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RO UV Water Purifier with Ozone Bubble Technology

Pureit Ultima RO UV Water Purifier with Oxy Tube Online

Pureit Ultima RO + UV Water Purifier with Oxy Tube

Innovation is necessary to sustain a consistent growth of any kind of market. The smartphone industry is thriving only because tech giants are inventing new features almost every year.

When it comes to water purifiers, the required innovation is lagging far behind. For many years, we have not witnessed advent of any new technology capable of changing the whole industry. Fortunately, this situation is destined to change in the near future as the competition among manufacturers rises.

We are already seeing some effects of the rising competition. Just a few months back, HUL’s child brand Pureit launched its new Ultima RO+UV Water Purifier with OxyTube in the market. In addition to filtering water, this machine is also capable of purifying fruits and vegetables.

The features this purifier comes with are quite interesting. However, a machine like this does not come cheap. In order to take it home, you will have to spend a whopping 24,999 rupees.

Pureit had really impressed me with the launch of this purifier. My excitement was so high that I could not resist myself from purchasing it last month. With this article, I want to share my experience with this purifier right from its delivery until today.

Pureit offers Free Installation Service for this Purifier

I am an ‘online-purchase’ kind of person. My methodology of purchasing a product is pretty simple. First, I see customer reviews on various shopping websites, and then if the product is good, I look for the best price and order the item.

For this purifier, I used The product came to my house within a couple of days. Pureit offers free installation service with this purifier. It was obvious for me to book the installation appointment by calling Pureit’s customer support center at 1680-210-1000. The service engineers came the next day and installed this purifier in my kitchen.

Amazing Looks and Durable Body: Pureit has tried to make this product look as good as it could. I have to admit though it takes a lot of space on the wall. It comes out from the wall too much and can become a problem in case you have a small kitchen.

Build quality of this purifier is really impressive. Its body suffers from minimal to no flexing upon pressing with a finger. A blue LED light emanates the whole tap area and gives a premium appeal. Pureit has installed a one of kind indicator at the center. This indicator is round in shape and shows different statuses in the form of concentric circles (as I said, one of a kind).

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Pureit Ultima RO UV Water Purifier with Oxy Tube Review

Six Stage Purification Systems: After watching product videos, reading the product guide and using the purifier itself for about a month, I have come to a conclusion that this purifier is just like the old Ultima RO+UV purifier at its heart. Pureit has smartly redesigned its outer shell and equipped it with OxyTube fruit and vegetable purifier.

It uses a 6-stage purification system to make water potable. First, a pre-filter removes all the large suspended particles from the water. Next two filtration chambers (3rd and 4th stages) i.e. pre-RO carbon filter and post-carbon sediment filter make water smell better and also remove the small left-over particles that the pre-filter was not able to remove.

In the fourth stage, the water goes to the RO chamber, where all the dissolved elements that our eyes cannot even see are removed. Now in the succeeding stage, an UV lamp deactivates all the bacteria.

In the end, the water is again passed through a post-RO carbon filter. This stage made me curious. I am saying this because the water is already sent to two carbon filtration units in the earlier stages, so why a third carbon filter in the end?

After doing some research, I got the answer. Pureit claims that this purifier adds the essential minerals back to the water after the RO stage. To an average person, who does not know much about water filters, this will sound interesting. However, an expert will always criticize this thing.

Water purifiers of the present world are not smart enough to differentiate between the good and bad minerals. So, how is this purifier adding the essential minerals back to the water? And, if it is enough smart to differentiate good and harmful minerals, then why not remove the good ones in the first place?

What is actually happening here is that this purifier diverts a small amount of water before it is sent to the RO chamber. And when the main water stream comes out of the RO chamber, this purifier adds the diverted water back to it.

As a result, all the harmful elements that RO membrane removed in the 4th stage are added back by the earlier diverted water. Of course, these harmful elements are less in numbers, but this does not mean that the water is pure. You will still have a high chance of catching diseases by drinking this water.

A Water purifier suitable for large families

This Pureit Ultima water purifier features big 8-liter storage tank. The manufacturer has made it by using food-grade materials, which avoid contamination of stored water. The tank is not transparent, though the LED indicator on the front of the purifier shows the status of water.

