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RO Purifier for High TDS Water below 16000 Rupees

Whirlpool Minerala 90 Platinum Water Purifier Review and Specifications

Whirlpool Minerala 90 Platinum 8.5-Litre 36-Watt Water Purifier

Whirlpool has a very thin range of water purifiers in the Indian home appliance market. On its website, you will find only a few filters. It is not a bad thing, though. Having a thin range of products actually helps manufacturers in focusing on the quality.

In a recent article, we discussed pros and cons of the Whirlpool Destroyer EAT Water Purifier, which was a decent budget product. While researching for that filter my team also came across Whirlpool’s Minerala 90 Platinum Water Purifier. This machine has a great reputation in the market and is available for an amount of 15,691 rupees.

A Design Suitable For Every Kitchen

One great thing about the purifier market is “with premium price come premium features.” No single penny will go waste if you have purchased this machine. It's unique and mind blowing design will certainly take the beauty of your kitchen to the next level.

The machine comes in a durable white color outer shell molded in a compact rectangular box-like shape. Whirlpool has placed the tap in the center for easy accessibility.

Whirlpool Water Purifier System

Six-Stage Purification System: The Minerala is an RO-based water purifier that makes the water potable with the help of a 6-stage purification system. It is capable of cleaning water with TDS level of up to 2500 PPM.

Before entering the RO membrane, water moves through a pre-filter, a sediment filter, and a pre-carbon filter. These stages make the water free of visible particles, harmful metals, and other organic impurities.

Are RO Purifiers Really That Effective? RO technology stands for Reverse Osmosis. At the fundamental level, an RO membrane separates large molecules and ions from their smaller counterparts by using a semi-permeable material.

However, there is a very big problem associated with RO technology. RO membranes are not smart enough to differentiate between the harmful and beneficial elements. Thus, they also remove those minerals from water that are required for proper functioning of human body.

Generally, experts recommend RO purifiers for cleaning water with TDS level of more than 500 PPM. If the TDS level of water coming to your house is below than that number then a normal UF based purifier will get the job done without any problem.

No Ultra Voilet Chamber

I was surprised to know that this purifier does not feature an UV chamber. Although the activated carbon filter helps in reducing the organic compounds, but it is not so effective when it comes to killing bacteria. So, before purchasing this purifier be sure to keep this point in mind.

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Inbuilt Storage Tank: An inbuilt storage tank with the capacity to hold 8.5 liters of water makes this purifier really attractive. As per my experience, this much water will be enough for a typical Indian family. Moreover, customers who have the potential of purchasing this purifier would also have a refrigerator at their home. I am saying this because extra water bottles can be stored in refrigerator as backup.Whirlpool Minerala 90 Platinum Water Purifier Price Online in India

Company Profile and Customer Service: I do not feel the need of introducing Whirlpool to you people. This brand has already made big name in the market. We tried to interview some people who are already using this purifier to understand the quality of Whirlpool’s post purchase service. Surprisingly, almost all customers whom we interviewed were happy with the Whirlpool Minerala purifier.

Whirlpool is also offering a decent customer support, which is another surprise because the last Whirlpool purifier we reviewed on this website was not so good on this front. Customer Care Number: 1800 208 1800

High Maintenance! You would have to spend a lot of money in the maintenance of this water purifier. It requires a service every three months though you will get three services in the first year free of cost. In addition, this purifier needs a filter replacement every 7-8 months.

Free Installation by Whirlpool

Customers get free installation service on this water purifier. You can also choose from wall mount and table top installation types. The machine looks great in both (installation) cases, so I do not think you need my professional opinion here, just apply your best judgment according to the design of the kitchen.


  • Capable of removing harmful minerals from even very high TDS water
  • Whirlpool is offering free installation service
  • Durable build
  • Modern design
  • Computerized operation enhances user’s experience
  • Low power consumption
  • Table top and wall mount installation options
  • Inbuilt storage tank


  • Lacks a UV chamber
  • Not good for low TDS water

Verdict : Although Whirlpool has tried its best to make reliable premium segment water purifier but the lack of an UV chamber will certainly affect the sales of this product. However, I am not saying it is a bad machine. It can prove to be a really great solution if the water coming to your house has a low count of bacteria in it.

Lastly, people who use low TDS water should not purchase this RO based purifier in any situation.

Price 16000 Rupees
Total Storage Capacity 8.5Liter
Filtration Method RO
Purification Capacity 13.5 Liter Per Hour
Electricity Required Yes
Power Consumption 36 Watts
Weight 10 KG
Dimensions 534 X 276 X 412 mm
Installation Type Wall Mount And Table Top
Warranty 1 Year
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Users Review and Opinion


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