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Restore and Delete Google+ Page

How to Delete Google Plus Page

Do you want to know how to delete Brand Page on Google+? In this piece, with the help of images, which I secured when I was deleting unwanted Google+ Page in one of my Google Accounts, I will guide you on how to delete a Google+ Page safely. Although this is an unlikely scenario still if you had wrongly deleted a Google+ Page you can restore it. Here I will also show you how to restore deleted Google+ Page.

► Why is Deleting Google Plus Page Scary

There are more articles on how to delete Google+ Page than how to delete a Facebook Page. The process of deleting Google+ page is so confusing that there is always the fear of wrongly deleting Google main account instead of the Google+ page.

Actually, Google is also a reliable source of earning for millions of people globally. The main Google account, therefore, is a property, a valuable asset. Even if one does not make money with Google, the main Google account is still an asset.

Gmail no longer works as a separate entity. It is an associated service of Google account. When you create a Gmail account, you also create a Google Account. I do not need to mention that how vital is an email account. Over the time, people add more Google services to their Google main account. YouTube Channel to watch YouTube Videos, Google Photos, Google Account for Android, and so on. Thus, Google Account is as valuable as Land and any other property. If you make money with Google, Google Account becomes a matter of life and death.

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The action buttons to delete Google+ Page are confusing. Therefore, one has to be careful with every step. Such confusion does not exist on Facebook. In Facebook, one can easily see that in which section of the account they are in. That is why most people do not take a chance to remove unwanted Google+ Page.

Google services are user-friendly. Simplicity is one of the key factors why Google is favorite of the masses. To use Google, one does not have to be techy or even well-educated. So brilliantly Google designs its products and services. Then what is wrong with Google+? Why it is so confusing. This I will tell you in the end segment of this tutorial.

► Here is how you can delete Google+ Brand Page

You should also go through the Google+ support article for clarity on this topic.

→ First, you need to visit associated brand accounts with your Google account. Here is the link:

→ As you can see in the image below, all the Google+ Pages are listed under YOUR BRAND ACCOUNTS

Google Account Brand Accounts

→ Click on the PAGE arrow you wish to delete (or manage).

→ As you can see in the image below, you will be redirected to Brand PAGE setting. This page hosts the links to manage, modify, and delete the page.  Click on the delete button.

Google+ Page Setting

[Why this option says “DELETE ACCOUNT.” It is confusing. It should say “DELETE BRAND PAGE” or “DELETE BRAND PAGE ACCOUNT.”]

→ When you hit “DELETE ACCOUNT,” you will be redirected to here. Please read this carefully.

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Be Sure You are Deleting Google+ Page

→ Next, you need to hit “DELETE ACCOUNT. This is a final goodbye to the Brand Google+ Page.

Finally Delete Google+ Page

► How to RESTORE deleted Google+ Page?

→ In the brand accounts, you can identify the “Deleted Accounts.” Click on the arrow associated with the option.

Google Account Brand Accounts

→ Now you are in DELETED BRAND ACCOUNTS. Click on the circle arrow to restore the Google+ Page.

Restore Deleted Google Plus Page

Here is the answer to the question I left open at the beginning of this article. Why Google+ is so confusing. When Google announced Google+ launch, the most worried person on the Planet earth was Mark Zuckerberg. He knew that if Google+ becomes successful, within a year, Facebook has to shut its office. There were rumors that Mark Zuckerberg left no stone unturned to ensure Google+ fails. He used every trick in the book. One of the top three reasons why Google+ failed is its intricate design.

Google+ works as the cover of every Google account. Changes in Google+ is changes in Google Main Account. This is a stupid idea. Google should separate Google+ from Google main account. Let Google+ be the cover of a Google account. However, setting options of Google main account should be entirely separate from setting options of all the associated services including Google+. For instance, Gmail settings are limited to Gmail only.

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