Also, there’s no HDMI port available on the monitor.

All good despite few setbacks

Few other setbacks which this monitor has include no inbuilt speakers and no headphone port either. These features are something which is quite basic on most LED monitors out there for buying. Hence, it’s definitely an option Dell could consider when it comes to upgrading them whenever in future. Also, there’s no option of it being connected to a television. This is another shortcoming of this monitor. If this feature can be added on to these monitors then they definitely will be considered nothing short of a flawless device.


  • Sleek design
  • Reasonably priced
  • 3 years warranty


  • No TV connectivity
  • No height adjustment
  • No inbuilt speakers
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The Dell D2015H monitor comes with a warranty of 3 years from the date of its purchase. The stand of these monitors can be tilted to fit the comfort position and it does not even heat up. Keeping in mind the price tag of these monitors, it would only be correct to say that they are very feasibly priced. Despite the few shortcomings that this monitor has, it provides a splendid user experience and is great for using at extended hours. This product from Dell is definitely worth going for if you are on a budget especially and are looking to get something decent for a very decent price.

Price Rs. 6580
Power Consumption 17W Operational
Connectivity Cord
Display Type LCD
Screen 19.5 inch; Full HD resolution
Weight 3.4 kg
Warranty Three Years Onsite Warranty

Samsung LS19F350HNWXXL 18.5 LED Monitor

Samsung is an established market player when it comes to producing and marketing of LED monitors. Samsung’s LED monitors are one of the top selling in the world and it’s not a surprise to see why. With around 78 years of legacy behind its name, market for its LED monitors is on a steady rise and expanding for good. Its LS19F350HNWXXL 18.5 LED monitor is a very well known product and known for being one of its best-selling monitors, too. Priced at INR 5800, this LED monitor comes preloaded with a variety of features.

Samsung LS19F350HNWXXL Review and Specifications

Stunning display quality

In display section, the size of the screen provided on these models of monitors is 18.5 inches. The makes for a good screen display space. The panel type is TN and contrast ratio is 600:1 (Typ) which is quite good considering it’s to be used as a desktop. The response time indicated is 5 mini seconds and color contrast support is 16.7M. The level of brightness supported on this monitor is 200cd/m² and a resolution of 1366×768. These specifications combine together to provide an ultimate display quality which can’t be compared.

Lightweight and handy

It runs on a power supply of AC 100 – 240V and its power consumption is basically 13 watts on running and 0.3 watts on standby mode. The voltage supply is passed through an external adaptor which comes along with the monitor set. These monitors are pretty lightweight in comparison to most of its counterparts available in the market. With stand it weighs a total of 2 kilos and without it 1.75 kilos. There’s another D-sub cable which comes along with other pieces of accessories with these monitors.

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Amazing all black look

The Samsung LS19F350HNWXXL monitor is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS and comes with loads of embedded features as well.  Few of the functions on it include Magic Upscale, Image Size, Eco Saving, Off Timer and Gaming Mode. The latest version of it also holds a Windows 8.1 certification. The stand on which the monitor stands is in shape of a sleek looking circle which appears good. A wall mount of 75×75 is also included. The color in which the monitor is available is all black which ends up giving it a very sophisticated and classic look.


  • Decent screen size
  • Gaming mode available
  • Magic Upscale feature
  • Power conserving
  • Elegant looks and design


  • Can improve more on stand’s design


Considering the price and overall specifications of this monitor from Samsung, it can be said that it is one of the best LED monitors available in its class. The Mega DCR delivers its users a brilliant picture and color quality. The high glossy black finish makes it very elegant appearing and it will easily fit in with most of the other accessories and devices one would prefer using this monitor with. This indeed is one of the monitors which one certainly will enjoy using for quite some time after buying.

Price Rs. 5800
Color Black
Connectivity Cord
Display Type LED
Screen 18.5 in; 1366×768 Pixels resolution
Weight 1.75 kg

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