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Pureit Ultima RO UV Water Purifier with Oxy Tube in India

Fully Automatic Operation: Pureit has equipped this purifier with a smart brain, which automates all operations. You just need to supply power and the machine will start the filtration process on its own. And, once the storage tank gets fully filled with water, the filtration process will automatically stop.

Is OxyTube Useful? A device that can remove harmful pesticides and bacteria from the edibles will impress anyone. I do not always negatively comment on innovative products, but I do have a critical mind.

Before using the purifier, I wanted to know how this OxyTube technology works. As far as I knew, all the fruits and vegetable purifiers in the world use ozone, which is a harmful gas to humans.

Although Pureit does not actively mention about the Ozone usage on the product page but I was able to find that in the FAQ section. From what I can understand, it is quite clear that Pureit does not want people to know about this. In fact, the brand has even used the word “Oxy” in the name of this technology. What is the relation of this word to Ozone?

The Ozone gas does remove pesticides and bacteria from fruits and vegetables, but I would not recommend anyone to use it. This gas can cause damage to your cells. Scientific researchers have shown that Ozone can cause problems like respiratory diseases and cancer.

I also mentioned this thing in my review of the Kent’s Ozone and Vegetable Purifier.

In the product manual and online videos, Pureit does tell people to take some precautions. You have to stay away from the product when OxyTube is active. Moreover, you should refrain from using it if there are elders and children around. However, all these precautions seem complimentary only.

Even if you get sick by inhaling ozone released by this machine, it will be nearly impossible to make Pureit responsible unless you are a billionaire.

In my opinion, the government should wake up from deep sleep and issue strict guideline to prohibit Ozone Gas use in home appliances.

Pureit Ultima RO UV Water Purifier with Oxy Tube Online

How to use OxyTube Features?

To use the OxyTube technology, you need to follow these steps:

  1. First, take a big bowl and fill around 2-3 liters of purified water in it.
  2. Take the OxyTube nozzle out from the case and put it at the bottom of bowl.
  3. Now put all the edibles in the bowl and make sure to fully immerse the items.
  4. Press the OxyTube button twice, now the purification process will start.
  5. After the purification process completes, the machine will start beeping.
  6. Take out the nozzle and put it back into the case.
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Noted Pro features are:-

  • Attractive design
  • Great build quality
  • Free installation service
  • Big storage tank

There are Cons as well:-

  • Adds some amount of unpurified water in order to enhance taste
  • OxyTube is dangerous to use
  • No UF technology
Pureit Ultima RO UV Water Purifier Specifications
Pureit Ultima RO UV Water Purifier Specifications. The details about Pureit Ultima RO UV with Oxy Tube is somewhat similar.

Verdict: This was my experience with the Pureit Ultima RO + UV Water Purifier that comes with OxyTube technology.

Although it is just a firsthand report, but I would not recommend anyone to purchase it just because of the OxyTube technology. Without OxyTube feature, it is too costly at current MRP.

Manufacturers should restrain themselves from selling Ozone based fruit and vegetable purifiers.

Be sure to share your opinion. Let us start a conversation so that the best features and cons of this purifier can come out in front of everyone. Read also Stylish and Smart Water Purifier below 22000 Rupees.

Total Storage Capacity 8 Liter
Water Filtration Method RO and UV
Edible Filtration Method Ozone
Water Purification Speed 9-12 L/H
Electricity Required Yes
Weight 10 KG
Dimensions 490 x 380 x 285 mm
Installation Type Wall Mount
Warranty 1 Year
Buy 25000 Rupees

4 thoughts on “RO UV Water Purifier with Ozone Bubble Technology

  1. Read all your comment and suggestions not to buy Ozone based Veg. & fruits purifier, thanks for that. Almost, I made up my mind to buy one but now I’ll look forward for alteratives than ozone one. Would you mind suggesting one for Veg & Fruits purification?

    1. Currently, no Veg Fruit purifier is safe if that is based on the current Ozone technology. In my opinion, using warm water to clean fruits & veg is much more safe and affordable as well.

  2. Thanks for the helping post. But I do not agree entirely . Ozone can have adverse effect like irritation if inhaled directly. but cannot cause Cancer.

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