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Ricoh Theta Digital 360 Degree Cam below 23000 Rupees

Ricoh Theta Digital 360 Degree Cam below 23000 Rupees

Ricoh has for some time now gained a reputation in the camera domain. We all associate this brand with printers. However, after their release of a rather ambitious gadget, the Ricoh Theta S, the world has now started to see the potential that is yoked beneath this brand.

The Theta S camera is among the most advanced 360-degree view cameras in the market. It gives you an impressive spherical image of your surrounding in full HD. Very few camera marques of this nature exist and this is probably the reason why the Theta S is the most favored of them all. Its sheer simplicity and elegant design will surely please your eye. Be warned! If you are not the kind of person that is tight-fisted with money, you might get tempted to buy this gadget.

► Ricoh Theta S Digital Camera Features

The Theta S pretty much borrows from its predecessor the Theta M15, but is a little more of an upgrade. For instance, it has longer hours of recording than the M15. Here are its some pro features.

360-degree spherical lens: Ricoh considered fixing the lens on the upper end of this camera so that it can easily reach a wider field of view. It is also integrated with a functional image sensor (12MP). The device houses a 14-megapixel lens that allows you to take spherical images and capture those moments in full HD. What’s even more is that the videos are YouTube supported. And you can as well share them on YouTube without the need of any external conversions.

I liked the new f/2.0 lens modification in this camera which allows you to take images and record videos even in low light. There is also a provision for manually adjusting shutter speeds, with a maximum speed of 60 seconds. As small as it is, these new tweaks have propelled this device to take HD videos with speeds of up to 30 Frames per Second.

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Ease of use with a dedicated app and intuitive User Interface: Ricoh must have noted the primary weakness that comes with all sophisticated cameras like the Theta S. This is why they included an LED indicator on this gadget that notifies you of different operations in the camera.

Using the indicator, you can shift seamlessly from different modes, like movie mode to image mode. Moreover, this device comes with a fully dedicated app for trouble-free shooting and sharing of videos and images. The app also allows you to edit the spherical images and videos, to suit your desires.

→ Connectivity and live streaming capabilities

The new Theta S features an upgraded Wi-Fi radio that is absent from the M15. It has connectivity speeds of up to 8Mbps. With such a speed, you can get a preview of the view collected through the camera to your smartphone at 10fps. In addition, you can connect the spherical camera to your laptop through either a USB cable or through its HDMI port for real-time streaming. I experienced no pairing issues with this device. This super Cam has its own SSID from which you should connect with, on your phone.

Extended Storage: There might be a hitch with its storage capacity, but if compared with its predecessor (M15), this device is a huge upgrade. There are 8GB of internal storage. That could be enough to store about 1600 HD spherical images or 60 minutes worth of recorded 1080P videos. Unfortunately, since the storage is inbuilt, there is no way to extend it.

→ The good and the bad faces of the Theta S

My whole opinion about this camera is that its ‘good enough’ since the market offers nothing either. On the brighter side, this device has a 14mp lens with low light shooting capabilities. It also has an extended field of view from its elegant design.

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It’s also easy to use and allows for easy live streaming. However, its 8GB storage capacity is way too limiting, you can’t shoot videos for long. Moreover, its top lens design allows for overexposure issues in highlighting conditions and sadly there’s nothing you can do about it.

Ricoh Theta S Digital Camera Review and Specifications

Pricing & Final verdict: The Theta S camera price in India is 23168 Rupees. For its price, I think it’s a good choice for any buyer. Furthermore, at the moment you won’t find anything better until maybe other players build a better one. Go for it!

Price 23000 Rupees
Battery Lithium Ion
Color options Black
LED Display 1 inch
 Resolution 14 MP
Exposure Control Automatic/manual with shutter-speed-priority
External storage No
GPS Yes (Location Capture)
Connectivity Wi-Fi USB and HDMI
Max Shutter Speed 1/8th of a second
Max resolution 1,920 Pixels
Memory Storage Capacity 8 GB
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