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RO UV Water Purifier in India Between 8000 to 11500 Rupees

Wellon Sensible RO UV UF Water Purifier Review Specifications Price Online in India

Tata Swach Electric Platina RO 7-Litre Water Purifier

The Tata Swach Platina water purifier is another great product that has gained decent popularity in the market. It comes at the price of 12,998 rupees and is the best solution for cleaning hard water. However, let me tell you in the introduction itself that this TATA product is not a 100% water purifying solution. Read also Tata Swach Kent RO UV Water Purifier Below 16000 Rupees.

Mind Blowing Looks: This product belongs to Tata’s premium series of water purifiers. The manufacturer has done everything in its hand to make this machine look modern and pleasing. It is not very thick and will enhance the beauty of your kitchen. But the catch is you cannot mount this water purifier on a table. Its outer shell is really durable and can resist soft collisions resulting from everyday tasks.

It is really disappointing that Tata has put a 7-liter water storage tank in this purifier. Though it is made of food grade materials but you will not be able to store enough water for your family in it. So, the only option users get is to empty the tank by filling the water in spare bottles. Well, this trick is good for summers, but in the winter season it can create a problem.

Tata Swach Electric Platina RO Water Purifier Review Specifications Price Online in India

5 Stage Purifications

To ensure that the water that comes out from the tap is clean, Tata has equipped this purifier with a five-stage purification system. The Silver Action Technology releases silver ions to kill disease-causing bacteria. It also sports an RO chamber that removes the dissolved minerals from the water. The Post Activated Carbon stage makes sure that the water smells and tastes good. The special Auto Flushing system cleans the RO membrane by flowing water through it at high speeds, which also increases its life.

However, the biggest downside is that this water purifier does not feature any of the UF or UV technologies. Relying only on Reverse Osmosis method to clean water is not a smart decision in my opinion. And, the fact is there are brands that are offering UV and UF equipped purifiers at much lower prices. Another disappointing thing is that this machine can purify only 12 liters of water in an hour.

Consumes Less Power: As the water purifier does not boast a UV chamber, the power consumption gets significantly reduced. You will hardly find any hike in the electricity bill for having this product at home. The voltage input range of 160 – 270 Volts makes it safe from major power fluctuations.

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Easy To Operate: Tata has also provided a really easy to operate Double-i-Core Indicator on the top right side of this purifier. Using this panel, users can keep an eye on various parameters without any kind of hassle. Cleaning the water tank and other parts of the purifier is as easy as eating a piece of a cake. All you have to do is press the button located at the top and its outer shell will get detached.


  • Highly power efficient
  • Uses silver ions to make water contamination free
  • Double-i-Core indicator panel
  • Easy to clean
  • Looks great
  • Tata has used food grade materials


  • Purifies only 12 liters of water in an hour
  • Lacks UV and UF chamber
  • Not good for soft water
  • You get only wall mount option

Verdict: Although this water purifier comes with a number of great features but I would still recommend you to not buy it. The machine only depends on RO method and a custom Silver Action Technology to purify water. However, some customers might think of purchasing this purifier solution since it is relatively affordable. But the ground reality is there are better alternatives available, all you have to do is explore this website. Do not miss TATA Non Electric Water Purifier Below 3000 Rupees.

Filtration Method RO
Filtration Capacity 12 Litres/Hour
Storage Tank Capacity 7 Litre
Suitable For Hard Water
Installation Type Supported Wall Mount
Electricity Required Yes
Buy 11500 Rupees


Wellon Sensible (RO + UV + UF) Water Purifier

Clean and bacteria free water is necessary for well-being of a human body. But unfortunately, a large chunk of Indian population does not have access to potable water sources. Even the corporations in many cities have proven to be unsuccessful in providing drinkable water to the masses. However, you do not have to worry. Thanks to modern science and technology that we can have a dedicated water purifier at our homes these days.

The Wellon Sensible Water Purifier is one of the most affordable RO-UV filter currently available in the market. It can be purchased for an amount of 8,399 rupees. No matter how hard or dirty the water coming to your house this purifier is fully capable of making safe for drinking.

7 Stage Purification Systems: Before the water comes out from the tap at the bottom, it passes through a seven stage purification process. The RO membrane ensures that the water is clean of all the minerals that can make you sick. It also comes with an UV unit that rips the DNA of disease-causing bacteria apart. The great thing is that all these membranes are placed in horizontal position, thereby increasing the efficiency of purification process. Another important thing to mention here would be the water purifier does not waste even a single drop of water, which is a good thing for both your budget and the environment. Ultra Filtration section blocks all the harmful materials and micro-organisms through its small pores.

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Wellon Sensible RO UV UF Water Purifier Review Specifications Price Online in India

Fully Automatic Operation

This water purifier will give a really great experience to the users. You will not have to set anything manually. The onboard software is smart enough to decide when to start the purification process and when to stop it. Moreover, the machine is capable of purifying about 15 liters of water every hour.

Sturdy Build: As far as looks are concerned, this purifier will not impress a lot of people. It looks really unattractive and feels more like a device from last decade. However, the build materials used in the making of this machine are of much high quality. You can be assured that this purifier will last for years. However, its maintenance cost is what you should be concerned of. It supports both wall mount and table top installation types. But the installation of the product is not free.

The purifier comes with a 15-liter storage tank, which is impressive. It will suit the need of an average Indian family with 5-7 members. Also, the tank is made of food grade materials and will not contaminate the water stored inside.

Not Good For Soft Water: Although this product is an affordable solution for a number of people but its usability is limited to hard water only. You should not purchase it to purify soft water because its RO system will remove even the needed minerals from water.

Pro Features:-

  • Auto off and Auto on functionality
  • Overflow protection
  • Made with food grade materials
  • Can filter 15 liters of water every hour
  • Equipped with UV, UF and RO filtration units
  • Good for hard water
  • Supports both table top and wall mount installation
  • Lightweight
  • Large storage tank

Cons: Maintenance cost can be high

Verdict: This water purifier is a good for the households that rely on hard water sources like bore well. It significantly reduces TDS levels and makes the water potable. Moreover, the UF and UV units make sure that the water does contain any disease-causing bacteria. The best thing is that this purifier is not too costly and can be purchased by the people who are limited on budget. However, do not even think of considering this purifier as an option if you rely on corporation water because it is not suitable for soft water. Before you decide, check about an RO Water Purifier with MF Technology under 8000 Rupees.

Filtration Method UF, RO and UV
Filtration Capacity 15 Litres/Hour
Storage Tank Capacity 15 Litre
Suitable For Hard Water
Installation Type Supported Table Top and Wall Mount
Electricity Required Yes
Buy 8400 Rupees
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