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Remote controlled Intex Speaker with Bluetooth FM Radio

Intex IT-2480 FMU BT Speakers System Review Specifications and Price

Intex IT-2480 FMU BT 2.1 Speakers System

When the parameters are quality and durability, Intex brand hardly shows in the list of best smartphones. However, I and lakhs of Intex speaker users would agree – Intex is the brand if you are searching good quality affordable portable speakers.

Intex has been dominating budget speakers market essentially because it does feature-experiment in every new launch. That, too, while keeping price relatively low. Every new Intex speakers come with some enhancement in looks, design, features and sound quality.

Recently launched 2.1 channel speaker set, the IT-2480 FMU is all set to take Intex reputation to a new high in the low budget speaker market. The Bluetooth speaker looks stylish, has most-used connectivity features inbuilt, and its ability to produce loud & clear sound is a bonus.

Further, what makes the Intex speaker set even more desirable is the inbuilt FM radio. Needless to say, FM radio has its own importance in our home. In fact, FM radio is the best source of entertainment, which, by the way, does not interfere your working. You continue with your work and side-by-side gain the flow of knowledge, news, entertainment and lot more from live FM radio programs.

Build and design of the Intex Speaker

Weighing 2.5kg and the units together measured as 27.5×25.6×32.5 cm. The main unit has 12.7cms height and the two satellite speakers have a 7.62cm height each. Not so compact but because of a remote controller with this, install whichever place you find is suitable. You need not bother whether you hand will reach to control buttons or not. Remote is with you to set and reset the speaker again and again.

Nothing special actually in the design other than a digital panel, this is on the front of the main speaker – shows current track in LED and some control buttons. Intex is right in saying a new era of music, a tagline to promote this speaker set.

Leaving out control buttons is not a desirable enhancement. Hence Intex brought some precision in its usual design of controls buttons. Instead of a big size knob, choice of tactile buttons goes with the elegant looks that this speaker set bears.

Control buttons provided here are dedicated to standby/source, play/pause/scan, next/volume increase, and previous/volume decrease.

Ergonomically designed satellite speakers helps in distribution produced sound equally in multiple directions. This brings uniformity in sound quality for all audiences sitting one corner to another. Considering this Intex speaker, which is capable of producing 36W audio output, for home parties, therefore, could be a right decision.

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Intex IT-2480 FMU BT Speakers System Connectivity Options

Multiple Connectivity Options

Not only powerful audio output, in fact, its long list of connectivity options, too, makes this – one of the best sound systems in 2500 rupees price. With the current set of connectivity options, the Intex speaker is compatible with most usable gadgets in our home. Seamlessly connectivity it makes with DVD player, LED TV, smartphones & tablets, and personal computer. In fact, in terms of connectivity, it is compatible with any gadget that has al least one connectivity feature from Bluetooth, AUX audio output, and UBS port.

The Bluetooth version on this Intex speaker is not the latest. Still, it will connect with any Bluetooth-powered gadget. 10 meters range of its Bluetooth is more than enough in home use.

Powerful Sound Quality

In terms of sound quality and clarity, the Intex speaker is exciting and scores high points. A total of 36-watt audio output, 20W by the main unit, and 8W×2 from satellite channels are more than enough for listeners to experience cinema hall in home. Taking about technical aspects, the main unit bears 6-ohm impedance and the same is 4 ohm in both left and right speakers.

Intex hasn’t designed it to be a bass booster. It, however, provides audio in great quality even at high and low volume levels. This Bluetooth speaker is a good solution if you need a durable sound system that accepts audio signals from all types of gadgets in home. And, its variety of connectivity proves that so.

Those who love listening FM programs might consider this as well because of FM tuner feature. An efficient digital FM tuner by supporting FM frequency range of 87.5 MHz to 108 MHz is adding another dimension to this Intex product.

Pros Features

  • 36W Powerful Loud and clear audio output
  • Accurate pricing
  • Remote control
  • Digital FM Radio feature
  • LED indicator
  • Bluetooth USB TV FM and DVD supported connectivity options

With this set and other low budget similar products, Intex has been proving its brilliance in making of affordable yet good quality speakers.

Priced economically, the Intex IT-2480 FMU, a Bluetooth speaker system with remote and FM radio, is fully qualified to a Boombox. It only lacks a DVD player.

Intex has been very right in pricing this. The speaker has all good features and more than sufficient connectivity options. It lacks a memory card reader, though. If your budget for a new speaker set is around 2000 rupees, Intex IT-2480 FMU should be in your top five favorites.

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Price 2600 Rupees
Sound Quality 20W+8W+8W; Impedance: 6 ohm & 4ohm side speakers
Connectivity Bluetooth 3.0, USB 2.0, FM Radio Signal receiver; AUX audio input
Features Remote Controller, Digital FM Radio, Power Audio, LED Display

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