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RO Water Purifier with MF Technology under 8000 Rupees

RO Water Purifier with MF Technology under 8000 Rupees

Since the last 5-6 years, the purifier world has not witnessed any serious technological improvement. To remain popular consistently and drive sales, every brand needs to offer something unique to its product but without new technological innovation that becomes impossible.

I would like to admit though some water purifier manufacturers are trying to reinvent the old technologies to increase their efficiency. The recently launched Pureit Classic RO+MF Purifier is a good example of my claim. It comes with a feature called Microfiltration aka MF.

Currently, this Pureit purifier is available in the market with an affordable price tag of 7,180 rupees. Let us get into details: what it can offer to potential buyers having a hard life with polluted water. Read also Here are 26 Advanced Water Purifiers for this Year.

HUL Pureit Classic RO+MF Purifier Review in India

People who have a small house should definitely check out this product. Its outer shell is quite compact and does not consume a lot of space on the wall.

Although Pureit has only used plastic to make the body of this purifier but the quality of the material is good. It easily resists small collisions and does not suffer from any kind of leakage. You also get a 5-liter storage tank on it.

Attractive Form Factor: Pureit’s engineers have taken a good care of aesthetics while designing this machine. The outer shell gives a unibody feel. Its curved edges and white finish will add to the beauty of your kitchen.

Two indicators on the front help users by displaying the status of the purification process.

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Removes Bacteria But Not Viruses: Inside the purifier, water is processed through a total of six stages. The first stage is of Pre-Sediment Filtration that removes all visible particles like dust and other harmful impurities. Removal of suspended particles ensures a long life of other membranes. Now, the water moves to the Pre-RO Carbon membrane. It stops pesticides and dissolved chemicals from passing through. Activated carbon also makes water free of bad taste and bad odor.

Before entering the RO membrane, water passes through another sediment filter that removes leftover dust particles present in it. The RO (Reverse Osmosis) membrane of this purifier is capable of filtering water with TDS levels of up to 1800 RPM.

In the next stage, the water goes to the MF or Microfiltration membrane. The final stage of Post-RO Carbon filtration enhances the taste of water by adding some minerals back.

What is HUL Pureit MF Technology for Water Purifier?

Pureit is just trying to lure customers with this purifier. Most people will regard the MF technology as something new because they have not heard about it before.

Generally, we do not see a number of purifier brands featuring the MF technology on their products. This technology works just like UF (Ultra Filtration), the only difference being its membrane has much larger pores (0.1 micron across). MF filters are good for removing bacteria and other impurities but they remain totally ineffective for viruses. It is of no use in practical terms. In fact, it will put your family members at more risk by exposing them to viruses.

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HUL Pureit Classic RO UV Water Purifier Information


Pureit Also Offers a UV Version of This Product: The small and compact size of this Pureit purifier will attract many customers. Unfortunately, I cannot recommend anyone to buy it because of the health risk we have discussed in the above paragraphs.

I would like to point out though Pureit also sells a RO+UV variant of this product. The UV variant is a far better option as it will deactivate viruses as well as bacteria.

HUL Pureit Water Purifier Maintenance Cost

The best thing about Pureit is it provides free installation service with its purifiers. After the delivery, you will have to call Pureit’s customer service at 18602101000 to start the installation process.

This purifier works on RO+MF GermKill Kit. A 6000-liter water purification refill will cost you around 3500 rupees with additional delivery charges of 150 rupees. Pureit also sells a 4000-liter refill for 1700 rupees.

Another important thing to mention here would be the water recovery ratio of this machine. Its RO membrane only retains 20-25 percent of water. Therefore, for every one liter of purified water, you will waste another four-litre of unpurified water.


  • Low electricity consumption
  • Capable of working with TDS levels up to 1800 PPM
  • Mind blowing design
  • Space-friendly body


  • Only supports wall mount installation
  • MF membrane does not filter out viruses

Verdict: The greatest downside of this Pureit product is it will not give you fully purified water. I do not know what the manufacturer was thinking while planning to make a filter not capable of removing viruses from the water. I would not suggest the RO + MF variant instead order RO +UV version of this purifier.

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Just to summarize my assessment: we recommend the Pureit Classic with RO+UV water purification technology. Read also Helix Water Purifier Review – RO Purifier with Mineral Guard and Iron Remover.

Storage Tank Capacity 5 Liters
Filtration Technology RO and MF
Purification Capacity 9-12 Liters/Hour
Extra Features Sediment Filter, Carbon Filter
Water Recover 20-25 Percent
Installation Type Wall Mount
Power Consumption 36 Watts
Weight 5.8 KG
Dimensions 422.6 X 380 X 165.6 mm
Buy 8000 Rupees